You need to have reasons that will drive you to obtain wealth.

I suggest you start wealth101 with this book.

“The Richest Man in Babylon”  by GEORGE S. CLASON – It is the starting point of wealth for any beginner.

Jim Rohn was a broke employed family man and he worked longer hours on his job. He had the mindset that working for more hours will make him wealthy as he could get a promotion and a raise.

But he was wrong and he met a mentor that changed his life.

FIRST LESSON: Find a guru that is trustworthy and has vast experience in the line of business you want to venture into.

One of the reasons that made Jim Rohn become very wealthy is a story I will briefly share with you now.

On a faithful day, I heard a knock on my door and it was a little girl standing there. She gave me the finest sales presentation to market her cookies. She gave me a special deal that her pack of cookies was only TWO DOLLARS. With a big smile, she politely asked me to buy.

I wanted to buy but there was a big problem, I’M BROKE, I don’t have TWO DOLLARS.

To this day, I can remember the pain and the embarrassment.

I’m a father, I’m a husband, I’ve been to college, I’m working, I’m 25 and I don’t have TWO DOLLARS.

I didn’t want to tell her I didn’t have two dollars, so I lied to her.

I said I’ve already bought a lot of girls scout cookies and I’ve plenty in the house, which was not true, but it seems to get me off the hook for the moment.

She responded.’Gush! that’s wonderful, thank you very much’, and she went away.

When she left, I closed the door and said I don’t want to be broke anymore, I won’t let this embarrassment happen to me once again.

SECOND LESSON: Have reasons to be wealthy. For example, if you are a tenant, let your reason be no embarrassment from your landlord and for you to build your house. 

For parents, let your reason be to give your kids the best in life because life is short. 

If you are financially independent, don’t be comfortable, venture into more businesses so that wealth can spread to others and that can make you even more wealthy.


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I promised to work hard as possible on myself and not on my job So I can add value to the marketplace.

It took me a while, but finally, I made it.

THIRD LESSON:  You are paid for the value you add to the marketplace and not the time. 

Some of us think it is the longer I work, the more I get paid.

No, you are WRONG.

It is the more value you put into the time that you will be paid more.

As an entrepreneur, businessman, employee, you have to improve on yourself, your vocabulary, your smile, your handshake and even the way you dress. You have to read more and more. WORK ON YOURSELF TO BE PAID MORE.

This has also helped me as a newbie blogger as I continually work on myself so I can make more money.


Then one day, I walked out of the Bank of America and two little girls were selling candy right outside the bank(good place to market right.)

I came walking out of the bank and the first little girl walked up to me.

She said.”Mr, would you like to buy some candy.” I said I probably would, what type of candy do you have.

And she showed me the brands she had and it was my favorite.

I said, how much is it, she said,”it’s just two dollars.”

I then asked her how many boxes of candy do you have.

She said five. Her little friend told me she also had four candies.

I said that’s nine candies we got, I’ll take them all.

They responded,”really.”

I said that’s my favorite. I got some friends I would love to share it with.

I gave them 18dollars and bought the candy, and one of the little girls said,”Mr, you are really something”

FOURTH LESSON: Teach kids how to be financially independent and encourage them. One day they will become adults and they need to know how to fend for themselves.

Also, you won’t want a child that is not prudent to manage your business in the future. Teach them tax, how you balance your accounts etc.

The knowledge you have taught them will ensure they manage your investments.

FIFTH LESSON: Salaries and wages may make you rich but profits and investment will make you a fortune.

 Are you surprised?

You may ask, but my salary is so much, but you’ve forgotten that you can be fired or you will retire one day. What will you fall back on?

It is the investment you make that will make you a fortune. 

Do you know any employee that is the richest man on earth? No! that will be your answer

SIXTH LESSON Philosophy of the Wealth: Invest first and spend what’s left.

Some entrepreneurs spend first and invest what is left that’s why their businesses don’t grow because they don’t put enough money back into their business.  

It will be all for now.


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