Noel’s Eve Episode 5

‘Five million naira’? Tola repeated the words. That was a lot of money, she
hadn’t come across such amount of money for her twenty four years on
earth, and here he was, offering it to her like it meant nothing to him.
‘Yes five million naira, I could give you more if you want, just take it and
leave me alone’ he replied.
Nneka was confused, was Tola thinking about getting rid of the pregnancy?
How could she think of something like that?
‘Mr Peters, we are very sorry, but we do not need your five million, you
have to take responsibility for the pregnancy’ Nneka rushed to her friend’s
‘Really’? irritation climbed um his spine, he stared at the two women
‘I want to speak to Omotola alone, I’ll appreciate it if you excuse us, this
matter doesn’t really concern you’ he wasn’t comfortable with Nneka
‘Is that what you want Tols? I’ll wait outside if that’s okay with you’ Nneka
waited for her response.
‘It’s okay Nneka, I can handle the situation’ Tola replied with a shaky
voice. She was deeply confused, never in her life had she planned to have
a child out of wedlock, everything had happened so quickly.
‘Alright, listen to your heart’ Nneka patted her on the shoulder and stormed
out of the office.
They were now left alone, he felt relaxed knowing her sharp tongued
friend wouldn’t interrupt them. He needed to be straight with her, Angel
was the only woman he truly cared for, the rest just provided him pleasure
which he usually paid for in cash.
She stared at the floor the whole time not able to look into his eyes. She
still couldn’t face him, his eyes were entrapping and one could fall into
their black pits.
‘Be honest with me Tola, what do you really want from me?’ he waited for
her answer.
‘I…I would like you to father my child, I don’t want to have a bastard’ she
replied calmly hoping he would consider what she’d just said.
‘Don’t make me laugh’ he narrowed his brows, how on earth could she
think he would want to father a child with her?
‘It seems you never understood what I said the other day, I’m getting
married soon and nothing not even your lowlife nature would stop that’
she annoyed that instant. He knew her type and the kind of tricks they
loved to play on the wealthy, he wouldn’t have that. He wouldn’t be
‘I am not a lowlife’ she felt his words cut into her like a blade that was
left unsheathed.
‘What else are you? Why do you want to ruin my life and happiness? I just
offered you money to abort that pregnancy and you’re telling me you want
me to father your child? I could never father a child with someone like
you. Get that straight’ he scoffed.
‘How could you say something like that? Have you thought about me?
Have you thought about the stigma of being pregnant out of wedlock?
Have you considered that I may have to drop out of school to face this
baby’? tears filled her eyes and she regretted ever going for that birthday
‘That’s why you have to abort it. I could take you to a very good doctor, I
know you’re a good person Omotola, please don’t ruin my life. Just get rid
of it, it’s simple’ he begged.
‘I cannot abort it’ she cried.
‘Look here, your tricks won’t work out, I know what you’re trying to do. I
have just figured out your game, you want me to get married to you isn’t?
how funny, you’re the last woman I could ever marry. You are not in my
class, can’t you get that? Whatever happened between us at the club was
a mistake, I already explained that’ anger coursed through him.
‘But you told me you liked me…’ she reminded him of his words.
‘Please grow up, we were both on heat and I said those things because I
was Hot. Just take this money and disappear. Let me write you a cheque
for ten million’ he fetched his cheque book.
‘I don’t need your money, I don’t need anything from you. Have a nice life
Dayo’ she wiped the tears that fell on her cheek with the back of her
‘Tola wait…you don’t have to do this, just have this money and everything
would be over’ he offered it to her.
‘Keep your money, I don’t need it’ she wouldn’t let him trample on the last
piece of dignity she had left.
‘Alright, I give up, just don’t show up in my future’ he shrugged and settled
in his chair and watched as she walked away.
He was supposed to feel relieved, but that didn’t happen, in the place of
relief, he felt burdened by her actions. How could she reject his money?
She looked like she really needed it.
‘Good morning favorite Cousin, how are you’? Ade stormed into his office.
‘Ade…’ he called absent mindedly.
‘You don’t look too good man, what’s up’? Ade quickly recognized his
cousin was troubled about something.
‘I am in deep poo, truth is, I don’t know If I can come out of it’ he said.
‘I saw a pretty slender girl leave your office, who is she’? Ade asked
‘The deep poo I’m talking about’ Dayo cursed.
‘What happened? Has Angel discovered you slept with her’?Ade knew his
cousin had one weakness, Dayo loved women.
‘That would have been better, far better than this mess I’ve gotten myself’
Dayo sighed.
‘Oh my God, then it is bad’ Ade loosened his tie waiting for Dayo to drop
the bomb shell.
‘I met her a month ago at Korina’s birthday party, we had sex, a month
later she shows up and tells me she’s pregnant. I offered her money to
abort it, I even doubled the amount but she rejected it and walked out that
door’ Dayo prayed Tola changed her mind.
‘That doesn’t sound good. You’re in real trouble Dayo, how could you get
her pregnant? How are you sure you’re the father? You know how girls
could be sometimes’Ade lifred his brow.
‘She isn’t lying, it’s my baby, I’m sure of it.’ Dayo replied.
‘Then you do what a father does’ Ade gestured with his hands.
‘And that is’? Dayo wondered what his cousin was trying to do.
‘Take responsibility of course. Listen you have to do just that, if your
parents discovered you got a girl pregnant and you asked her to get rid of
it, they’d be so disappointed.’ Ade knew how his cousin felt but he still
had to do the right thing.
‘And Angel? Have you thought about how this would affect her’? Dayo felt
like smashing his cousin’s head into something.
‘Well, that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t marry Angel, I know how much you
love her, but remember this other woman is carrying your child. I don’t
really know what to say but please don’t abandon your child. You may
regret your action when you’re older’ he prayed his cousin listened to him.
‘Listening to you was a total waste of my time, I cannot hurt Angel with
that kind of arrangement’.
‘Then you shouldn’t have slept with another woman in the first place’ Ade


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