Caught In A Web Episode 6

Episode Six


The following week I set tour to some companies to take the bull by the horn. I had used the previous weekend to draw up some companies to visit with my CV; since Mohammed is supposed to go the mountain, I decided to stop waiting for the companies to call me rather let me pay them the visit.

By Thursday I was done touring the companies and had to stay at home doing the online hunting. Of all the companies I’d visited only about three of them accepted my CV promising to call me if there is an opening while at the rest I wasn’t allowed to meet anybody in charge; my CV wasn’t even accepted.

I had called home for restocking of food stuffs and also asked my sister for some money which she promised to send before the week runs out.
On Friday morning I woke with fever. It had been a while I felt feverish so I decided to do what I usually do each time I notice my temperature rising; water therapy. I took four sachets of water and embarked on peeing spray, that way, I believe to be passing out the fever through the urine.

Two hours later my temperature was still rising so I decided to head to the pharmacy with the last money I had to get some medications hoping to get an alert from my sister before 4pm.
Walking from the stair way, I saw Tolu’s car packed; the first time I was seeing it that week. I left believing that maybe she had a day off or the car was faulty, reason why she left it.

When I got to the pharmacy I requested to be given the malaria medication which I was accustomed to. I have had some ugly experience of knowing the price of something after it was packed so I asked for the price of the medication before it was packed. I couldn’t believe my ears when the girl behind the counter told me that Amarthem, blood capsule and a card of vitamin C was 5000 when I just had 2000 on me, the last I could boast of at that moment. Politely I told the attendant that the price was above what I had on me before walking myself out through the door.

As I stepped out from the pharmacy, just like God heard my plight, I saw a woman selling local herbal drink ‘agbo’. I quickly called out to her and ask for malaria mixture into four sachets; usually mixed into a transparent nylon for 50 naira each. I gulped one of the bitter liquids there before paying and left with the rest. Overtime I have grown to have faith on the herbal drink.

Before I got to my gate, my temperature had reduced and I was sweating a bit. When I got to my door searching for my key on my pocket, I heard a moan coming from Tolu’s room. It was mild at first before it started growing louder. It was a solo moan. I stood still at my door, my dick arising to the stimulating sound while I contemplated going closer to her door. Suddenly the moan died off.

I stood for a little while before making to unlock my door when the moan started rising again. I couldn’t stand the torment anymore as my mind held a picture of Tolu bent in a pro doggy position with her awesome ass well position and a guy ramming into her mercilessly. That single thought which occupied my mind made me so hard that I could feel myself leaking drops of precum.

As I finally dragged myself into my room, I had mixed feelings going on in my mind. I felt a bit jealous for, and angry with whoever was hitting her inside. A part of my mind also felt betrayed and disappointed with Tolu reason for that I couldn’t fathom. I laid on the couch restless and to cap my frustration, I had a painful ‘stiffy’ which refused to calm a bit; though I don’t blame it because I have been celibate for over one year.

After battling with my emotions for a while, I headed off to the bathroom to have a cold shower after which I felt a bit better with the ‘stiffy’ and was also able to sleep but ended up have a hot round with Tolu in my dream which left my short soaked up when I woke up.

The next morning, I woke up late and hungry with the events of the previous day etched on my mind. I don’t know why I was finding it hard letting the thought off my mind. Right from when I saw her ride and where she worked, I know that she was into something bigger than a jobless neighbor but right now, I was feeling hurt for reasons I couldn’t understand. Maybe I was falling in love or something but I pity myself.
I had gone out to get ‘Ogi” palp and ‘Akara’ [/i]bean cake which was what I wanted for that morning when I noticed that her tire was flat. Is it that she was still in with whoever that visited her and haven’t gone out. Getting up the stair, I dropped what I had inside my room and knocked her door. Though the reason I had was to tell her that she had a flat tire but sincerely it was to know if I could see her visitor.

After the third knock without an answer, I concluded that they might be ‘busy’ inside and turned to enter my room when I heard a click on her door. Turning to the door, I saw Tolu standing weakly at the door looking pale and sick clad in a big sweat shirt. I stood looking at her lost in a confused bout of thoughts.

“Sorry for disturbing you, just wanted to tell you that you have a flat tire.” I blurted finding my voice avoiding her weak gaze at the same time.

I expected her to say something but she just stood mute looking at me weakly. Having delivered the message I had for her, I turned to head to my room but the reasonable part of me held me back.

“Are you ok?” I asked turning to face her.

She shook her head in negation before muttering something that I strained my ears to hear.
“I think I have fever.”

“Why won’t you have fever when someone have f*ck you nuts.” I said in my mind watching as she left the door open and went back inside.

Pulling my key from the key hole, I walked skeptically into her room; a well furnished sitting room closing the door behind me. I looked around awestruck at the richly furnished room.

Firstly, the rug I stepped on felt so soft under my foot that I felt like sleeping on it that moment. She had a set of settee which I am sure would have cost a fortune. Hung neatly on the wall is a Samsung voice control plasma television suspended to an arrange powerful sound system. At another end of the room stood a powerful Samsung split unit air condition. On the corner leading to the kitchen was a dining table of four with another Samsung fridge on the corner.

“When you are done looking around you can sit.” She said quietly cutting through my thought.

