Caught In A Web Episode 14

I felt a hand nudging me gently asking that I wake up.

“Hey!! Wake up already.” The voice repeated persistently.

“Hmmmm.. Eeee?” I mumbled opening my eyes. “Good morning.” I greeted Fiolla who stood beside me with a hand towel.

“Good morning Toby, thought you weren’t going to wake up.” She replied smiling.

I adjusted trying to cover my morning woody which had formed a great tent on my pants. It was embarrassing with Fiolla standing before me obvious of it.

“Breakfast is ready and that way leads you to the rest room ok.” She said and left.

Dragging myself from the couch, I headed off to the bathroom to perform my morning rituals.

We had gotten to her house some minutes past 12am. A nice condo she had; two bedroom flat. It was richly furnished with expensive furniture and gadgets. With it’s expensiveness, it had some sort of simplicity that welcomes and makes one feel comfy in it.

She had few enlarged pictures of her son and herself placed in strategic places in the sitting room.

After having dinner of rice and stew, we’d gone back to work till it was almost 5am before deciding to call it up and get some rest. She had dragged herself to her room after directing me toward the visitors’ room which also doubled as her son’s room. I decided against sleeping in the room and settled myself of the flush rug.


After emptying my bladder, I washed my face and rinsed my mouth after which I waited for my woody to soften before heading back to the room. Yawning nonchalantly, I made my way to the dinning where she was seated waiting for me.

“Thought you’ve resumed your sleep in the restroom.” She teased smiling. What a beautiful smile she has.

“Sorry,” I apologized. “Had to get comfortable before coming out.”

“It’ ok, I understand. Let’s eat already shall we?” she said picking her cutleries.

“You mind if we say the grace?” I asked skeptically hoping that she wouldn’t misunderstand me.

She shrugged, “Oh!! Sure.”

I said the grace after which we ate making small talks in between. She told me that most times, especially when work gets tedious, that she usually send her son to her sisters on weekends reason why he wasn’t at home.

After the meal, I insisted to help her clear the dishes and loaded them in the sink. While she washed, I dried the plates with a hand towel placing them where she told me to. My phone started ringing from the sitting room after I dried the last plate. Leaving her to the rest of the cleaning, I went to get my phone.

“Hariet dear, good morning.” I greeted remembering that I told her that I was going to check up on her the night before.

“And what happened to your ‘I will check up on you?’” she fired ignoring my morning pleasantry.

“I’m so sorry Hariet. I ……” I started to offer an explanation before she cut short my words.

“Save your excuses and keep it to yourself.” She barked angrily and dropped before I could say another word.

I gave a low laugh lowering myself on the couch. Checking through my phone, I saw a couple of WhatsApp messages and clicked to reply them. There was a message from a new number.

‘Hey!! So you can’t ask after a sis right.’ I clicked on the profile picture and it was Tessy.

I replied her with the excuse of asking Tolu after her well being which I never did because I’ve not had any chit chat moment with Tolu. The messaged ticked once before I turned off my data as Fiolla came in with a bottle of red wine and two cups. We settled on the wine also resuming with the left over work from the previous night. We buried ourselves in the work till we finally rounded it up around 3pm. It was just a relieve to have finally get it done and dusted.

She asked that I stay over and have something before leaving but I declined politely telling her that I needed and take care of some things at home.

“Thanks for everything.” I appreciated getting ready to leave.

“The pleasure is all mine.” She started walking behind me, “And if she gets all suspicious, just call me to give you an alibi.”

“Well, thanks but there is no SHE actually so I won’t be needing an alibi and an alibi sounds like I did something wrong.” I replied smiling.

“Something wrong, NO, but, with ladies, you always need an alibi because if not, whatever you say or do will be used against you in……” she said concluding with a wave of hand.

“And now that there is no SHE at home.” I said raising my eyes questionable to her.

“Just trying to be a good boss, don’t wanna see someone heartbroken.” She continued with a naughty smile.

“Thank you BOSS, your protective gesture is well acknowledged.” I replied as we both laughed.

“Ok o.” she said through her beautiful smile.

“What’s his name, your son?”


“Say me well to him.” I said stepping through the gate while she held unto it.

“Sure and take care of yourself, see you on Monday.” She replied.

“Yea, and you too.”

As I walked home, I was just happy to have Fiolla as my boss. But, though she was just simple, I didn’t fail to notice that had a wall around her. She would rather talk work, but not herself and family which I noticed and never tried delving into it.

I wanted to ask her if we could be going to work together but decided against it. A handshake shouldn’t be taken to be a hug soon. Moreover, I have been doing well before.

I got home and surprisingly Tolu’s car was parked. That particular feeling came having the same effect on me as I headed up to my apartment. I made up my mind to talk things over with her; we needed to talk.

After I tidied up my house I made a little porridge for lunch. Done eating, I placed a call to Tolu and waited for it to connect. It rang twice but she didn’t answer; maybe she is sleeping. Tessy was the next person I called which she answered after the first ring.

“And look who decided to call.” she said giggling from her end.

“And look at a sister who should be on the lookout for a brother but, nah, she is just too damn busy with work to care.” I said throwing in the accusation first.

“Hey!! Don’t gimme a guilty conscience. Of course I do ask after you from T.” she defended.

“Same way I do ask after you from her.”

“But I was never told you asked after me.” She fired.

“Same way I was never told of you asking after me.” I retorted. “But, wait, if she never told you, how did you get my contact if not from her?” I asked.

“I didn’t need to ask for your contact from her, I took it, don’t tell her though.” She replied.

We played around for a while before ending the call. I called Hariet to apologize afterwards but after she didn’t pick on the first ring, I decided against calling the second time.

The rest of the weekend strolled by uneventful. I had waited for Tolu and also called her again but she never answered her phone despite been online on WhatsApp each time I checked. I didn’t know what to think as pertaining to her behavior which was hurting me, but, I managed to stop checking her up on WhatsApp and also calling too…


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