Noel’s Eve Episode 11

‘So how was the meeting Dayo’? Chief Peters decided to get the details
from his son.
‘Everything went on fine…’ Dayo replied and took a seat close to Korina
who was too focused on her phone.
‘I spoke with your wedding planner, Shaniqua, she says you both should fix
an appointment with her, so she could get started with the shopping’his
mother said.
‘Okay, we’ll do just that’ Dayo scooped some salad into his plate.
‘So how have you been Korina? I’m surprised you came home for dinner,
what do you need this time’? her father knew she had come to ask for
‘Dad? I miss you guys, that’s why I came’Korina smiled and stared at him.
‘Miss? Just show us your budget for this month’ her mother scoffed.
‘So you guys have connived with each other’? she chuckled and wondered
why Dayo was cold. Angel hadn’t yet returned and she had begun to worry,
she had tried her numbers too, but they were switched off.
After dinner, she planned to call Onojo.
‘Are you okay bro’? she asked.
‘I’m fine’ Dayo replied.
‘Glad, I’m not the only one that noticed’ Mrs Peters knew Dayo was hiding
‘Dayo….’ The chief dropped his fork and focused on his son.
‘Hello everybody, Good evening’Angel stepped into the living room feeling
confident. The Shaman’s wife had assured her of the charm’s potency.
‘My darling daughter, where have you been all day’? Mrs Peter’s face
brightened with a smile as Angel took a seat.
‘Good evening Mum, I had some work to do at the office’ she hugged her
mother in law.
‘Good evening dear, I should’ve called you, I’m sorry’ Angel pecked Dayo.
‘Welcome, dear, you got me so worried’ He pecked her back.
‘Korina, how are you doing’? she winked at her sister in law to be.
‘Fine Angel, so how was work’? Korina smiled hoping she was successful.
‘Work was fine, thanks dear, now let me get juice for everyone, it seemed
the maids forgot that’ Angel scanned the table, this was the right time to
slip the potion. She couldn’t waste time any further, she had to do it right
‘Thanks darling, do well to get us the juice’ Mrs Peters beamed. There
was no other woman for her son, no other bride as perfect as she.
‘That’s strange’ Dayo muttered as he watched her walk away.
‘What’s strange’? Korina lifted her brow.
‘Nothing’ he smiled. Angel had never set foot into the kitchen since she’d
come to stay with them, she didn’t cook and he didn’t mind. When had
she suddenly developed a flare for the kitchen?
‘She’s trying to show us she’s sorry for coming home this late, I know what
you’re thinking. We all know Angel doesn’t like to cook’ Korina rolled her
‘Nkechi!’ Angel called as she stepped into the empty kitchen, she wanted
to be sure she was alone, no one could see her slip the potion into the
‘Okay, let’s do this…’ she waited minutes after calling for the maid. She
pulled out the vial and inhaled deeply, this was it, Dayo was going to be
‘Just a tiny drop’ the words of the Shaman echoed in her brain and she
followed the instructions she had been given.
‘You called me madam’ Nkechi wondered what Angel was doing in the
kitchen. Had she missed her way or something?
‘Yes, I called you, uhmmm, take this drinks to the table’ Angel was shaken,
had the maid seen her? That would be disastrous, and she still held the
‘Okay Madam’ Nkechi replied and took the tray away.
‘poo’ Angel cursed and threw the vial in a bin. She needed to make sure
Dayo took the right drink.
‘How nice of you Angel’ her father in law showered her with praise.
‘It’s nothing daddy, sorry I kept everyone waiting’ She watched as the maid
walked away.
‘Are you okay’? Dayo noticed she was a bit jittery.
‘Yes I’m fine’ Angel swallowed hard and quickly took a seat close to him.
How foolish she had been.
The tumblers were identical and she didn’t know which one contained the
love potion.
‘Help yourself dear, you’ll love the snails’ Mrs Peters offered her a bowl.
‘Thanks mother’ she whispered in a shaky voice.
‘I have to go now, something urgent came up in school’ Korina had just
received a picture on her phone, Dave had truly hung out with another girl,
so the leech could go after her man? She stared at the picture once more,
that was the same girl rumored to have had an affair with Dayo.
‘Really? It’s getting late you know…’ her father said.
‘Uhmmm, it’s really urgent, I have a test tomorrow, so I have to go join my
friends in preparation’ she lied.
‘Okay, take care of yourself, and I’ll send you some money’ her mother
waved as she rushed out.
‘She’s really changing’ her father noted. Korina had started acting
responsibly and had taken her studies serious.
‘It’s called Maturity’ Dayo laughed.
‘Honey….’ Mrs Peters reached out to her husband’s arm. Something was
happening to her, it started slowly, but she’d chosen to ignore it but the
pain increased.
‘Mum’? Dayo grimaced, he didn’t like the look on her face.
‘Mum, are you okay’? Angel became restless.
‘I am not, call me the doctor, I’m dying’ the woman screamed as the pain
enveloped her.
‘Oh no, please don’t die’ Angel quickly rushed to her side.


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