Noel’s Eve Episode 7

‘Who was that baby?’ the girl lying next to him asked.
‘Oh, never mind, one of my friends like that’ Dave lied, he’d called Korina
to find out where she was so he could hang out with one of the popular
girls in school without having to sneak around.
‘Shola? Why don’t you love me? What do you see in Korina that you don’t
see in me? Aren’t I good enough for you’? the girl sat up teary eyed.
Her name was Bella, she was the daughter of the vice chancellor and
Korina’s rival on campus. She had always admired Dave Shola, but he
never seemed to look her way till that glorious night at Korina’s party, he
had walked up to her and flirted shamelessly with her, that was how their
love affair blossomed.
‘Hey, don’t start, what makes you think I don’t care about you too’? he
stroked her face. Bella was short and plump but very pretty. Many said
she was more pretty than Korina his girlfriend, he was starting to believe
them as he looked into her beautiful eyes.
‘Be honest with me Dave, do you plan to break up with her?’ Bella asked
hopefully, this was the man she had loved for a long time.
‘I would break up with Korina, don’t worry we’ll be together and nothing
would separate us, okay’? he assured.
‘I love you Dave, please don’t break my heart’ she embraced him.
‘I wouldn’t’ Dave forced his eyes close as he realized he’d just made a
mistake. Flirting with Bella was something he never planned, though he’d
admired her too, she was a very beautiful lady, but he had a fight with
Korina before her party, and just felt like getting back at her by flirting
with Bella.
He’d hoped she would notice and get jealous, but she never did, she was
too engrossed playing queen of the night to pay attention to his needs.
That was the problem he had with Korina, they’d been in a relationship for
two years, yet he still felt he didn’t have an important place in her life
though she claimed severally that she loved him. He was starting to doubt
her love for him and his love for her. He sometimes wondered if he was
truly in love.
He could never forget the girl he’d seen at the party, he wished he knew
her name, she was worth searching for.
The light tapping on his door broke their embrace and they both stared at
each other wild eyed, Dave Panicked and prayed it wasn’t Korina who had
come visiting.
‘What should we do’? Bella asked, not that she was scared of Korina, but
she knew she wouldn’t win this fight, if it was Korina standing outside the
‘Wait here’ he instructed and rose to get the door.
‘My guy, howfa na? open the door for me na, na your guy, Piro’ his friend
winked as he pulled the door slightly apart.
‘Oh, it’s you’ Dave widened the door and let him enter.
‘Yes na me, before? You bin dey expect another person’? Piro swaggered
into the room and was surprised to find another woman who wasn’t Korina
sitting comfortably on Dave’s bed.
‘I’ll take my leave now, see you later baby’ Bella rose to her feet and
stood on her toes as she pecked Dave.
‘Alright honey, I’ll call you’ he winked and tapped her ass.
‘Nawa o’ Piro wondered why the girl had to snub him.
‘Nawa to what’? Dave rolled his eyes.
‘Guy, you get mind straff that girl o, you even bring am com haus, wat if
madam Korina bin storm your arena, wetin you for do’? Piro dropped his
bag on the floor and settled on the bed.
‘That’s the problem I’m facing now, this Bella girl is now stuck up on me,
how I’m I supposed to tell her that all I wanted was a one night stand,
she’s going to have my head, and what would Korina do, once she finds
out I cheated?’ Dave walked towards the kitchen to fetch his friend a
‘Guy, just kukuma prepare for your burial, idiot, shey I bin warn you. Na
woman kill Abacha, woman go kill you too’ Piro chuckled loudly.
Dave Shola had been his friend since he started the University, unlike
Dave, he was from a poor family but he had the passion to study, the
potential to succeed. They’d met in a library in their first year and after
helping Dave with an assignment, they became friends. Dave was the
nicest person he’d come across, he helped him with his school fees and
other expenditures. However, his friend had a bad choice or bad luck
when it came to women.
Korina was arrogant and egocentric, she stepped on everyone’s toes on
campus just because her father was Chief Solarin Peters. That wasn’t all,
Dave had decided to date her and she virtually controlled his life with her
manipulative fingers, now he’d gotten himself into the arms of another
Jezebel, Bella Umoh, was the spoilt and over pampered daughter of the
vice chancellor. He prayed his friend would come out of that dilemma
alive as it was rumored that the two girls were leaders in rival female
‘You are right Piro, I feel like a dead man already’ Dave served his friend
a beer and some crackers.
‘She’s now asking me to break up with Korina and date her, can you
imagine’? Dave scoffed, still trying to figure a way out of the mess he’d
gotten himself into.
‘Why don’t you tell her the truth, that you loved her sexy little body and it
drove you crazy but Korina is the woman you love and you can’t be
without her’ Piro sipped from the bottle hungrily.
‘You really want me dead’ Dave chuckled and fetched a cigarette.
‘That’s the only way out, I warned you bro, I really did warn you, you
could’ve slept with any other girl and not with Bella, that girl is evil, I can
feel it’ Piro replied.
‘You’re kind of right, I’ve been thinking about this girl, maybe I should’ve
f***cked her instead of that crazy Bella, that tall slender light skinned girl
that danced so well at the party’ Dave closed his eyes and imagine his
hands on her beautiful body.
‘Why are you like this? When did you turn a Casanova’? Piro was surprised,
Dave had always been the faithful man.
‘I don’t know bro, I just can’t get that girl off my mind, I think about her
everyday, I like her and would want to be with her’ Dave dragged the
smoke into his lungs and it warmed him.
‘Seriously? Where does Korina stand in all of this? That girl is dangerous,
she could harm you’ Piro asked.
‘Dangerous you say? I could handle Korina, anytime, any day’ Dave
snorted, people thought his girlfriend was in a cult or something but they
were very wrong. Korina was as harmless as a fly though she had her
shortcomings. No one knew his secret, very little knew about his
involvement with the Blood brothers of the night.
‘Just be careful, I don’t want to lose you’ Piro shrugged.
‘Fine. I just need to see that girl, I’ll be alright, I just want to see her,
nothing more’ Dave replied.
‘I remember her, I think I know her friend but you have to be careful, she
isn’t like Bella or Korina, she isn’t classy or rich, so I don’t know what you
want with her’ Piro wondered.
‘Really? What makes you think Bella or Korina are my kind of girls’? Dave
‘Okay, I’ll find the girl for you, I think her name is Nneka, I’ll find out
more’Piro said.
‘Please do, find me, my Nneka’.Dave replied.


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