10 Commandments For A Youth To Be Successful

10 commandments for a youth to be successful

1. Do not depend on your parents’ wealth. Someone may come tomorrow
to dupe you and you will lose everything. Learn to do things on ur own.

2. God has given everyone a talent. Pray about yours, discover it, and
work on it. Then it will work out for you.

3. Do not just sit down and ping, tweet, facebook while others are making
money with their talents. Be wise for once, the owner of these things are
using us to make money.

4. Its good to appreciate good things, but learn to appreciate it wisely and
stop arguing unneccessarily about football and players. When will people
argue about you also? Think!

5. Don’t feel like a DON for sleeping with too many ladies, they won’t
make your destiny fufiled as some are filled with badluck.

6. Learn to get a lady close to you to be successful as they say: without a
woman, a man cannot be successful.

7. Learn to solve problem on your own, its a good way of making it in life.
Don’t copy others, tap little from them and modify it.

8.Stop drinking and smoking too much as it may damage ur life too much.
Do it socially.

9. Learn to have a good heart, help people around you if you have the
power as they’ll use their heart to bless you.
10. Think about impossible things, try to make it possible. Bigger people
started from somewhere.


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