MTN Blackberry Subscription Code, Unlimited Plans, Price and How to Buy Online

MTN Blackberry Subscription Code, Unlimited Plans, Price and How to Buy Online –

Here, we have talked about MTN Blackberry data subscriptions for all blackberry phones. We have covered the unlimited plans, daily BIS Plan and their activation code.

Blackberry phones are widely used in Nigeria and also MTN is the chief cellular network in Nigeria and Africa at large. If you are using MTN Sim in your BB Curve 4, Blackberry 10, Blackberry touch or other products of this phone, then relax and get the latest subscription code for your phone here.

With MTN Blackberry subscription plan, you can opt out for either daily, weekly, monthly or MTN Blackberry unlimited subscription. They introduced all this to meet the need and demands of customers who might have different plan according to what you want to use data for.

Why I like MTN Blackberry subscription code is that you can just dial it and your line will be credited with any amount of data you wants. In the other hands, it is cheap, affordable and equally last more than android subscription.

We all know the rate at which android phone sucks data that is why I prefer blackberry subscription for browsing with my BlackBerry DTEK60 so as to avoid huge data suck from my android phones.

Without wasting much time, let’s quickly look at various MTN Blackberry subscription plans, their codes, prices and how to buy them cheap online.

MTN Blackberry Subscription Codes, Prizes and How to Buy
I will be talking on three types of blackberry subscription;

Blackberry Absolute subscription
Blackberry 10 Subscription
Blackberry Internet Service Subscription
At the end, you will be able to choose the one you want to buy and find how to buy them online even at a cheaper rate.

First let’s talk about the MTN Blackberry 10 subscription plans, codes and prizes

BB10 Maxi Monthly

Price: N3000

Activation Code: *216*15# or text BBMAXIM to 21600

BB10 Maxi Weekly

Price: 1100

Activation code: *216*14# or text BBMMAXIW to 21600

BB10 Maxi Daily

Price: 200

Activation Code: *216*13# or text BBMMAXID to 21600

BB10 Lite Weekly

Price: 350

Activation Code: *216*8# or text BBLITEM to 21600

BB10 Midi Weekly

Price: 550

Activation Code: *216*11# or text BBMMIDIW to 21600

BBC Daily Subscription  

Price: 100

Subscription code: SMS BBCDAY to 21600

BBC Weekly Subscription plan

Prize: 499

Subscription Code: send BBCWEEK to 21600

MTN BBC monthly Subscription Plan

Price: 1000

Subscription Code: SMS BBC to 21600

Now, we have seen the subscription plans of BBCs, their subscription code and prices. If you want to buy them only even at cheaper rates, visit MTN Blackberry Plans Online.

BIS daily Subscription Plan

Price: 120

Activation Code: Send BBDAY to 21600

BIS Weekly 7 days


Code: Send BBWEEK to 21600

BIS Unlimited Monthly

Price: 1500

Subscription code: Send BIS to 21600

BBQ Subscription Plan

Prize: 4000

Activation Code: Buy Online

How to Buy Blackberry Subscription Plan Online

You can order the blackberry data subscription plans online at cheaper price by following this simple steps

Step One: Visit MTN Blackberry Data Store here

Step Two: Click on MTN Blackberry data

Step Three: Choose the plan you want as explained above, and then enter your phone number and email

Step four: proceed to buy with your debit card.

Have any problem with MTN Blackberry Subscription, Let us know via comment.

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