Caught In A Web Episode 16

I was surprised as I held the open to behold Tessy standing looking all hot and sexy clad in a bum short and a polo all smiles. I looked at Tolu’s door to know if she is with her but didn’t see her.

“Surprised?” She asked smiling as I made way for her to enter.

“Yea, where is Tolu?” I asked walking behind her to the couch.

“I’m not with her.” she replied nonchalantly settling on the couch.

“I thought she’s at your place cuz I have not seen her for a while now.” I said looking at her surprisingly while she typed on her phone.

“Nah,” she started dropping the phone. “She is not at my place but we see at work. You worried about her?”

I shrugged, “A bit. I mean, I haven’t seen her around and been trying to reach out to her but she isn’t replying my calls or chats despite seeing them.” I replied trying to sound less concerned but it was just all over my voice; I was.

“Don’t worry, she is fine.” She said like she knew something which I don’t.

“Did she by any chance tell you anything about us, like if I did something not cool to her?”

“Toby? Don’t beat yourself up unnecessarily. Moreover, I came to visit you not to talk about T. or, am I not welcomed without her?” she asked grinning.

“Come on, it’s not like that, just ……., don’t worry sha. So what’s with the surprise visit?” I asked changing the topic.

“Nothing much, just wanted to pay a brother a visit since he accused me of not asking after him.” She replied smiling seductively.

The view of her bared laps and a chunk of cleavage were beginning to stir my loins. Sitting up before it became noticeable, I excused myself and headed to the room. I threw a short over my boxers but decided against a singlet.

“What do I offer you?” I asked coming out from the room.

“Hmm was beginning to think if you were ever going ask.” She said turning to me.

I smiled holding her gaze and beautiful smile.

“I can do with anything hard if you have any here.” She replied.

Heading to the fridge, I pulled out a bottle of Mc Dowel and two cups before heading back to her. Placing the bottle on the table, I poured her a shot and did same for myself. We settle sipping from our cups making light discussions. I turned on the sound system and started playing some good blues from my phone.

After having about four shots, she became tipsy. The loud laughs and naughty talks were evident enough. Our discussion had gradually drifted to some naughty talks. She stood up and started dancing to the music after accusing me of been shy. She dared me to dance with her if I wasn’t shy. I refused and she started screaming that she was right that I was shy and that’s why I’m in-love with Tolu but couldn’t muster courage to tell her.

I wanted to refute her claims but she didn’t give me a chance and in other to prove to her that I wasn’t shy, I stood up against every urge telling me not to and joined her dancing. After we danced separately for a while, she walked closer and threw her hands around my neck while I drew her closer, my hands around her waist. We kept moving to the rhythm of music with our eyes locked into each other.

Our lips started drawing closer till it finally met and it heated off. It wasn’t long before we found ourselves on the couch with her top and bra flying to God knows where. Cupping her boobs, I fondled them pinching her Tips with our lips still locked in a deep breathtaking kiss. She had her hands drawing my head closer like she wasn’t getting enough of me.

Letting go of her lips, I pulled at her bum short together with her panties and threw them away. Pulling my own with same speed, I settle between her parted legs. Placing my shaft at the entrance of her slit, I bent down and took her Tip into my mouth before piecing into her with one swift thrust.


I woke up feeling weak all over. Tessy was culled up beside me sleeping peacefully with the duvet just covering her legs leaving her unclothedness on display. Shifting away quietly from her, I got down from the bed and walked lazily to the bathroom. I could barely hold myself up which made to lean on the wall letting the tap run freely.


After we had a blasting first round the previous night, while I was still recovering from post expulsion state quilt ridden, she had come on me taking my flaccid dick into her mouth. I made to stop her but the feeling of her warm mouth around my shaft couldn’t let me. She had kept working on it till it responded and she left asking me for the bathroom. Since my apartment was the same pattern with that of Tolu, she didn’t need me to direct her.

From the bathroom, she had called me to come and join her. That moment it was my dick thinking and not me as I sprang up and headed towards the bathroom where we had another crazing round which left us both wasted.


