Noel’s Eve Episode 8

Finding Korina’s friend wasn’t difficult, she’d explained her predicament to
Onojo and she’d quickly agreed to help her.
‘Why don’t you want to come with me Korina’? Angel asked.
‘Really? I thought you could handle this alone, I have a class about that
time, the man is strick and I can’t miss it. Don’t be afraid, I promise no
harm would come to you’ Korina lied, she needed to stay back and face
her brother, she needed to call him to order.
‘Alright darling, thanks a lot for your help, love you Korina’ she pecked her
lightly and walked out of the house.
‘Phew’ Korina exhaled, as Angel left for the love doctor’s place, she was
going to warn her brother sternly, she had covered for him for too long.
‘here’s the water you asked for’ Nkechi dropped a glass of water before
‘Whatever , just get out’ she snapped angrily and flipped open her phone.
Being a popular girl on campus wasn’t easy, everyone wanted hanging out
with you, guys were always coming to ask you out and you’d always be
the center of attraction. That was why Bella Umoh envied her so much
and could kill to become a campus queen, with Dave on her side, she
knew she wouldn’t be overthrown from her position for a very long time.
Dave Shola was the most handsome guy on campus and she considered
herself the luckiest girl in the whole world, but the message she got from
her best friend, Pamela, sent a shiver down her spine and she
contemplated on such a possibility.
PAMELA: Babes, where are you? I really need to see you. Something is
brewing o, Dave has been spot romancing a chic, guess who? I’m quite
sure about the source.
KORINA: That’s not true, Dave could never cheat on me.
PAMELA: where are you?
KORINA: BRB, I gotta go.
She put down the phone and gulped the water as her brother walked in
looking all fatigued. Pamela’s words destabilized her, Dave hadn’t cheated
on her before, she was sure of this she decided to push the disturbing
thoughts away, Dayo was her problem now.
‘Where’s everybody’? Dayo looked around the empty house wondering
where his fiancée was.
‘Out’ Korina replied calmly.
‘You don’t look too well, where’s Angel’? he asked as he sank into the
chair. Nothing had stressed him more than Omotola’s sudden appearance
in his office, she had ruined his day, how the hell was he ever getting rid
of her?
‘Angel went to get stuff from the mall and yes you are right Dayo, I am
not fine’ Korina regarded her elder brother coolly.
‘What’s wrong’? Dayo loved his sister very much though she was rude and
arrogant to people, he senses they were going into a heated argument as
fire reflected in her eyes.
‘Dayo…are you sleeping with the maids’? she asked.
‘Why would you accuse me of sleeping with a maid? You insult me Korina,
watch your words’ his nostrils flared.
‘Well, you are definitely sleeping with someone else, I heard the rumors in
school that you met some girl at my party, please whatever it is you have
going on, just stop It, Angel is very hurt’Korina said.
‘I don’t know what you’re talking about’ he feigned ignorance. He feared
for his reputation if Tola refused to abort the baby, the talk would be all
over town, his business colleagues, friends and family would know how
irresponsible he’d lived his life. Fear trapped him in her darkness and he
was filled with despair, what had he gotten himself into?
‘Don’t lie to me Dayo, I’ve always covered up for you, even when you slept
with my friends, I wasn’t mad about it, I didn’t want Angel to know, but she
found a hairband in her room and she’s pretty upset about it. You have to
stop this Dayo or you let her go for good’ Korina knew what it meant to
love someone and get hurt. That was how she was feeling, could Dave
really cheat? It was unbelievable.
‘Well, let me satisfy your curiousity, I don’t sleep with maids, I need to
rest Korina’ he dragged his briefcase, walked towards her and planted a
kiss on her forehead before walking to his room.
‘I hope so’ she drummed her fingers carelessly on the table, Dayo wasn’t
being straight with her, he was holding back. Well, once Angel
administered the love portion, he would have no other choice but to love
only her forever.


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