Caught In A Web Episode 11


“Hi!!” I greeted holding the door open not sure if she wanted to come in.

“Good evening, you don’t want me to come in?” she asked with an expressionless countenance.

She was clad in a short purple transparent night wear which clearly bared all her sensual curvatures. She seemed to care-less about her Tips which were clearly visible poking out or the fact that she had no panties on. I held the door open as she walked in brushing her boobs against me. My hard-on was already gathering but, all thanks to the jalabia which I had on, it concealed it.

“What’s up, seemed like you worked late?” I asked breaking the silence settling on the sofa opposite her.

“Yea, had it bad today, just want to crash and make it all go away.” She replied expressionless her face bent over her phone.

“Had dinner?” I asked.

“Toby?” she called waving off my question. “Can I sleep over here, can’t sleep alone.” She said with a tone of utter weakness and surrender. It was low, slow, and deep. It was not of demand but of plea. It was unsettling and aroused my emotions, not of empathy or of pity, but a need to protect.

Without words, I stood up and walked to her. Reaching out for her hand, I pulled her up gently and carried her up while she clung to me burying her face in my chest. Though I don’t know much about her but at that moment she looked so tender and innocent.

We laid on the bed spooning while I breathed softly to her neck my hand around her. Taking my hand, she placed it between her boobs. The feel and warmth of her breast sent chills down my spine starting up a fire down on my groin.

Slowly, I caressed the crack of her boobs before cupping one with my thumbs brushing the hard tip of her boobs which I fondled gently. She moaned softly pressing down her hand over mine on her breast while grinding her bum on my hard on.

Finding her way into my jalabia, she got hold of my shaft gently and started stroking it lightly. The euphoria of the moment we basked in was indescribable; the soft moan, light groans, the twisting and aching. Patting her laps, I slipped in my hand from behind into her warm womanhood which oozed out wets soaking up my fingers. With a dip of my finger into her which pushed her to a sudden gasp, I touched her wet walls hard making her to clasp her laps tight around my hand.

“Please, Toby, please, make love to me.” She whispered through moans letting go of my dick surrendering herself to me.

The moment was sensual and pitched as I gently laid her off of the night wear leaving her sprawled helplessly with eyes closed and legs patted waiting to welcome me in, to fill her up and to ride her beyond the echelon of her satisfaction.

Well positioned between her patted laps, I caressed the length of her wet slit resting my throbbing dickhead on her gorged click. She shook spastically with a deep moan clutching tight to the bed. After some seconds of resting my dick on her clit, I guarded it slowly, inch by inch into her. As she felt me gaining entrance into her, she screamed and came up grabbing me tightly before falling back not letting me go. As she held tight to my shoulder, she had her legs loosely wrapped around my waist. I began thrusting in deep slowly into her with long strokes.

It was a moment like no other as each thrust produced a loud deep moan from her and a groan from me. The emotions of the moment got to me as I felt my cum gathering with a speed that I couldn’t control which made me to start thrusting fast and deep letting myself to the feeling.

“I’m Approaching.” I groaned into her ears as the first shot came pushing through my tips. She shivered immediately and clasped her legs tightly around me shaking like a leave under the rain. I let myself fall helplessly on her while she held tight to me as we reached the peak of our orgasm breathing heavily.

Kissing her neck was the last thing I remembered doing as we surrendered ourselves to the force of nature.


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