How To Survive The Jamb CBT Update – Jamb 2017/2018

Jamb CBT 2017/2018 will be very hot.
This is due to the fact that jamb is now a very important exam which you have to pass before you can gain admission into any university.

Although we can only call on the Joint Admission and matriculation board officials to correct the systematic error and back-end errors, yet you must play your own role to survive the 2017/2018 Jamb CBT Exam. In this article, I will be teaching you the best way to survive the Jamb CBT update so that you can score very high in the Jamb cbt 2017/2018. I will try to make it very short and simple.

Jamb CBT Registration Guide And Practice To Survive The Jamb 2017/2018
1.Follow The Jamb CBT Registration Instructions
2.Prepare Well For the jamb CBT
3.Go Early and Ask Questions
4.Solve The Jamb CBT Questions In Seconds
Jamb is all about speed. You can be very intelligent and still fail if you are not fast. Be very time conscious in the Jamb examination hall. Talking about speed, the use of Jamb CBT past questions come to mind. Make sure you start with the subject that you are best good at and do not waste time. Write your exam with the sense of urgency, have the mentality, “I am behind schedule”. Inasmuch as you are time conscious, be accuracy conscious.
5.Cross Check Your Work Before Hitting The Submit Button
As a result of human errors, you may have answered some of the questions you know correctly “wrongly”. By cross checking, you will be able to identify these errors and as well score higher in Jamb CBT. Make sure the answer you click shows that you actually clicked it. You can then submit your work.


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