Caught In A Web Episode 10

Episode Ten

We got a table and placed our orders and just for two plates of jellof rice, five thousand was gone. She kept her eyes on me after the order with a naughty smile perched at the corners of her lips obviously guessing what would be going on in my mind while I kept a straight face thinking what the rest of the week was going to be for me after blowing away five thousand. When I couldn’t take the look again, I turned to her.

“What? You wanna see me cry?” I asked laughing halfheartedly.

“Are you gon cry?” she teased reaching out to touch my face.

“Nah, I have got to be a big boy, big boys don’t cry.” I retorted holding her hand as we both laughed.

Our order arrived and we got down to eating talking in between.

“Hope I will be forgiven after this,” I said through mouth full.

“Yea, will consider it.” She said making a face smiling.

“Better consider it right cuz my own demand is gon be outrageous.” I said spooning some grains into my mouth.

“Yours? Sorry, do I owe you a favor?” she said with a bit of surprise.

“Because you don’t know that I will have to keep quiet about this to someone?” I retorted laughing.

“Oh!! That, thought ……..” she trailed off looking at me amusingly.

“Yea right, I got you there, so, just have your fun now cuz mine is on the way. And by the way, why don’t you want her to know?” I asked my eyes on her.

“Nothing, well cuz’ I never asked her for it; I mean you number.” She replied cutting some chicken into her mouth.

“And that doesn’t mean anything,” I started before she cut through my words.

“What did you say I should do to keep you quiet again?” she muttered as we both laughed.

“When I think out something will let you know.”

We talked about herself, she is twenty –one, went to one of those influential schools outside the country, after which she came back, got into where is was working with just a phone call fromone thing with her sister, doesn’t want to talk about her family, she would prefer you ask what you want to know.

“So, tell me about yourself, in-law.” She said dabbing the corners of her lips with a hand serviette.

“Nothing much to know about me, Toby by name and………” I concluded with a shrug.

“Just that?” she asked.

“Ask what you want to know hun.” I replied smiling checking my time.

“Guess we have to get going.”

“Just like you read my mind, have a new boss coming in tomorrow and I have to get things ready.” I said standing to get her seat.

While she headed out, I took the bill to go and pay after which I met her at the car.

“So how is your movement going to be?” I asked pulling the seat belt as she turned the ignition easing the car out.

“My movement is going home.” She replied taking the glass down a bit.

“And that’s not the road to the home I know?” I said as she headed back the road through which we came.

“Because that’s not where my own home is located, I stay in Ikeja .”

“How come? You work in VI and stay in Ikeja? Why, how do you manage it.” I asked surprised.

“Because that’s how I want it. The farther you are from home the better.” She said smiling winking at me.

“Thought you stay at your family house.” I said flatly.

“Nah, but I spend weekends there when there is no fun in Ikeja.”

We made light discussion as she drove on till she got to my junction.

“Would have asked you to come and have something but since I’m still keeping quiet, bet I should just let you go.” I said as she parked by the walk way.

“Would have loved to but I guess another time will do and thanks for the dinner.” She said with a cute smile baring her beauty.

“Thanks for the time dear, had fun. I will say you well to your sis.” I teased opening the door to step down.

“You dare not. But I’m not daring you o.” she said making an apology face.

“Good for you. Have a good night rest and drive safely ok?” I said before pushing the door close, she hunk and drove off.

I made my way home and to my surprise Tolu’s car wasn’t park which was an indication that she was not back yet. I felt somehow which I couldn’t really place but, since I wasn’t a watch over anybody, I walked tiredly to my room.

I just came out from the bathroom and was about to call it in for the night but decided to check up on Hariet. After we talked for a while, we said the goodnights before I dropped and on getting up from the couch, I heard a knock at my door. It was 11pm and I wasn’t expecting anybody apart from Tolu and she was just the one knocking.


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