Caught In A Web Episode 5


The face kept changing, from the sitting room, I was making out with Sophia (my NYSC girlfriend). It was getting a bit intense as I cupped her left boob taking the hard tip of the right into my mouth. Giving it a lite bite as she twirled pushing up her upper body while holding down my head with one hand and trying to get to my turgid dick with the other breathing heavily. I was enjoying the reaction and the tune she was singing out into my ear.

Suddenly I found myself in the room with Tolu laid spread n*de, inviting me with a finger while teasing herself gently. She had a seductive grin plastered on her face while I stood skeptical on the door post looking lost, my hard on raging. She kept on inviting me with a finger and the grin without words.

Slowly I walked towards the bed holding my d*ck with tiny drops of precum escaping from the tip. On the bed I knelt between her open laps taking in the beautiful sight before me. As I drew closer, she stopped teasing herself and thrusted the finger plastered with her juice out for me. I was about taking her finger into my mouth when, I heard a banging at my door.



I jolted from couch to the bang at the door. I was rock hard down on my lower as I waited for the knock to sound again.

I had slept of on the couch after eating, leaving the dishes right at the table. I’d been too tired to lift a muscle after the meal.

Gathering up the dishes, I headed off with my hard dick leading the way to the kitchen. After dropping the plates, I walked out to the door and peeped through the peephole. Dipping my hand into my boxer, I sandwiched my d*ck between my laps before turning the key, holding the door open for her. She had the scent of an exquisite perfume clad in a tank top with half portion of her boobs protruding out with the mark of her Tips clearly visible, a clear indication that she had no bra under and a bum shot. Her boobs looked so arrogant standing firmly like newly harvested melons.

Clearing her throat, “Should I turn and go back to my room?”

“Oh!! Sorry, come on in,” I apologized stepping aside for her to step in.

“I don’t know if the offer of last night still stands because I’m very hungry right now.” She said walking past me into the room with a smile.

“The offer elapsed last night but maybe I can put something together for you if you have some time.” I injected behind her.

“Oh! Don’t worry, let me not bother you.” She said and turned to take her leave. “Nice place you have got.”

“Why not make yourself comfy let me check if the offer is still available.” I said laughing, walking past her to throw something over my short and hard dick.

“You gats be kidding me,” she started with a smile of relieve. “Don’t make me head over to your kitchen and check through the pots there.”

“You are welcome.” I shouted from the room.

I served her the remaining portion of the jellof rice that I reserved for dinner.

“I hope I didn’t just deny someone dinner?” she teased scooping the first spoon into her mouth chewing thoughtfully.

“And if I said yes are you going to give it back?” I retorted.

“Not a chance in this world.” She started laughing. “How can a guy cook something this delicious?” she asked looking surprisingly at me.

“Should I take that as a compliment?

“I don’t know mehn. Take it as anything but you sure got some kitchen skill.” She replied dead serious scooping another spoon into her mouth.

“Seriously you can let go of that serious look, my cooking is not that awful.” I teased laughing, feeling myself a bit.

“Not kidding, your food is delicious.” She repeated with the same serious look.

“But I’m sure it won’t and can’t be compared to yours.” I chipped subtly.

“Oh! Please, shoot me.” She exclaimed as I busted into a fist of laughter. “If I could cook half like this, I would have opened an eatery.”

She was about saying something else when she choked and started coughing hysterically. I rushed to the water on the tray, poured a cup and handed it over to her.

“Sorry, take it easy.” I said patting her back gently.

“Hey! I’m not dying, please, don’t make it look like it.” She said amidst coughing, forcing a smile with red eyes and a vain showing on her forehead. “ Moreover, I’m not leaving a grain of rice in this plate even if I choke ten times.”

“Seriously? You are a character,” I said going back to my former position.

When she finally stopped coughing, she went back to the meal while I took to pressing my phone not wanting to strike up a convo to avoid a repetition.

“Is someone trying to tell me to observe table manners? She asked throwing me a glance.

“I guess you didn’t need me to ask since you know already.” I replied with a smile.

“Well, haven’t you noticed that eating is boring without talking?”

“Not if I have had the food going down the wrong track.” I retorted.

She’d actually found a way to keep us talking till she was through with the meal. I made to clear the dishes but she slapped my hands off the tray walking away with it to the kitchen.

“Seriously this is the best meal I have heard in a couple of days now.” She said coming out from the kitchen.

“I guess you haven’t cooked in a couple of day then.”

“I haven’t cooked in months. Can’t remember the last time I set a pot on fire.” She said taking her former position on the couch.

“You are kidding right.” I asked surprised.

“Nah, I am not. Work doesn’t allow me and I think I’m addicted to eating out.” She replied nonchalantly.

“Where do you work?” I asked before realizing that it might be too personal and tried to retrace. “Don’t mind me, I’m not trying to poke my nose.”

“No, it’s ok. I work with XYZ bank.”

“Woow!! I yelled in surprise. I couldn’t believe what she just said. “Omo your leg long o.” I teased.

She looked at me surprised at my reaction. “Abeg it’s not all that fun. By the way what about you, what do you do?” she asked.

“Umm!! Nothing for now. Still hunting without success yet.”

“Oh!! But how come about this place?” she asked looking around the sitting room with a gesture of her hand.

“Truthfully it’s not mine. Belongs to a friend but he is out of the country to further his studies so he handed all these to me.” I explained.

“Oh!! That’s good.”

“Yea, you might even know him or have possibly ran into him a couple of times before you know.”

“Yea maybe.”

“You know the life you guys live around here is weird.” I said with a low laugh.

“Very, adapting was very hard for me but after been ignored many times I had to learn to be a roman in Rome.” She said throwing her hands up.

“How long have you been staying here?” I asked.

“Umm!!,” she thought for a moment. “A little over one year.”

“I think I’m like 6 months old.”

“Welcome newbie.” She teased laughing.

We made other small talks before she stood to go.

“Guess I have to get going, gats catch some sleep, feeling so beat up.”

“Like it has been a while you worked out?” I asked walking behind her to the door.

“Yea, work hasn’t been giving me much time but I guess that’s a lazy girls excuse.” She said laughing.

“Well I didn’t say nothing.” I said laughing too.

“Yea right, you didn’t need to. Anyways thanks for the food and forgive my long throat.” Making a face of mock apologies.

“C’mon, thanks for eating my awful meal and for the company.” I retorted.

“Awful food? I will like to eat that awful food again.”

“Feel free to hit the door anytime.” I said holding the door open for her.

“Ok will have that in mind.” She said walking through the door.” Thanks again for the awful meal.”

“Don’t mention it, have a nice sleep.” I said watching as she opened her door.

“Yea,” she started beaming a smile. “See ya.”

I closed the door and went back to complete the dose of sleep I was having before Tolu came in. As I laid on the bed, the thought of how some people could be so lucky in life hovered over my mind. I know Tolu wouldn’t be more than 24 years and yet has a future I could only dream of. Despite what she owned, she was just a normal girl; so far she’d been friendly and simple. My mind wandered off to her work, if only I have such work doing. I started dreaming of the life I would be leaving and probably the ride I will be cruising on. If only wishes were horses. I couldn’t sleep anymore as I buried myself in the
World of the day dreaming


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