Noel’s Eve Episode 12

‘Thank goodness you’re here, I guess we have to deal with two evils at
once’ Pamela rose to her feet and beckoned her friend Korina into the
‘I can’t believe this, why would Dave stoop so low? Why would he even
talk to that tramp’? Korina was annoyed. She was still not convinced her
Dave could do something like that, he would never cheat on her.
‘I caught them right on time, babes you need to do something o, this
Omotola of a girl could snatch your man away from you, I saw the way he
looked at her, I don’t think he is as crazy for Bella like he is for this Tola
girl’ Pamela said.
‘Excuse me? What are you saying? How does Bella come into all this’? her
ears itched at the mention of her arch enemy.
‘Korina, remember the text I sent you yesterday? About Dave being spotted
with a girl? That girl was Bella, one of our girls, Iruka to be prescised, saw
her come out of Dave’s apartment, so there’s so much going on, you
should really speak to Dave about all this’ she crossed her arms over her
‘This isn’t happening, so Bella could dare to pay Dave Shola a visit, I see,
she is getting bold’ Korina paced the room, she needed to act fast.
‘So what are we going to do now? If you ask me, I’ll say, we storm that
leech’s apartment, and give her the beating of her life, so she’ll learn to
stay away from people that aren’t in her class’ Pamela referred to
Omotola. She had seen the admiration in Dave’s eyes earlier that day, He
only looked at Korina that way and she wasn’t comfortable about that,
since she’d laid eyes on Dave, she’d fallen in love with him, she’d wished
he desired her for once. She strongly believed that Bella was a lesser
threat to Korina’s relationship and also to her plans.
‘No, we go after Bella Umoh, she is a greater threat to my relationship,
can’t you see? She wants to take my man, she wants everything I have but
she would never win this war. I would teach her a lesson, as for that
cheap brat called Omotola, I would handle later, if Dave actually spoke to
her, I’m quite sure he only wants to see her pants’ Korina stroked her chin
‘Are you sure about this’? Pamela lifted her brows. Korina was a spoilt brat
who had everything she always wanted, she envied her more because
Dave was deeply in love with her.
‘Let’s go over to Bella’s place right now, I need to warn her sternly’ Korina
snatched her bag from the table, but stopped as her friend was still
‘What are you waiting for?’ Korina wondered, she always had Pamela’s
support in whatever she wanted doing.
‘I don’t think this is a good idea, what do you plan to say to Bella when
you get over there? We should relax and plan ahead’ Pamela replied.
‘Really? I never knew you had cowardice in you’ Korina hissed and fetched
her buzzing phone from the bag.
‘Whatever’ Pamela mouthed the words she dared not speak aloud. If she
accompanied Korina to Bella’s room, that action could easily blow hr
cover and cause her new friend to doubt her loyalty.
She quickly fetched her phone and decided to make good use of Korina’s
‘The idiot just called me, he says I should come over the house’ Korina
bounced back from the kitchen.
‘Oh?’ Pamela was startled, she hadn’t expected her.
‘Dave I mean, I have a lot to ask him. See you later, take care of yourself’
Korina dashed out of the house as swiftly as she came.
‘Good riddance’ Pamela sighed. This was the time to set her plan in
motion. Dave Shola was hers and nobody could stop that.
PAMELA: I saw a girl today with your boyfriend, you need to take this
seriously or she may ruin your relationship with him.
BELLA: Really? If it’s Korina, don’t bother telling me more, we all know
they’ve been dating for long. Soon, Dave would break up with her and
make our relationship public.
PAMELA: No, it isn’t Korina, it’s someone else, you need to take her out
else she would take him from you. He really likes her, I have proof.
BELLA:Are you really sure about this?
‘This isn’t happening’ Bella stared at her phone angrily, just when she’d
thought she had everything under control, another woman shows up to
take her Dave away from her.
‘What’s that baby’? Barbie her bestfriend and roommate asked.