“Oh!” I apologized walking around to sit opposite hiding the amazement on my eyes. “Have taken anything, like medication?”

She nodded in negation pulling into herself as she started shivering. Walking over to her I raised my hand to check her temperature but stopped midway, “Hope you don’t mind?”

She shrugged without a word. I felt her temperature and it was running very high couple her shivering.

“When did this start?” I asked a bit worried.

“Last night.” she murmured.

“Oh! After he left you wasted and useless abi?” I said in my head.

“Have you had anything to eat?”

She nodded in negation before telling me that she have appetite for anything. I contemplated on what to do as she laid helplessly on the couch shivering. A quick look around the room gave me the direction to her room as it has the pattern with mine. I headed to her bedroom which nearly blew me off my mind with its furnishings. Pulling off the duvet I walked back to the sitting room and threw it over her.

“Hope you don’t mind if I make you a cup of tea?”

I guess she wanted me to as she didn’t say anything to stop me while I headed to the kitchen. I stood at the entrance looking at the tastily furnished kitchen that doesn’t look like it has been touched since it was fixed. As I stood lost in the beauty of the kitchen the sound of Tolu throwing up brought me back from the momentary trance I was in. I rushed back and helped her sit up holding her head up to stop the nausea. Her puke showed that she hasn’t had anything solid as it all was just water.

Helping her up, I walked her to the toilet where she rinsed her mouth before I led her back to the room. She walked weakly that I had to throw my hands around her waist to support her. When she laid on the bed, I left and picked a bubble gum from my room and the duvet in the sitting room on my way back. I gave her the bubble to help assuage the nausea while I tucked her in placing her head on two pillows to prop her up. I wonder what one person could be doing with six pillows. After setting her up, I left for my room to make her a cup of tea because I didn’t even know where to start from in her kitchen.

Done with the tea, I took a ball of apple along with me heading to her room. How I have turned to babysitting someone I’m annoyed with is what I couldn’t understand.

Placing the tea on her lamp stand, I helped her to sit up before handing it over to her. She collected it muttering a weak thanks. I watched as she sipped from the cup lazily till she was done after which I handed the apple to her. She refused but had to collect it after a little pleading and urging. Afterwards, she laid back biting into the apple lousily while I looked on.

“Do you care for a bite?” she asked thrusting the apple forward.

“Nah, thanks, it’s for sick people alone.” I replied with a smile while she made a face smiling weakly. “How ugly you look when sick.”

“Seriously?” she started weakly, “Thanks, at least now I know that I’m beautiful when I’m not sick.”

“Yea you are.” I retorted laughing mildly. “So which malaria medication do you take when sick?”

“Can’t remember the last time I took a medication, been a while I fell ill and I hate medications.”

“Then I guess you will like to take ‘[i]agbo'”

“Please kill me.” She said with a straight face which made me to burst out laughing.

“Then you have to choose one between malaria medication or agbo. Which are you for?” I asked.

“I don’t like you, please leave my room.” she said making a puppy face.

“Seriously? Ok then, I’m off, take care of yourself.” I said walking towards the door with mock seriousness.

“Hey! I didn’t that, c’mon.”

“Don’t worry, just sight tight I’m coming back.” I said behind me.

I left her room and headed off to the pharmacy to get her the drugs which I ran away from the previous day, all thanks to my sister who credited my account as she promised. Though I still nursed some feelings of betrayal from Tolu but at that moment, she looked weak and defenseless, I felt responsible for her.

I got the drugs and headed back home planning on how to manage myself with the amount I had left. On my way, I got some packs of noodles and vegetables too.

When I got home, I prepared the noodles after which I dished a portion for her and went back to her room with it and also the medication.

“Hey! Wake up, food and medication is ready.” I said announcing my presence.

She must have been napping as she opened her eyes surprised at seeing me with food.
“Hey you have done enough already. I ……” she started before I cut her off.

“Not until you are done with this and say a thank you. Would you prefer I feed you or you want to eat by yourself? “I asked smiling.

She looked at me speechless for some moments before pushing out her hand with a smile, “I will feed myself, thanks.”

“Hard luck,” I said with a look of disappointment handing her the plate. “Watch it, it’s a little hot.”

She collected the plate while I went out to get water from her fridge. Coming back, I met her staring at the food.

“I didn’t know you like cold noodles, my bad or you think it’s laced with something?” I threw at her accusingly.

“Hey! C’mon, it’s not like that. I don’t have appetite.” She said weakly.

“Well try and get some cuz’ you will need to eat before taking some medication.” I urged her.

She looked from the food to me a couple of times before forking some strands into her mouth. She chewed on it thoughtfully before looking up at me.
“You need to open an eatery somewhere around.” She said with a serious look.

“Not until you finish that will I believe you.” I retorted smiling.

“Finish all of these?” she started with wide eyes. “I can’t now.” She concluded defenselessly.

“Ok, cool, no probs, just eat as much as you can but make sure to go above half.”

“Ok, I will try.” She said forking some more into her mouth.

She ended up eating everything after which I gave her the medication and tucked her in to get some sleep before heading out.

“Toby?” she called as I walked towards the exit.

“Yea?” I replied turning to face her.

“Thank you.” She said with a beautiful weak smile.

I felt my heart race a million beats the moment the words came out from her mouth.

“Get some sleep and get well ok?” I said before closing the door…


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