Noel’s Eve Episode 6

‘Hello darling Sister-in-law’ Korina opened her arms for a hug as she
approached Angel.
‘Oh dearie, I’m glad you could make it, I almost died of boredom here’
Angel embraced her.
‘Really? Where’s mum and everybody? Where’s Dayo?’ Korina glanced
around the living room.
‘Your mother is busy planning our wedding with Shaniqua, the woman she
brought from California. Dayo is having a busy day and I had no
appointments today, so I decided to stay home’ Angel replied.
‘Well, I’m here, I’m sorry I failed to send my congratulations, I can’t wait
for you two to get married and give us grand children’ Korina smiled
heartily. Angel was the older sister she never had and they’d gotten along
very easily.
‘We would dear, we would’ Angel said.
‘I’m hungry you know…’ Korina rubbed her chubby hands over here belly.
‘Nkechi’! Angel called for one of the maids. She loved the way the Peters
lived their lives, one of the reasons she was marrying Dayo, she was born
into luxury and she intended to continue her life in luxury.
‘Is that a name? you should call her “Fool”, where does mum even get her
maids from’? Korina rolled her eyes.
‘They hardly heed to their call, I’m thinking of asking you mum to fire
them and get new maids for this house’ Angel hissed impatiently.
‘I’m here Madam. Good morning’ the maid arrived.
‘You’re really daft, I’ve called you over five times’ Angel seethed in anger,
she ahted it when people kept her waiting.
‘I’ m sorry Madam, I wasn’t nearby’ Nkechi replied.
‘Go and prepare me something to eat, be fast about it’ Korina snapped at
the girl.
She watched the maid quietly, she noticed the hairband Nkechi wore was
the same as that she had found in Dayo’s room.
‘Where did you get that from?’ Angel rose to her feet, it couldn’t be…
‘What Madam’? Nkechi wondered.
‘This hairband, who gave it to you? Where did you get this from’? anger
crept up inside her slowly.
‘Is it yours? Did she steal from you’? Korina asked.
‘Answer me, you idiot’! she slapped the girl who jerked back in surprise.
‘I bought it myself…’ Nkechi stuttered as she recovered from the shock of
being slapped for no reason.
‘We’ll see about that, just go’ Angel dismissed her and fell into her chair.
Could Dayo be sleeping with one of the maids? She wouldn’t have that,
she was going to do everything possible to keep him for herself.
‘What was that about? Did she steal from you’? Korina asked.
‘Your brother is cheating on me, I love him so much, I cannot lose him
now’ tears stung her eyes.
‘Angel, are you sure about this’? Korina knew Dayo had cheated on Angel
severally but she’d always covered for him, but what she didn’t like was
hearing from her friends that Dayo had danced with a certain low life at
her party.
‘I found a hairband in his room, at first I assumed it was yours but
knowing the kind of taste you have, you could never own it, it’s the same
hairband on Nkechi’s head. I think he’s sleeping with her’ Angel searched
Korina’s eyes for answers.
‘Hey come on, what if it’s just a coincidence? I know my brother, he has
got pedigree and class, he would never sleep with a maid, please believe
me, or we could go ask him about that’ Korina suggested knowing Angel
would decline.
‘I just love Dayo so much, I want him to be mine alone’ Angel sniffled.
‘Well, I have an idea, I really like you and I would want you to be happy, I
want you both to get married’ Korina sighed deeply, she knew what she
was going to suggest was bad but that was the only way out of Dayo to
completely stick to Angel, he was a flirt and she had kept it from Angel.
‘What’s that? I could do anything to win his love, anything,’ she was
serious about that. She loved Dayo with her whole being and she didn’t
want any woman to contest her place in his heart.
‘Excuse me let me get this call, Dave is calling’ she winked and rose to
her feet.
Dave Shola was her boyfriend and they had been nominated for ‘ Campus
queen and King many times’. He was extremely handsome even much
more than her brother and he’d stolen her heart.
She knew how Angel felt and that was the reason she was going to
suggest this means.
‘Hello Darling, how are you’? Korina smiled waiting for him to speak.
‘My love…where are you’?Dave asked.
‘At the mansion, I’m with Angel, my brother’s wife’ she winked at Angel
who watched her the whole time.
‘Alright, when would you be back? I wanted us to hang out’ he inquired.
‘I don’t know really, maybe in the evening, I’ll call you okay baby’? she
couldn’t wait to be with him.
‘Thanks love, do take care of yourself’ he blew her a kiss over the phone.
‘You really love this Dave guy’ Angel was aware Korina was stricken by
the Adonis, Dave Shola.
‘Who wouldn’t?, he’s hot and rich and very generous and loyal too’ she
quickly added. If he wasn’t any of those things, there wasn’t any way in
hell she would fall for him.
‘I wish I could be happy like that, I wish I was completely satisfied and
relaxed…I don’t trust Dayo and I don’t know why. He is a very nice man’
Angel complained.
‘Hey come on, don’t do this, I could help you, but you’ll have to take it, it’s
something you may not like to do, I’m only offering because I want you
two to be together’ she said.
‘And what could that be’? Angel shifted closer to Korina.
‘A love portion’ Korina replied curtly.
‘Love portion? Is that all’? that actually made Angel laugh.
‘Yes, what’s funny, it actually works you know, very potent’Korina replied.
‘I could do it, but, have you used that means before’? Angel asked.
‘Not me, but my friend, that’s how she tied a very rich man down through
magic. Let me give you her number, you guys can chat and she’ll take
you there’ Korina searched for a piece of paper.
‘You’re serious about this’ Angel muttered, she didn’t believe in magic, but
she was willing to do anything to win Dayo totally.
‘Here’s her number, her name is Onojo, I’ll tell her about you and she’ll
take you to the place. Thank me later’Korina leaned and pecked her.
‘I don’t know what I would’ve done without you, you’re such an angel
Korina’ Angel was touched by Korina’s concern.
‘Oh no, you are the angel, Angel’ Korina teased and they both laughed.


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