Caught In A Web Episode 3

My first job interview came like a miracle. I had two days to prepare for the interview which was in Lagos. As I read the invite, I couldn’t remember when or how I applied for the job but the most important thing was that I got invited and I was going for it. That night, I packed few cloths after informing my parents of my journey the following day. They were surprised and skeptical but knew that nothing they say or do was going to stop me from making the journey. That same night, I called my friend, Uche, and informed him about my coming. He was more than happy that finally I was coming over to Lagos.

The next day saw me enroute Lagos. While on my way, I check up the company and read anything and everything about them. I also browsed on every available interview questions and how to answer them. When I finally got to Lagos, Uche was already at the park to escort me home.

I couldn’t blink an eye through the night in anticipation of the following day. When I finally got to the venue for the interview the following day, I was ushered into the predicament of every job hunter as we were about 50 candidates gathered for the same interview. Before the commencement of the interview, they stated categorically clear that if you don’t have five years post NYSC experience in the particular field they were hiring for that you weren’t qualified. I’d wanted to challenge them out of anger and frustration but realized that it would be futile as majority of the invitees were already heading to the gate.

I made my way home to bemoan my predicament and prepare to head back to my state the following day or next. When I got home, I had a chat with Uche who advised me to stay in Lagos and with him as Lagos presented a better opportunity than my state. After giving it a thought, I decided to give it a trail.

Uche is a friend I met in my first year during our registration. When we met at café, he was stranded. He’d approached me after I finished my meal and asked if I could help him out with a place to lay his head till the next morning as he had nowhere to go and just lost his phone and wallet. At the end, he stayed with me till he completed his registration and spent another couple of days before going back to Lagos where his parents based. That had brought us so close that we became family.

Two months after I came to Lagos, Uche got admission to further his studies abroad. Before he left, he handed over the ownership of the mini flat (one bedroom flat) to me. I was skeptic of taking over from him but he paid two years rent upward for me after introducing me to the landlord. While leaving, the only thing he took away from the house was few of his cloths leaving every other property for me. It was just too much for me to believe.

After Uche left, I traveled to my State to pack my cloths and enough food stuff to support my little saving pending when I will land a job.


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