Noel’s Eve: Christmas Love Story. by Angelsss


The Christmas celebrations were far over but people still gushed about it,
saying it had been the best Christmas that Nigerian Christians had ever
January had welcomed them with open arms and her journey was about to
end, so she could usher in February.
“Hey Tols, can you lend me some money? i promise i would pay back
once i receive my share” Nwanneka her room mate interrupted her
“What do you need money for? you have not returned the last i gave you”
Tola wondered what she was up to.
“Babes calm down, how can you talk like that? i invested it in Ultimate
Cycler, i want to invest this one in MMM, you know how badly we need
this money, i am surprised you are dulling o” Nwanneka replied.
“Sorry Nneka, i do not have such money to spare, return the one you
borrowed and i shall consider your request.” Tola wished she could be left
“What’s wrong with you? you do not look happy, Tola?” Nneka observed
her friend for a moment, the stranger before her lacked the charm and
cheer that her friend possessed.
” I am fine Nneka, just let me be”Tola tried to sound courageous. She
wondered what people would think of her, she wondered how the world
would see her…why had she fallen for the devil? why had she eaten the
forbidden fruit?
“No you are not, you have not been yourself these few days, talk to me
Tols, please, do you need money? tell me” she knew her friend was in
“I need to be alone Nneka” Tola swallowed the pain that clogged her
throat, she struggled to hold back the tears that had risen in her eyes, but
her strength failed her.
The brown envelope fell to the ground as she rose to her feet.
“Hiding something eh?” Nneka picked it up swiftly. She knew about Tola’s
part time job at a restaurant, was she sacked?.
“Don’t you dare open it, give it back” The tears spilled across her face.
“Tola….” Nneka looked up in despair, how could this happen?
“Give it back…” she cried weakly.
“No, who is responsible? what happened? please talk to me” Nneka cried.
How could Tola be pregnant? she didn’t even have a boyfriend on campus.
“My whole world has fallen apart, how do i get out of this”? she cried.
” Who is responsible”? Nneka repeated calmly.
“Dayo…” she dared not call his name, she dared not whisper it.
“Which Dayo? talk to me” Nneka was a bit frightened.
“Dayo Peters” her lips quivered.
“Oh my God, this is not happening…no…” Nneka abandoned the lab test
and paced about.
Tola wept quietly. This was the end for her, if only she had not gone for
that party. The night was still fresh in her memory.
Korina Peters was the campus queen and she had been celebrating her
birthday on the eve of Christmas.
Out of curiosity, She and Nneka had gone. They both lost touch as they
stepped into the building.
Tola had felt a bit lonely and out of place, she almost stormed out of the
building but she held still.
Rich kids and important members of the society flooded the party, she felt
very uncomfortable as they looked down on her.
“You look like you need a drink” the bartender winked and she nodded
vehemently, though she had not tasted alcohol before.
She gulped the liquid instantly and it burned her insides, minutes later the
liquor gave her strength, made her bold and she found herself on the
Eyes feasted on her, those of disdain, jealousy as she stole the attention
of the men they had come with and eyes rimmed with pure lust.
She felt something break, then the dancing stopped, the world came to a
standstill and bowed before her as all eyes feasted on her. The heel of her
shoe had cut.
She stood for a moment, confused and tipsy, what was she to do?
“Hello Beautiful” a voice called to her and she turned and faced the
ruggedly attractive man whom she had heard stories about.
“Hello” she smiled shyly, somehow her heart knew he was trouble but she
chose to ignore it.
“Arrrrrrh baby, you are killing me softly” Angel moaned as Dayo’s lips
flickered on her Tip.
“You have not seen nothing yet” he chuckled and kissed her.
His parents and hers had been friends for a long time and had decided
that their children get married.
“I love you so much Dayo” she reached out and stroke his face.
“Same here” he whispered and fetched his buzzing phone.
His eyes strayed to the hairband that lay on the head of his bed, it
belonged to the stranger he had met at Korina’s party.
He remembered how she writhed underneath him while he made love to
her. Her lips tasted sweet and were plump. The softness of her breasts
and the way she cried out in pleasure had driven him wild.
He still thought about that night, but he soon dismissed it. Soon he would
get married to Angel and learn to stay faithful to her.
“Why are you smiling” Angel noticed the look in his eyes.
“Just thinking about you” he winked.
“You know what i am thinking”? she said.
” What my darling”?
“Let’s hang out you and me’
” Fine” he kissed her and searched for his wallet.


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