Yawning tiredly, I headed to the sitting to get my phone. I needed to call Fiolla and ask for a day off. Checking the time, it was 6:05 so I decided to call her against sending a message.

“Good morning Ma.” I greeted as the line connected. I know the ma was going to upset her but I needed to make it formal.

“Good morning Sir, how was your night.” she replied dashing my hope of upsetting her.

“My night was fine and …..” I started but she already had something to say before I could finish.

“Indeed, it should be.” She started giggling from her end. “ Hope you are not calling for an excuse ‘cuz you aint getting one.”

“What na?” I asked surprised at her.

“ Nothing o, just don’t let me get to work before you.” She said.

“Wait!! Wait!! Please I can’t be able to make it today, I feel a little sick.” I said pleadingly.

“Why you no go feel sick? If you do as you no dey do before, you go sick as you no dey sick before na.” she teased laughing. It was then that I got the reason behind all the giggling. But, she didn’t see me leave with Hariet, I thought before it struck me. Her office had a look out of the parking lot.

“Hey! It’s not what you are thinking.” I said defensively.

“What am I thinking?” she retorted.

“I don’t know but it’s not what you are thinking.” I replied.

“Guilty conscience. It’s better you tell me that you want to spend time with her than come up with some not feeling fine sh*t. You’ve got just today off and get ready to answer a query for lying.” She said and dropped the call before I could utter another word.

I dropped the phone and headed off to the kitchen to fix something for breakfast. I was weak and famished, but without satisfying my grumbling stomach, there is no way I was going to sleep in other to regain my strength. I decided on fried egg and bread to go with tea. I had bread and eggs in the fridge so I just needed to fry the eggs and make tea.

I was done making breakfast within a short time served it in a tray and headed to the room with it. Tessy was still sleeping but with a different posture and the duvet on the floor. Placing the tray beside the bed, I picked the duvet and tossed it back to the bed before tapping her to wake up.

She stirred and murmured before sitting up rubbing her eyes with the back of her hand with her boobs which were slightly fallen but still full juggling lazily with the movement of her hand. Her legs were patted giving me a view of her mound. She was just behaving like a kid who was forcefully woken to go and prepare for school which made me smile while watching her.

“Tessy, food is ready.” I announced sitting beside her with the tray. She avoided looking into my eyes as she pulled on the duvet to cover her unclothedness. I let out a laugh not believing that Tessy of last night could suddenly turn into a shy little girl.

“You gats be kidding me.” I teased laughing.

“Limme.” She retorted making a puppy face.

“Ok let me get a plate and cut my own portion and leave you alone.” I said standing.

“No,” she said stopping me before I could take a step, “Let’s eat together.”

“Are you sure about that?”

She nodded without a word still avoiding my gaze. How things turn, I was the one actually shy the previous night but now it she is the one who can’t even look at me face.

We ate quietly after which I cleared the dishes to the kitchen. On my way back, I picked her cloths which I handed over to her before leaving her be.

While waiting for sleep to take over me which was becoming difficult owing to the fact that my guilty conscience wouldn’t allow me, I resorted to burn out time playing subway surf, trying to break my own record. I had the shower running and the events of the previous night crept into my mind. I felt guilty because I think I took advantage of her; she was drunk. I should have stopped her but I had allowed things get beyond where it should have. No matter the excuse I try to give myself as to why what happened wasn’t my fault, I still felt a pang of guilt; I felt like I have betrayed Tolu. What if she finds out?

I have stopped the game and was buried in deep guilty when I heard footsteps coming from the room.

“Where you running away from me?” she asked making her way to the couch dressed in her outfit of the previous night.

“Not really” I started sitting up, “just staying away from making you uncomfortable.”

“Who said you were making me uncomfortable and by the way, ain’t you going to work?”

“I called in to take the day off.” I explained.

“Everything ok with?… don’t answer that, you didn’t want to leave me alone, that’s sweet.” She said with a simper.

“Umm!!” I started clearing my throat. “Tessy, I need to tell you something.”

