Noel’s Eve Episode 13

‘We cannot lose her, please doctor you have to do something’ Angel cried
as dread washed over her. She had so many questions to ask, but she
knew whatever she had slipped into one of the glasses was definitely not
love potion.
‘She’s breathing…get your car ready, let’s take her to the hospital’ the
doctor bent over the woman again.
‘Thank you Lord’ Dayo exhaled slowly. All hope wasn’t lost, his mother
was still breathing, surely there was assurance she would live.
‘Angel, have this, get the car ready while I bring her over’ Dayo handed her
the keys and she scurried off.
‘One more thing chief Peters’ the doctor lifted his hands in the air.
‘Yes doctor’? the man called.
‘I think it would be necessary to take some food samples to the lab, I
know it seems weird but it would help us know what exactly she took as
once she arrives the hospital, her system would be flushed and the poison
would be rid off’ the man said.
‘Okay…that wouldn’t be a problem’ the chief was skeptical about the
poison issue, who would want his wife dead?
‘Nkechi’ he called, he had to comply with the medic’s wish.
‘Yes sir’ the young girl rushed to the scene, she’d hidden to watch. She
wished she could tell the Peters what their angelic daughter in-law had
done, but that wasn’t the time for that, besides, who will believe her?
‘Get some food into bags and the drinks we had, package them for me’ the
man requested and she rushed off to do his bidding.
‘I’m glad you’re feeling better now, I told you not to worry, everything
would fall in place’ Nwanneka served dinner. She was excited as her
friend’s face glowed with delight, Tola seemed happy.
‘Uhmmmm, your food is nice, maybe that’s why I’m happy’ Tola ate with
relish. Her mind drifted to the events of the day, Dave Shola, the hottest
boy had dropped her off at work, it was still like a dream.
‘So are you saying you haven’t given up on the Dayo issue’? Nneka
suddenly lost her appetite.
‘Not really, I plan to see Dayo tomorrow, that would be the last time I’ll be
seeing him’ Omotola suddenly found strength. If the man that got her
pregnant wasn’t ready to take responsibility, then she had no choice but to
walk away.
‘You sound so bold, I’m liking this you…’ Nneka smiled.
‘Dave Shola dropped me off at work, but something was a bit confusing,
he called your name instead of mine, but he was so sure I was Nneka’
Tola decided to change the topic. Though she sounded bold talking about
him like that, she shivered inwardly, at the mention of his name her
insides swirled and this scared her. All through the day, she had thought
of no one but him, his brooding eyes and the way his lips had curled that
night when he had made love to her.
‘Dave Shola? Is this some kind of joke’? Nneka chuckled. That was
impossible, totally impossible, Dave was a rich guy and rich guys had no
time for hermits like them.
‘He even said he wanted doing lunch sometime, I got so scared, it was all
like a dream’ Tola replied.
‘I see trouble looming, you have to be careful Tola, we have gotten into
Korina’s bad books already. Remember how she stormed in here to warn
us the other time, if she found out her boyfriend was trying to get close to
you, that would lead to something bad. Just tell him off, we already have
trouble on our plate, that’s enough’ Nneka advised.
‘Don’t you think I already thought about this? Besides Koriana, the guy is a
cultist, I tried to wriggle out of his grip but he wouldn’t let me, he was
quite persistent. I do like him though, he seems nice’ Tola remarked to her
friend’s surprise.
‘As a friend, I like him as a friend’ Tola quickly added and Nneka was
forced to close her mouth.
‘You almost got me scared. Well, let’s see what happens, Dave may be a
nice person, but Korina wouldn’t like the idea of you being friends with her
man, she could go any length to harm you. Just be careful’ Nneka
sounded her final warning.
‘Thanks for always being there Nneka’ Tola reached out for her friend’s
‘No problem. Just get some sleep, we’ll go see Dayo tomorrow’ Nneka
rose to her feet.
‘Night’ Tola inhaled sharply and closed her eyes. She prayed to see one
face as she drifted off to another land, Dayo had become part of her and
she secretly craved for his presence.
