“To secure ourselves against defeat lies in our own hands,
but the opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the
enemy himself.” –
Two brothers created a powerful cult group known as the
supreme Vikings, they were known for their magnificent
victory’s against Alora frat and Aro Beggar’s, but something
happened, something outlandish happened , the two brothers
challenge each other to a duel.
It all started when when the junior brother jasper introduced
his girlfriend to his elder brother who immediately fell in love
with her , he tried all his possible best to have her but all to
no avail , so he force himself on her but it lead her to her
untimely death, Jasper found out and took his revenge.
according to the Vikings commandment
” blood must have blood” he took his revenge against his
brother girlfriend, he raped her and murder her just the way
his brother did to his girlfriend. His brother came for him with
his cult Members, they took jasper, they wanted to crucify
him , john (Jasper elder brother) had successfully
indoctrinate his member to accept him as their only leader,
60% of the Vikings agreed, while 40% renounce him as their
leader, 10℅ were murder in cold blood for rejecting john as
their supreme leader why 30℅ escaped to meet jasper
seeking refuge.
Jasper was saved by two of his trusted men which were Nick
and Paul, they were both Members of the Vikings.
Now Jasper is back with a new group he created, they called
themselves Shadows because they are invisible… many of his
Vikings friends who believed in him had join his crusade to
take down the Vikings.
The Shadows are formal members of the Vikings, but they
knew they can’t defeat the Vikings , so they recruited the
magnificent brothers and some other tremendous fighters
who are enemies of the Vikings to help take down the
the two brothers are seeking revenge for each other while the
magnificent brothers are also seeking revenge for lex who is a
member of the Vikings.
Now the big questions are
Will they be able to defeat the Vikings.
Will the magnificent brother be able revenge lex.?
Will they even survive the war…?
Will the police be able capture them.?
stay tuned and find out how the drama unfolds . promising to
be an epic

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