Caught In A Web Episode 17

We broke off the kiss and looked at each other reading the thoughts each held. I bent and raised my head questionably which she understood. It was a gesture asking her if she think that it might be Tolu. Tolu was the only person that knocks on my door. She shrugged with an unperturbed expression, but, in her eyes, I saw fear and worry.

Looking through the peephole, I made out the face of the gate man. It was a relief as I turned and shook my head before opening the door.

“Oga good morning.” Musa greeted as I opened the door.

“Good morning Musa, how may I help you?”

“Tell madam that she block road and person wan comot.” He said looking away.

“Ok, thanks.” I replied and shut the door as he left.

I wanted to ask how he knew that she came to my house but it was clear enough. Since she parked outside, she must have told him which apartment she was going to. Sometimes, the last person to come back always park outside if there was no space inside.

“I guess I gotta go.” She said with a smile.

“Yea and by the way, aint you going to work today?” I asked.

“After last night, I already called in sick.” She replied with a naughty smile.

“Then I guess have a nice day is in order?”

“Yea, and you too.” She replied holding my hands. We kissed briefly before I held the door for her and she left. I wanted to walk her down but she declined.

“Lemme know when you drive out.” I said behind her.

“Yes bro.” she replied without turning.


I woke to my phone vibrating under the pillow. Yawning loudly, I pulled it out and it was Hariet calling.

“Hariet?” I said pressing the receiver option.

“Hey!! Good morning.” She greeted with a happy tune.

“Good morning, how are you.” I responded trying to cover another yawn.

“I’m fine, ain’t you at work?”

“Nah, not feeling fine.” I replied.

“What’s wrong with you?” she asked concerned.

“It’s nothing actually, just woke up feeling not like myself.” I explained.

“You mind if I come around? Kinda bored here.”

“Umm!! Don’t think that will be a good idea. T is not around.” I offered to dissuade her.

“Yea, I know she is not around and probably would be at work, so what shall it be?” she persisted.

“It shall be what it shall be, guess I should get ready for a first time visitor.” I said yawning again.

“And I guess that means …………” she started.

“What it means.” I said cutting through her word. “How many hours is it gon take you to get here?”

“Let’s say two hours tops, need to pick something from a friend before heading to your direction.”

“Ok then, see you when I see you.”

“Yea, better get ready for me.” She replied and ended the call.

After Tessy left, I went back to have a good sleep which I was having till Hariet’s call woke me. I was actually having a deep thought before sleep took over me. It’s obvious Tolu has a boyfriend and actually used me to cure whatever it was going on with her for a moment. How else could I explain what happened between us? Ok, let’s say the first was paying me back for my kindness towards her when she was sick. Should the second, third and fourth be attributed to that too? Nah, I don’t think so, she used me. And to think that she had something for me when she took me to her house, even called me her man before Tessy? How foolish.

There is no hidden fact that Tessy just want us to catch fun, no strings attached. Well, skeptical as I was, it still felt better than Tolu but that thing which I have for Tolu wouldn’t just go from my mind. I still felt a pang of guilt. The last thought I could remember was making up my mind to talk to her whenever I have an opportunity to.

Rolling off the bed to get ready for Hariet, as I made the bed, it caught my eyes, neatly tucked beside the bed; Tessy’s panties. I stared at it in disbelief. It didn’t look like she forgot it. Pulling it from beside the bed, I took it to my nose and had a sniff while reaching for my phone. The scent that wafted through my nostril from the pant sent strong ripples through me down to my loins triggering off an erection. I scrolled to her number and placed a call to her.

“And you didn’t call me when you drove out.” I said as the line connected.

“Yes I know because it wasn’t really about me driving off but to know if I mistakenly ran into your girlfriend.” She retorted with a low laugh.

“And who said it’s that?” I asked thinking how she knew my thoughts.

“Tessy said so.”

“Now Tessy you are wrong. Just wanted to know that you left without any issue and I guess you got home safely?”

“Yea I did.”

“Uhm!! Tessy, I think you left something here.” I said quietly and calculative.

“And what might that be?” she asked with a tune which I picked something from.

“You know that I mean.”

“No I don’t, tell me what it is already.” She repeated with a cynical laugh.

“Hey!! Ok fine, you left your pant here.”

She laughed out loud into my ears for a moment before she continued.

“Oh!! That? I thought you weren’t even gon see it.” She started giving same laugh; lowly by now. “That serves for two things, one, it’s an invitation to my birthday on Saturday and secondly, it is all yours, for a job well done last night. Keep it for your sniffing pleasure.”

“Now I think that’s a terrible way to give an invitation. Would have preferred it moaned out of orgasmic ecstasy.” I said before I could take them back; the words.

“And look who wants to be naughty, then I owe you one come Saturday.”

“Hey! I was just joking,” I said immediately to dissuade her from such decision.

“I don’t take back my offer bro’ Saturday it is and have a good day.” She concluded and dropped the call.

I sighed taking the panty to my nose again. I inhaled deeply from it before throwing it into the open wardrobe. Getting ready, I left to get a few things from the market to cook for Hariet.

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