Caught In A Web Episode 8

I swallowed hard taking in the sexy goddess before me. Watching her proud boobs heave up and down with her breath and the tiny hairs which started from her naval tracing down to her p*ssy was just so much a sight to behold. My dick sprang up making a tent on my boxer while I relaxed back with tiny sweats on my fore head enchanted.

Taking slow steps towards me, she knelt and pulled off my short letting my shaft free. She rubbed the tip smearing the drop of precum which hung on my tip over my dick head while caressing the hairs on my chest with her free hand. While all these happened, our eyes never met as she quickly looks away each time I want to hold her gaze. I wanted to hold her gaze and communicate with her but she didn’t give me that privilege. Stretching out my hands, I cupped her boobs and gave them gentle squeezes rubbing my thumbs on her Tips at interval.

She started moaning softly before I bent forward and took in one of her boobs into my mouth. She had a spasm on feeling my mouth around her tip which made her shiver a bit before regaining herself. The light strokes she gave to my dick kept welcoming more blood into my shaft which made my hard on ache.

The moan from her and the groan from me was gathering momentum as we relished in the pre intimacy. With my finger buried deep into her womanhood teasing the circles of her walls and flicking through her gorged clit intermittently which usually yielded loud, deep spastic moan , I circled her, pushing her breast deeper into my mouth.

Pushing me gently back on the couch following me down not wanting my lips off boobs, she slowly climbed on my laps, with her laps patted trapping my legs between hers. Pushing her hand down, she took my dick, stroked it a bit before guiding it into her p*ssy; warm drenched p*ssy. She threw her head back with a deep loud moan which reverberated through the room and beyond, it was deep and soul touching and the sensation left my mouth wide open as I clung tight her waist keeping her steady with my dick buried so deep touching her end.

After a moment of languishing in the sweetness of her p*ssy and the hardness of my dick inside her, she started grinding her waist gently on my shaft sending sparks of pleasure into me. I held unto her waist following her movement with her boobs deep in my mouth and teeth lightly chewing her Tip. Suddenly, she started gathering momentum humping down making sure to feel me hit her end each time moaning deep into my ear. I held unto her savoring the ecstatic pleasure also making sure that she doesn’t go down hard on me as my volcano kept gathering.

Screaming deep into my ears, she went stiff and clung tight to my neck and just then I started erupting into her again. I had a mind to pull her off when I’m about to cum but as the first shot got to my tip, I lost the will power and surrendered myself to the flame of pleasure.

After we recovered from the post orgasmic effect, she stood up from me still avoiding my gaze while I relaxed back weakly on the couch feeling dizzy. Picking her towel, she tied it around her, bent and gave me a quick kiss and left without a word. I had thoughts running through my mind but the last thing I could remember was watching her leave before surrendering myself to the force of nature.


The weekend dragged by slowly giving birth to Monday. I resumed work having my mind going back to the weekend and the events. As much as I thought about it, I couldn’t figure out what was going on between Tolu and I. The whole sudden turn of events was just too much to comprehend, though deep down in my heart I had feelings for her, but, now, I couldn’t fathom what was really going on. She is way beyond my league and the fact that we haven’t talked made it more complex than fun.

After the erotic moment of Saturday afternoon, the next time I saw Tolu was when Tessy came to tell me that she was leaving. After we said the goodbye and the see you next time hugs, while Tolu walked down without words or a look at me, Tessy had turned and given me a wink with a light pat on her butt before walking down with Tolu. I stayed out till they took the second flight of stairs down before I went back to my room.

With the thought and wish that Tolu might come around after seeing Tessy off, I left my door open but, that wish never came as I never saw her again through the rest of the weekend. As if to confirm my thoughts, I didn’t see her car throughout Sunday and no note at my door that Monday morning which meant that she didn’t spend the rest of the weekend home.


Heaving a big sigh of confusion, I reluctantly dragged my thoughts back to my office to concentrate on work. Though, not like I had lots to do that day, as the manager prefers doing everything himself than delegating some to me, good riddance, I just had to focus on the core duties of an assistant manager as specified on the company’s duty book. I was going through some files when the secretary walked in with a secular.

“Good morning sir?” she curtsied walking towards my table.

“Good morning Janet,” I started “and how many times have I told you that I am not a sir but Toby?”

“Sorry sir.” She said coyly.


“Sorry sir.” She repeated.

“It’s your default, I forgive you.” I said with a smile. “What do you have for me?”

She stretched out the secular which I collected before she turned to walk away.

“Janet?” I called stopping her, “I’d prefer you call me Toby ok? Learn to.”

“Yes Si…..” she started and trailed off.

“Get out.” I said joking with a laugh while she smiled coyly before walking out. I hated the whole formality ‘Sir’ thing, maybe because I was new to the system, but, I never appreciated it.

The secular was a notice that the branch manager was moving and that another will be coming the following day and that I, as the “standing in’ manager should organize to welcome and show the new manager around.

After reading the secular, I left for the manager’s office to know if there was anything I could assist him with and probably to say goodbye. A decision I later regretted. As I got into his office, he practically told me off, the only thing he said to me was that he would leave everything to the secretary after which he never uttered another word to me.

Janet who stood at the door while all these happened looked at me pitifully as I made my way out without a word. I wonder how she’d been able to get along with him for God knows how long they have been working together.

To take my mind off what happened, I decided to take a tour around the mall which was part of my duty to see what was happening. While I walked around the mall, I interacted with customers and sales reps which helped take my mind off the incident with the manager.

I had adopted a new style of feeding; 1-0 -1, and sometimes, 0-1-0. That Monday, I was on 1-0-1 which meant that I wasn’t going to have lunch since I had breakfast and will be having dinner. So as I was whiling away time chatting with Uche and some friends during lunch time, I got a message notification from an unsaved number, guess who? Hariet.


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