Noel’s Eve Episode 3

Her legs felt weak, a myriad of butterflies danced in her tommy as she
gazed into the brooding eyes of the man that had made passionate love to
her. Their eyes spoke of the same thing, they reflected the memories of
that night, a reminder of their passionate embrace.
‘Dayo….’ Angel was greatly annoyed, why was this waitress girl trying to
flirt with her man.
‘Yes dear’ it took him effort to tear his eyes away from the girl he’d met
at Korina’s party. The stranger that had possessed his thoughts, he didn’t
even know her name. All he knew was that she had given him the best sex
ever and she was a virgin. That wasn’t all, her hair band graced his room.
‘You were ordering’ she reminded him as he pulled himself together.
‘Yes sir…what would you be having’? Tola swallowed hard, feeling like the
earth could open up and swallow her. She needed to escape, he was fire
and she didn’t want to be consumed.
Blood tweaked her plump cheeks as she recalled that night she’d
shamelessly parted her legs for him, her face paled and her breath
‘Give us two plates of icecream and chocolate cakes’ he replied absently
and pulled out his buzzing phone.
‘Okay sir’ Tola whispered and walked away briskly.
His eyes strayed. Something was different about her, the girl at the club
seemed fearless, her eyes sparked like starlight and her smiled was
greatly seductive; breaking her maidenhead that night had surprised him
greatly; but right there? She seemed so innocent, unsure and timid.
She was tall and slender. She had a nice figure, but her eyes were her
most arresting figure, they blazed light brown and spoke of a calmness
that was new to him, but it was totally wrong to think about her that way,
he needed to do the right thing. Angel meant the whole world to him and
he had to be careful not to hurt her.
‘Hello mother good evening’ his mother had called.
‘Dayo where are you? I need to see you right now’ she had just returned
from her trip overseas.
‘Mum welcome, I am with Angel, we went out’ he rolled his eyes hoping
she wouldn’t ask them to come home.
‘Good, bring her along. We would all have dinner together, I need to show
you something’ his mother said.
‘But mum’ he cut in.
‘Don’t but me…just come home Dayo. I love you’ she blew him a kiss and
ended the call.
‘We should get going’ Angel smiled happily, she knew Mrs Peters was to
return to Nigeria that day. She called at the right time, she didn’t like the
way Dayo stared at the waitress, leaving the restaurant was the best thing
to do.
‘Alright, if you say so’ he shrugged and rose to his feet. He felt a bit
reluctant as he remembered the girl, at least he had to know her name.
‘What are you waiting for’? Angel asked as she noticed his reluctance.
‘Go on, I’ll join you in the car soon’ he ignored her question.
‘Alright then’ she didn’t want to argue with him.
Minutes later, she walked towards their table with a tray containing their
‘What’s your name’? he asked, he needed to be quick about this.
‘Omotola’ she pressed her shaky hands on the table.
‘Good. What happened at the party was a mistake, and I feel i took
advantage of you. I’m sorry about that. We must never see each other
again. I’m getting married in three weeks time, here’s for the order, you
can keep the change’ he exhaled and walked out without waiting for her
‘Mistake’? Tola fell weakly on the chair and watched as he walked out of
the restaurant.
Tears blurred her vision as his words echoed in her mind. How dare he
talk to her in that manner? Like she had asked for it? Like she had thrown
herself at him?
She fingered the Naira notes he’d offered her, he insulted her greatly.
‘I’ve ruined myself’ she cried as she suddenly realized eyes were looking
her way, she rose to her feet and rushed to the bathroom.
He knew Angel wasn’t happy with him, he regretted the way he’s spoken to
her at the restaurant but that was the only way to deal with the situation.
He’d acted foolishly that night, it still baffled him. He had flings no doubt,
he flirted with women but they were women of pedigree and class and not
some simple waitress girl.
He tried to remember what had attracted him to her in the first place.
‘Are you cheating on me’? Angel’s voice was low and her eyes were sad.
One look at her face filled him with so much guilt.
‘No, why would you even ask that, you know I love you right?’ he kissed
her lips gently.
‘I saw the way you looked at her Dayo. Please don’t break my heart’ those
were the last words she spoke to him before stepping down from the car.
‘I promise Angel I wouldn’t break your heart’ he sighed and trailed behind
her. He was glad he had told her his mind, that night was clearly a
mistake, none of them had been in their right mind.
‘My Angel, you’re so beautiful’ Mrs Peters embraced her son’s fiancée.
‘I missed you mum’ Angel smiled and hugged the woman.
‘Mummy welcome’ Dayo smiled and wrapped his hands round her.
‘My baby boy, did you miss me’? she held his shoulders and stared at his
‘Of course, who wouldn’t miss the best mother in the world’? Dayo replied.
‘Well, I got a wedding planner from California, she would plan your
wedding excellently.’ She pointed towards the tiny woman that smiled like
she was posing for a birthday picture.
‘Hello there, I am Shaniqua’ she introduced herself.
‘Mum but we haven’t yet fixed a date for the wedding’? Dayo was
perplexed, though Angel looked excited about the whole thing.
‘Who says? I and your dad did, the cards would be out tomorrow. You’re
going to give me grand kids Dayo’ she patted him on the shoulder.
‘Yes mum, I sure will’ his mouth felt dry.
‘So how much would a big wedding like ours cost’ he heard Angel ask the
event planner.
‘About Hundred million naira. That would do for a very big wedding like
yours’ Shaniqua replied.
‘Oh yea, my wedding is going to be a high society one’ Angel rolled her
eyes dreamily.
‘I cannot wait for that glorious day’ Mrs Peter joined in the conversation.
‘Excuse me Ladies, I need to get myself some water’ Dayo knew he would
go crazy if he stayed any longer in that room.
How could his parents fix his wedding date? They hadn’t even asked for
his opinion. Well, it had to be done.
He loved Angel very much and was ready to be with her.


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