Best Butt Exercises


Here we are going to discuss about the much talked and concious topic, that is Best Butt Exercises, we will easily make you understand why and how to build your butt, look sexy and amazing. Your buttocks are the strongest and the largest muscle group of your body. It includes three main different muscles, which are

  • Medius
  • Gluteus minimus
  • Maximus

These all the three muscles work altogether to extend, rotate your hip. Making your butt stronger can help you in lot of ways and can make your posture look good and with the result your body will get in shape as well. Working on your buttocks (butt) can certainly make you to pick up heavy objects, helps you to improve your sitting, posture, standing, etc. Making your glutes strong enough surely reduces the chances of injuries and also makes better your muscular tasks as well.


butt picture

Working on your butt is the greatest advantage for your body, a tight rear cushions your pelvic bones as you sit. The modern fashion designers usually make apparels to a particularly body type, in which back portion of your body should be firm. So in order to get easily fit into the swimsuits, skirts and in pants you should work out your butt muscles. When you work on your butt you will not throw away your favourite dress that you were hesitating in wearing them rather you wear it and look better than never. You will also stop altering you apparels in order to fit because that will eventually fit on you and look great, this all is possible when you work on your buttocks. Here are some of the great and easy exercises for your butt to make it stronger and look good.


  • Start with a brief warm up in between five to 10 minutes, you can use your machines like bike, elliptical machine or a treadmill.
  • Now perform few sets including 12 repetitions each of squats with barbell using least to limited weight. Increase the weight gradually to the barbell in between 60-70 percent for other sets and complete it.
  • Now do three sets each with maximum 12 repetitions and do it completely.
  • You can include hack squats, walking lunges, straight leg dead lifts and bench step-ups (each having 12 repetitions).
  • Performing these exercise will certainly tone your glute muscles and makes you look better than ever.

Here is step by step described how to perform the best and effective booty exercise, it’s quite easy to understand these exercises and get your booties toned and tight as well. Shred all your unwanted fat from your booty and make it look sexy and stronger.


1. Straight Leg Hip Extensions


Stand against a low cable machine and put on the ankle strap to your left ankle and hold firmly the machine to support your body (don’t have a cable machine then use a light resistant band). Transfer your weight onto your right leg but make sure to keep your knees soft enough (i). Crunch your glutes and expand your left leg straight trailing you and keep your toes a little bend (ii). Now stay in this position for about two to three seconds and then come again on the starting position, this completes your one repetition and continue to complete all repetitions prior replacing the sides.


2. Prone Leg Raises


Lie on the floor facing towards the floor with your head backed by your arms, put your legs apart as width of your shoulder, doing this will involve your core muscles to respond (i). Compress your buttocks to move your legs up about 10 to 16 inches above the ground and bring them altogether to contact (ii). Now hold the same position for several seconds and then bring it back slowly to the starting position, that is the one complete repetition.


3. Walking Lunges


Put a barbell across your shoulders (i), now move your left leg onward into a lunge as shown, with bending both your knees to about 90 degrees(ii). Make an effort through your left heel to lift up and step onward into a standing position. Now step out your right leg onward into a lunge and repeat it, remember here each step you take is one repetition.

4. Single Leg Deadlift


Grab a bar facing your thighs by using an overhand grip, now slowly make your knees soft and transfer your weight onto your another leg that is left leg(i) as shown. Pivot onward from your hips to put the bar low facing the floor, make sure to keep it close to your body and lift your right leg trailing you. You should keep your left knee bent a little, chest lifted forward, back straight and your arms flat(ii) as shown. Make an effort through your heel and squeeze your butt to reverse the same movement and then go back to starting position. Do all the reps completely and then switch your legs to perform the exercise.


5. Glute Bridge


Lie on the floor facing to the ceiling with your knees bent, put the distance between your feet of about 12 to 16 inches from your buttocks(i). Lift your core, put effort onto your heels and compress your butt to lift your hips against the ceiling (ii). Now maintain the same position for about two to three seconds prior to bringing down.

6. Plie Squat


Stand on your feet just little wider than your shoulder width, place your toes outward about 45 degrees. Now grab a barbell across your shoulders and stand up (i). Lower your body by bending your knees until your thighs gets parallel to the floor, make sure to keep your chest upright and your stomach tight (ii). Now using your feet push upward to straighten your legs to stand, now continue the whole procedure and complete your sets each consisting of 12 reps or more.

7. Step Up


Stand upright facing a stable stepping block or a bench and hold a barbell across your shoulders. Involve your stomach and stand tall, now put your left foot on the bench (i). Make an effort through your heel and push up yourself on that bench (ii). Now return to the starting position by placing your foot again on the floor, do it again to complete your sets and then switch legs.

This program is among the best and effective way to reduce your unwanted fat from your butt and make your glutes stronger and tight enough to look more sexy and appealing. Do it ladies to enhance your posture and to embrace your personality. This easy program is the best butt exercises for woman.



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