“Ok, what’s that?”

“I’m sorry about what happened last night. You were drunk and …….”

“And who said I was drunk?” she said cutting through my words. “Accepted, I was a bit tipsy but wasn’t out of my mind. Oh! I get, dealing with some guilt?”

“Tessy, I…..”

“You weren’t supposed to ‘do me’ because I am Tolu’s friend?”

“She isn’t going to feel right about this if she finds out.” I said lowly.

“And who cares how she is going to feel if she find out? Wait! Are you guys sleeping together? Like I mean, you guys have been sleeping together, wasn’t just a onetime thingy?”

I kept mute looking away from her piecing gaze.

“Oh! I get, you guys had a thing or two, you started catching feelings and she doesn’t seem to care?”

“Tessy stop, there is no….”

“You wanna deny you don’t have feelings for her? The least you can do is be a man and own up to your feelings, nobody is gon kill you for that.” she fired.

“Tessy!!” I yelled.

“That’s my damn name.” she retorted furiously.

We both reclined as a deafening silence fell over the sitting room. The least I expected was such an outburst from her. I relaxed back on the couch picking my phone, while she turned occupying herself with her own phone. After a moment which seemed like a life time of silence, I decided to speak up. Clearing my throat

“Tessy, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for this to go down this way.” I apologized.

“No, don’t be, I should be the one saying sorry. I actually went overboard. But, listen to me, I had something amazing last night with you and trying to apologize for it this morning actually killed that amazing feeling, sorry to say that.”

“Tessy, I am sorry.” I apologized again.

“Toby, just before you go feeling all guilty about this, remember she doesn’t need to know about this. Why? Because these are two adults who made their decisions and I don’t see any god damn reason why you should feel the way you are feeling right now.”

“Tessy, I had something with Tolu and……”

“And that was two adults who made a decision and had what they wanted,” she started cutting through my words. “And let me guess again, after that, you started catching feelings while she never did?”

“Tessy, I started having feelings for her before we had something, it wasn’t after.” I defended.

“I don’t care when you started having feelings for her, but one thing I know for sure is that she doesn’t give a F**k about your feelings.”

“And how did you know that?” I asked immediately sensing that she knows something and is not telling.

“One, because I’m Tessy. Two because I know T and has been working with her for two years now. Three, I’m here because I know she wasn’t going to be here and neither is she in their family house nor with her sisters and if you think I need to spell out something for you, then I think I made a mistake coming here in the first place and that great sex we had last night was a damn huge mistake. So you can either man up and realize that what you had with her was just a momentary something or sit right there and sulk like a baby.” She said and picking up her keys from the table, she came around and stood before me for a moment before bending down, placed a kiss on my lips and headed towards the door.

I didn’t need a scientist to explain what she just said to me. I guess she was right after all, whatever I had with Tolu was momentary and that’s why I’m hurting silently inside but she seemed not to know that I exist except when it was time for another MOMENT.

Tessy got to the door and stood there looking at me lost in my own thoughts.

“And you are just going to sit there and watch me leave right? I was right after all, it was a mistake coming and …….., don’t worry.” She said bringing me out from my thoughts and turning to unlock the door.

“Tessy wait” I stood up and took quick strides towards and got hold of her before she could walk out. I pulled her back into myself circling my hands around her waist shutting the door with my leg. “I know I have said this enough for one day but I’ll still say it anyways; I am sorry. Your coming wasn’t a mistake. For a fact I feel good about it and at least, you didn’t bail on me.” I said trying to hold her gaze which she kept darting away from me.

“Toby, I don’t need to say it out loud, you are an amazing guy and deserves better no matter who it’s coming from. Don’t sulk over sh*t that will hurt you at the end.”

I pulled her deep into me in a bear hug which she reciprocated placing her head on my chest.

“Last night was the best I have had.” She murmured passionately.

“Last night was great.” I said with a smile of pride.

For a moment we held unto each other quietly. When we finally broke off the hug, our eyes held each other with our lips drawing close and closer till it met and just then a knock sounded at my door.


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