‘Dave is seeing someone else other than Korina’ she replied feeling cold
all over. She had trusted him, she had given him her body and soul and he
had betrayed her.
‘Are you serious’? Barbie sat up and stared at her friend whose eyes
brimmed with unshed tears.
‘Check these out, don’t you remember this girl at Korina’s party’? Bella
showed her the pictures.
‘Yes, I know her, Omotola, why would Dave offer her a ride’? Barbie rolled
her eyes, something was up between those two.
‘I think Pam is right, she’s trying to steal my man’ Bella replied.
‘Don’t lie to yourself, why do you believe everything that snitch tells you?
Huh? Everyone knows how devoted Pam is to Korina, you’ll only make a
fool of yourself if you trust her with your secrets’ Barbie was irritated at
her friend’s gullibility.
‘What makes you think she is so devoted to Korina? If she was, why would
she swear to me her loyalty? She has even agreed to join the sisters’ Bella
smiled mischievously.
‘That doesn’t mean she likes you. Korina may be sending her after you, be
careful Bella and I don’t like what you’re doing, this Dave guy loves
Korina, you are forcing yourself on him’ her friend advised.
‘Well, if that’s what you think, I love him and he loves me back, that’s all
that matters, Dave Shola is mine’ she pressed her hands on her chest.
‘So what do you plan to do now’? Barbie asked.
‘I’ll confront Dave about it, then I take this b**tch out, she is a man thief
and doesn’t deserve to live’ Bella’s eyes darkened.
‘I won’t let you harm her, how could you even think of something so
stupid? Harming another woman because of a man’Barbie scoffed.
‘Watch your tongue’ Bella’s eyes flashed angrily.
‘Okay Madam, but make sure you do nothing to harm that innocent girl,
she is poor and has no pedigree, she isn’t a threat to you. Your greatest
threat is Korina, who hasn’t offended you in any way, your only crime is
that she is dating a guy you like, if I were you, I’ll stay away from all that
negativity’ Barbie advised.
‘Just shut the f*ck up, don’t you ever speak to me that way, have you
forgotten so easily who I am’? Bella fumed.
‘Alright, I give up, I’m just advising you as my best friend, I don’t support
evil, you know me’ she shrugged.
‘I don’t need your advice, save it for the dustbin’ Bella hissed and walked
out of the room.
‘I’ve called the doctor’ Dayo rushed to his mother’s side. The pains had
increased and the woman had suddenly become so weak so they had to
lay her on the floor.
‘Please don’t die, please mother’ Angel wept suddenly feeling guilty.
‘The pain is too much for me to bear…’ the woman writhed on the floor, it
came in spasms, each spasm greater than the other.
‘Get your mother some water and aspirin, it could help’ the Chief crotched
over his wife, he’d never seen anything like that.
‘It’s okay sweetheart, nothing would happen to her, stay calm’ Dayo
embraced Angel who wept sore.
‘Good evening everybody’ the doctor rushed into the living room few
minutes later.
‘Good evening Dr. Wilson’ the chief rose to receive the man.
‘Thank you sir, sorry for the delay, my car had a little problem on my way
here’ he explained and quickly bent over the woman who was gradually
losing breath.
‘This looks very bad, what happened’? the doctor examined the woman,
her breathing had become forced, like something clawed at her windpipe.
‘We were having dinner and she suddenly started yelling in pain, please do
something Doctor’ Dayo said.
‘This looks very bad, we need to take her to the hospital. I think it’s a case
of poisoning, we would need to run some tests on her to be sure about it’
he suggested.
‘Honey’? the chief caressed her face but he couldn’t feel her heart beat,
her nostrils flared but no breath came out of them.
‘Mum, we’ll take you to the hospital, you’ll be fine’ Dayo tried to lift her
but the coldness of her skin stopped him, fear gripped his whole being.
‘This can’t happen’ the doctor felt her pulse quickly as her eyes were
closed and she seemed to be asleep.
‘I’m sorry Chief Peters, I think we’ve lost her’ the man suddenly looked up.


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