This is What Your Moon Sign Reveals About Your Inner Being

Knowing one’s true self and inner being is a requisite for finding true happiness, peace and harmony. Your sun sign might shed light on how you express yourself and give to the world, but your moon sign is highly reflective of who you are on the inside.

Read below to discover what your moon sign reveals about what makes you feel happy, safe and content.

Moon in Aries
Aries, as one of the fiercest fire signs, feels most at home when they are given an outlet to channel their bold, creative spirit. Aries thrives when they are at the head of the pack, leading the group and taking risks.

In relationships, Aries are most happy when everything is laid out on the table. They’re not interested in sugarcoating things for the sake of being non-confrontational.

Moon in Taurus
Taurus is most at home within nature, which is why they often fill their spaces with other living entities, such as plants and animals. They also like to stick to their rituals and habits, many of which revolve around the physical comforts of life.

They seek out partners who are reliable, trustworthy and sensual.

Moon in Gemini
Gemini love to be stimulated mentally and feel most comfortable when people are adequately communicating with them on all fronts. They love exploring new ideas and getting to see the world from different perspectives. They love even more getting to spread their own knowledge to others.

In a relationship, Gemini especially need the aforementioned communication.

Moon in Cancer
The Moon’s home sign is in Cancer. This lends to Cancers finding their comfort in the themes of the Moon, such as home life, spending time with family, and being left alone to explore the inner workings of the self.

When with a partner, Cancers need someone who can open up to them and reciprocate the sharing of one’s deepest emotions, thoughts and feelings.

Moon in Leo
Often referred to as the “king of the jungle,” Leos feel their best when they are treated like they feel–special and worthy of praise. Their soul thrives when they have ample opportunity to play and have fun, as well as when they can demonstrate their creative minds.

Leos also have giant hearts and gain quite a bit from giving to others, whether it be through gifts or entertainment.

Moon in Virgo
Virgos feel most fulfilled when they know that they are providing value through their talents and skills. They find that the most beautiful things in life are the ones that are both simple yet effective. You thrive when you are in your element, in a familiar place.

Virgos seek out partners who are reliable, accountable and responsible.

Moon in Libra
Just as their sign would suggest, Libras feel most comfortable when they can achieve a healthy balance in their life. When things are flowing in harmony, you are at peace and can see all of the world’s beauty. While you are definitely social, you also need alone time to reflect on the things you truly want in life.

One thing you can work on is not saying ‘yes’ when you really want to say ‘no’ to people who ask things of you.

Moon in Scorpio
Just as Scorpios are mysterious and complex, it makes sense that they thrive when experiencing the most intense of emotions. Particularly, during some type of transformation or rebirth. Scorpios are most content when working to achieve these processes, whether it be through some creative endeavor or spiritual experience.

Scorpios seek out passionate, deep relationships with partners who can provide their utmost loyalty to them.

Moon in Sagittarius
Sagittarius easily feel suffocated or restrained when they are not allowed to move about the world freely and as they choose to do so. This means that they typically hate the mundane aspects of life, such as the routines so many people find themselves doing, day in and day out. This is why they are most comfortable being active souls, exploring outside and exercising their bodies.

To find even greater measures of happiness, Sagittarius can match their physical endeavors by equally stimulating their minds and spirits.

Moon in Capricorn
Capricorn finds comfort and happiness when they feel accomplished and productive. Furthermore, they are most content when they garner respect from their peers because of their diligent work ethic. They thrive in an organized environment that is filled with quality people and objects.

These traits carry over into their relationships, as they seek out only the finest of partners that will give them a lasting partnership filled with quality time. But, in order to do so, they also need to be willing to be vulnerable.

Moon in Aquarius
Aquarius thrive when they are being stimulated both mentally and socially. Not only do they absolutely love their friends, but they also need some sort of way to express their unique selves. Finding a creative channel will help achieve the contentment they seek.

Their independent nature means that they do not like partners who suffocate them. A partner who can exist alongside the Aquarius without being too “clingy” will win over their heart.

Moon in Pisces
Pisces have a strong tie to the other worlds that all of us so often visit–the worlds of fantasy, dreams and the spirit. Pisces thrives when they feel connected to these realms, whether they connect through some creative outlet or even a spiritual practice, such as yoga or meditation.

Because Pisces are so sensitive and aware of what is going on around them, they can struggle to understand when they are feeling their own emotions versus someone else’s. Especially in relationships, the Pisces needs to be able to distinguish between the two, or they risk losing who they truly are.


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