Must Read: My Husband…. – Season 1 Episode 1 – Stories

Must Read: My Husband…. - Season 1 - Episode 1
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‘I’ll be doing what?’ Jane asked perplexed.She didn’t want any
surprise again concerning this service,not after he had re-
arranged the posting making her stay in Lagos.Only God knew
who and who he called to pull that through without a sweat.she
listened carefully to Jacob as he sighed over the phone.
‘Jane dear,calm down’ he said ‘Does that mean you’re yet to
forgive me for making you have your service here in Lagos?’
there was concern in his voice.
‘Not that,its just that i like Abj,buts that gone.’ she said ‘what
were you saying the other time?’
‘I just wanted you to spend your weekend in my place,i’ll take
you shopping and we can talk better too before you leave.’ he
said without stopping.

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‘Am sure you’re kidding me right?’ Janet asked surprise written
all over her voice.
‘Does it look like that to you’
‘Maybe,it does sounds funny,you know we can do whatever
talking we want in my house or anywhere apart from your place.’
‘And whats wrong with you coming over to my place? Ever since
the first time-which was months ago,you have refused to step
your foot here.’ Jacob was beginning to get angry.
‘How do you expect me to visit the lion’s den’ she snapped back.
‘And who is the Lion?’
‘And am asking who the lion is? My mum?’
‘Its okay,if you dont want to talk to me.’ Jacob said accepting

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‘No Jacob,maybe we shouldn’t discuss this over the phone.’ She
said,her voice quaked slightly.
‘I’ll pick you up by 6pm,bye.’

Janet dropped her phone and heaved a sigh.How could Jacob
speak like he wasn’t aware of his mothers coldness her.The
woman had made it that she didn’t approve their relationshio.
And the last thing she needed was someone reminding her of her
status,it was not even like they couldn’t feed,her mother was
back on her feet,working hard and she was sure that with
that,they could maintain the family.
They were getting too comfortable in Jacobs hand of luxury,she
pinched herself,she hoped that one day,he would not wake up
and start asking her to pay back,how would she ever repay him
for every of his kindness,to her family,and his love for her.
She was about to relax on the bed,when she heard a loud
pierceing scream,it came from somewhere in the house……
Adetoun looked at her mother,expecting her to shout or pamper
her cheek with a slap,but neither was done.
‘Toun get me a plate from the kitchen’ she said without shouting.
Adetoun dissappeared into the kitchen and returned with a
breakable plate.
‘Here it is ma’ she courtsied.
Biyisi pointed to the bowl of yam on the table.
‘Help yourself with some.’ she said.
Adetoun stood rooted to the ground,maybe her ears have started
failing her o,what luxury! Help herself to some yam?
Strange things are happening o,She thought.
‘Toun,mo ni ko mu isu,take some yam in there.’ Biyisi said

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Adetoun stepped forward,and opened the bowl with shaking
hands,she picked four slices of yam and added a little stew to it.
She turned to leave.
‘Toun,come and eat here now,everyone is at the table,why would
you want to eat alone.’ Adekunle,the first son and her immediate
brother spoke.
‘I am not ready to eat now,I still have some things to do’ she
answered back.
Adekunle was the only one who supported her no matter what
their mother did or accused her of.
He’ld sometimes beat Adeola who was the second daughter of
the family ordering her to assist Adetoun with the house chores.
Adeola was a spoilt girl even at 15,she couldn’t wash nor
cook.But who could blame her,she had been trained like
that.Adekunle was only wasting his time.
Adetoun and Adekunle talked a lot,this was something Biyisi
didn’t approve of.
‘Sister,come and eat here.’ he said again.
‘Toun,you can join us at the table.’ Biyisi joined in,something
was happening o,she thought.
She sat at the far end of the table,when her phone began to
ring,she could hear it from her room.
She didn’t want to excuse herself from the table.Her mother
looked around
‘Whose phone is ringing’ she asked.
‘Mine.’ Adetoun answered.
‘And who is calling you?its almost 8pm’
‘I dnt know yet,let me get it’ she made to stand up from the table.
‘No,let Adeola get it’ Adeola rushed inside to get the phone.
Adetoun knew the caller would be Priye,her boyfriend,whom her
mother had ordered her to stop seeing for no reason in
particular,she loved Priye and he loved her in return,he had stood
by her always.she prayed in her mind that it should be someone
else,but she knew better.
Adeola came in,the gleam in her eyes,said it all.
The scream she heard had come from someone in the house,she
rushed to the sitting room,
‘My leg o ooo ooo……’ the voice shouted again.
Biola had rush to Jane’s room before hurrying to the sitting
room,mother and daughter looked at each other,they both rushed
into the kitchen to see Rose on the floor.
‘What happened?’ Biola asked crouching beside her.

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Rose pointed towards the gas cooker,where a frying pan sat with
little oil,the oil must have poured on her leg.


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