The night had been a very long one for his family, it happened like a
movie. He never believed that the pale looking woman on the hospital bed
was his mother, the woman that had come to call him for dinner.
They were all seated happily on the table,eating and laughing, they had no
care in the world and suddenly the lights went out, and darkness
overshadowed them.
‘Dayo…you should go with Angel and prepare some clothes for your
mother’ his father’s voice brought him back to reality.
The morning breez breeze had come, it had not failed to announce itself
by brushing the curtains that hid the beauty of the skies from their view.
The doctors had worked on their mother and had succeeded in flushing
her system, but they were told she would wake within seventy two hours,
that wasn’t all, that wasn’t the sad part, according to Dr. Wilson, the
poison may have affected part of her nervous system.
‘Good morning father’ Angel greeted. She boiled inside, she was going
straight to the Shaman’s place, they had to be some sort of explanation.
Why did all these have to happen on the night she’d decided to give Dayo
the love potion?
‘Morning my dear, go with Dayo and do as I have said’ the man repeated.
‘Alright father, I’ll stop by the office and give them instructions, then I’ll
return later in the day. Do you think I should tell Korina about all these’?
Dayo asked.
‘I think she has a right to know about it, but be wise on how you tell her.
Use your discretion’ his father advised.
‘Alright dad, everything would be fine’ he looked at the older man one last
time and stepped out with Angel.
‘I hope so’ the chief replied weakly. If he lost his wife, he was sure of one
thing, he would never recover from such a gigantic loss. The question still
begged for an answer, and he hoped to find out soon. The other two
doctors that had worked on his wife, had ascertained that she was
poisoned, this sort of poisoning was meant to lead to her death. Who
wanted his wife dead?
They’d driven for some minutes, each lost in thoughts of the recent
happening. Who would want to poison his mother? Dayo wondered. Olive
Groves Corporation had many enemies, but they had not come openly to
threaten him or his family. Everything was so confusing, he was quite sure
Dr Wilson was being honest with his diagnosis, only the maids could do
something like this as they were in charge of the food that was being
‘Hey dear’ Angel noticed he was thinking. She knew she was in trouble,
what if they discovered she had gone to the shaman hoping to get a love
potion to tie Dayo down? If truly that was a love potion, Dayo or whoever
took that drink would have warmed up towards her, she had just been
deceived by an Indian.
‘Angel’… he rubbed her hands and smiled weakly. Her eyes still glowed
with love for him and he was truly touched. Having such a woman by his
side made him realize how lucky he’d been.
However, he realized, his mother’s condition had come second in his
thoughts, he felt stupid for actually dwelling on the events of Korina’s
party. She was a mistake and had only come to ruin his relationship with
Angel, he wondered if he was doing the right thing asking her to abort the
‘What are you thinking about’? her voice caressed his memory and he
switched back to reality.
‘Uhmmm, nothing, I’m just worried about mum, who would want to poison
her? It means we’re all unsafe in that house’ Dayo exhaled.
‘I wish I had the answer to that, but she would be fine, I feel it, she’s
going to be fine and we would have our wedding’ Angel replied. Everything
was ruined, there was no where she would be having a wedding anytime
‘Well, let’s see what happens’ Dayo replied.
The clouds had pulled back their curtains and allowed the morning sun to
glimmer a bright yellow colour. The air smelt fresh, the birds sang a
lovely tune that reminded her that she was in love. She had slept in the
arms of the man she loved and it felt so good, it refreshed her body and
relaxed her spirit. This again was yet another proof, Dave Shola was the
man meant for her and no other could tear them apart.
‘Morning gorgeous’ she felt his warm hands encircle her waist as he
joined her beside the window.
‘Morning Honey’ she replied smiling.
‘Is that coffee’? he sniffed her drink.
‘Yes, do you want some’? she asked, then turned to face him.
‘No, I’m surprised you’re drinking that, you hate caffeine, remember’? Dayo
raised his eyebrow.
