Caught In A Web Episode 13


I was about hitting the door again when I heard a click and the handle turned. Tolu stood holding the door open with dull enchanting eyes. She was still on her office attire with her shirt unbutton exposing her boobs proudly cupped in a pink 38D sized bra. I savored the sight of her boobs which were nearly spilling from the bra down to her flat tummy with the tiny hairs trailing down into her skirt.

Leaving the door open, she took few steps away from it leaning on the wall. My dick has already reached it hardest point with the big tent clearly visible on my trouser. Taking slow steps in holding her gaze, I kicked the door shut gently turning the key before walking close to her, every will power to resist in me gone.

Pinning her to the wall I bent down and squashed my lips to hers. We picked up momentum immediately ravaging each other lips and tongues exploring every inch of our mouths.

“Toby!! Toby!!” she called out slipping her lips off trying to catch her breath. As she slipped of her lips, I kissed down her neck licking around the hollow of her neckline while she moaned softly into my ears licking my earlobes which sent down tingling feelings into me hitting me up.

“Toby !!! please, fu*k me, please.” She moaned deep into my ears awakening every nerve in me.

Pulling her away from the wall, I clawed at her shirt throwing it off her while she tore mine off when the buttons hindered her. Pushing her down gently, bent behind the couch, I pulled up her skirt exposing her fresh spotless bum with the line of her g-string disappearing into her butt crack.

Slipping my hand into her Well teasing her soaked up slit, I pulled down my pants together with my short setting my shaft free as it nodded in excitement releasing a drop of precum.

With my hands grabbing her ass tightly, I patted her bum clinging to the string of her panty giving way for me to piece through her walls. Without further hesitation I let myself into her warm womanhood with a quick and fierce thrust which made her scream from the depth of her soul a scream of pain laced with pleasure. She made to pull herself up but I pressed her down subduing her with each powerful stroke of my manhood.

She abandoned herself to the powerful fantasy of my dick passionately and fiercely tearing down her body and soul leaving her in shreds of pure painful sexual bliss. She had surrendered herself to me, her loyalty unquestionable letting herself free with hands dangling weakly and hair flowing down covering her face. Grabbing her bum firmly, I kept burrowing ferociously deeper into her hitting hard at her end with each thrust.

It was gathering, yes I knew it. Slowing down my thrust, I started giving slow deep thrust till I started filling her up with my cum; shot after shot. I laid on her as the euphoria of the orgasm got me shaking weakly. Grabbing her gently, we slipped off the couch to the floor passing out together used up.


It was Friday, the last day of the month. We, Fiolla nd I are supposed to do a general vetting of all financial records, write four reports; financial, customer satisfaction, stock/goods, and workers welfare report. Since it was Friday, we were supposed to work on it and send it through dispatch to the headquarters on Monday.

It was already 11pm with Fiolla and I left alone in the whole building flipping through papers, punching calculators, jotting down stuff, crossing out lines and a whole lot of brain draining activity. I had my ear phone on while she had hers too. We had to split the work to make it easier, but, for the last three hours we just managed to go through five files out of about sixteen of them. To add to the problem, I was hungry as I didn’t have lunch previously which left me yawning constantly.

“Hey!! Please, don’t swallow me.” She teased pulling off one of my ear phone. “Are you tired?”

“Not just tired, I’m hungry too.” I replied honestly and tiredly.

“I guess this is your first time doing this?” she said questionably.


“You know we ha……” she started before my phone rang interrupting her.

“Sorry…” I apologized checking the caller; Hariet. I turned it to silence before dropping it back on the table looking at her to continue. As she was about to complete what she’d started saying, my phone started vibrating again.

“You might want to take that, she might be worried.” She said urging me to take the call.

“And who said that it’s a ‘she?’” I asked smiling.

“Just take it.” She replied bending over her phone

“Hey Hariet, good evening.” I greeted plainly while Fiola gave me a look.

“Hey! Thought someone wasn’t going to pick my call.” she said with a giggle from her end.

“Not like that. I’m stock at work writing monthly reports.” I said with a sigh.

“Oh! Someone sounds pretty tired.” She said.

“You can say that again.” I replied flatly.

“Thought you had plans for the weekend but seem like I missed road, guess I will check somewhere else.” She said giggling.

“With all pleasure do look somewhere else, will beep you up later to know what you got.” I said yawning.

“Hey! Big fish, I gotta roll, don’t forget to beep ok, bye.” She said and dropped the call.

“Sorry that’s my friend, probably thought I was on TGIF mood.” I apologized to Fiolla.

“It’ ok, I am tired myself. Maybe we should just go and find a way to wrap this up before Monday.” She said relaxing back on the seat.

“Where do you stay?” I asked hoping that she stays around Mushin, maybe we could hook up in her house or mine and round it up before Monday.

“Mushin, and you?”

“Mushin too.” I answered surprised.

“Where in Mushin do you stay?” she asked looking at me surprisingly.

“Olosha side.” I replied.

“You gats be kidding me, I stay round olosha too. LMN street to be precise.”

“Seriously?” I exclaimed. “I stay at OPQ street. How come we never ran into each other.” I asked laughing.

“Same question I’m asking myself. Yes!!!” she exclaimed, “ now I remember, you remember I asked if we have met somewhere before? I think I once ran into you doing your morning walk.” She said laughing thoughtfully.

“Really? Were you jogging too?” I asked.

“No, I was actually driving my baby to my sisters when he pointed you out. You were so sweaty that I wished I was the one sweating that much that early morning.”

“You married?” I asked as she had no ring on her finger.


I didn’t want to push it as I understood the meaning behind the no.

“I didn’t seem to notice you that morning sha.” I said returning to our former discussion.

“How would you have noticed me? Do you even know the morning I’m talking about?” She teased laughing.

“Yea I remember the morning, I have only jogged once since I came to Lagos.”

We talked more till it was around 11:45 before she suggested that we pack up and leave. We gathered the files and left together in her 2012 Toyota Camry. On our way, she suggested we throw a coin to know on whose house we’d stay in other to work together for efficiency. I told her to pick but she said she didn’t want to force her choice on me. She told me to get a coin from her glove compartment which I did. We took side before throwing the coin and it felled in her favor, which meant that we will be staying in her house till Monday.


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