Beyonce once sang a song “I was here”. She sang about all the great people who have once lived on earth and left their marks. I was challenged I wanted my name to be sung in that song. When you waste the early aspects of your life. It is IMPOSSIBLE to regain them. You cannot see a 26yr old rehabilitated drug-addict later becoming a professional footballer.

Look at Pst. Adeboye and Bishop Oyedepo. They both have private jets which they bought WITH THEIR OWN MONEY not the churches money. These two pastors didn’t just become successful at 30, they were very studious and diligent right from the time of their teens. They didn’t indulge in things they shouldn’t have. They weren’t drug-addicts, fraudsters, drunkards in their prime before they even gave their lives to Christ. They invested in their youth.

If you are reading this and you are still young, this is the best time to invest in your life and make some good from it. My mum just reminded me about this popular saying as you lay your bed, so you lie on it.

Jesus Christ has made his mark (His foot-steps we should follow), Pythagoras has made his mark, Pastor Adeboye has made his mark, Beyonce has made her mark. Pastor T.B Joshua has made his mark, stop pointing fingers and let’s make our own marks here on earth. Aren’t you tired of hearing Nelson Mandela over and over on T.V? C’mon guys let’s quit this roaming about on the streets and get serious for once. Let’s also make history.

The world as a whole is still waiting for our manifestation, we still got time (but little) to make an impact on this earth. I’m writing this to challenge myself too.

There’s still no cure for HIV, There’s still no vaccine for malaria. Will I be the one to do that? Will you be the one? Will your name be sung in a song? Will your name be written in the books of history?