‘I just felt like having morning coffee’ she inhaled deeply and kissed his
‘I like that…’ Dave responded and kissed her back.
‘I want us to talk’ she decided to confront him about the issues that
pressed her, she loved Dave so much and it would relay hurt her if he was
seeing someone else.
‘Yes?’ he wondered what she wanted talking about.
‘Have a seat’ she dragged out her phone and switched it on.
‘What’s this about? Dave asked, while waiting for her answer.
‘Are you cheating on me? Is there something you’re hiding from me? I love
you so much Dave, please be honest with me’ Korina begged.
He stared at her beautiful face, carefully thinking out his answers. He
loved Korina dearly but she wasn’t there for him, her reputation as campus
queen was more important to her than their relationship, and there was his
mistake with Bella. He felt he should tell her everything but to what end?
He was only going to let her in concerning the beautiful friend he’d made,
Omotola, that was her name. She seemed like a simple person, the type of
friend one should pray to have and he couldn’t wait to meet her again.
She had seemed distant, more like afraid a fire was about to consume her,
he was interested in knowing her more.
‘I’m not cheating on you, there’s something I’m hiding though’ he decided
to fill her in.
‘And what’s that’? she asked.
‘There’s a girl I met at your party, she danced so well and I like her, I told
Piro to check her out for me and he did, I met her yesterday and I decided
to drop her off at work, she seems very nice and I want to be friends with
her’ he said.
‘Who is she’? Korina stared into his eyes the whole time, trying to read if
he was lying to her or not.
have preferred if I told you lies’? Dave was amazed at her attitude.
‘I’d preferred if you had kept your mouth shut. Is this how you want to end
our relationship? With some cheap lie? Who the f*ck do you think you are?
Huh’? anger consumed her at his lies.
‘You are over reacting, what’s there not to understand? I don’t even know
this girl and you’re already implying I’ve slept with her. I’m disappointed in
you’ Dave was shocked at her reaction. He had never seen this side of
‘You are the one that irritates me, I’m disappointed in you Dave, that girl
isn’t even in our class and you made her seat in your car. You are a
failure’ she rained insults on him.
‘You know what Korina? Just get out, this relationship is over? You’re the
most arrogant, ignorant and selfish woman I’ve ever come across. I want
you to leave’ he shouted and walked to the door.
‘This just proves how big of a loser you are Dave, I’ll be back for you’ she
hadn’t expected him to be this angry and her pride wouldn’t let her beg
him. How could he humiliate her like that?
‘Good bye Korina Peters’ he shut the door to her face and exhaled briefly.
‘We need to talk Piro’ he texted his friend.
Morning had come and she’d risen up to face her fears one last time. She
inhaled a sharp breath and held it as she stared at the mirror, she was a
month gone, the signs were starting to show and sooner or later, people
would come to the knowledge that she was with child.
‘You’re still very beautiful’ Nneka noticed the disapproving glare her friend
gave to her reflection.
‘Stop it, you’re only saying that to make me feel better’ Omotola sighed
and rose from the chair.
‘I’m not, take it easy Tols, you’ll be fine’ Nneka encouraged.
‘I don’t need your help this time Nneka, it’s between I and Dayo. I’ll try
doing this on my own, if it doesn’t work, I guess I’ll raise our baby on our
won’ she rubbed her belly.
‘Are you sure about this Tols? Please let me come with you’ Nneka
begged, she knew how rude Dayo was the other time.
‘No, I’ll be fine by myself, thanks for offering’ Tola decided.
‘Alright, just be very careful, I don’t like that guy, he’s so full of himself.
He thinks money is the only way out of his problems’ Nneka scoffed.
‘Careful there, he is the father of my unborn child’ Tola winked at her
friend. She didn’t know why, but she’d woken up in good spirits. She had
dreamt of a white dove flying across the azure clouds, that was definitely
a good omen, it stood for peace and stability. She sighed and prayed her
meeting with Dayo produced positive results.


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