Caught In A Web Episode 18

I was done cooking and was relaxing seeing a series waiting for Hariet. It was already over the two hours she gave but I didn’t bother calling; a part of my mind still wanted her not to come.

At some minutes past 3pm she called to inform me that she was outside my gate. I went into the room, got a polo and threw over my shorts. I looked over the room again on reflex to make sure that everything was in place; though, not like I was expecting that anything will go down.

“Hey!! You there.” She said coming for a hug as I stepped out through the gate. We hugged for a brief moment before breaking off. “I’m sorry, hope I didn’t keep you waiting?” she continued making a sorry expression. She was clad in V neck polo exposing not too much cleavage over an ankle length jean (three quarter) with flat gold sandals which adorned her feet. The top, though not too tight, didn’t hide her big bust.

“It’s my house remember? So you didn’t keep me waiting rather you didn’t keep to the time.” I replied calmly.

“Yea I know, It was ……..” she started.

“You don’t have to explain, you are here now and that’s what matters.” I said interrupting her while holding the gate for her to walk in.

“Hmmm!!” she sighed, “if you say so.” she replied walking through the gate which I held open for her while I followed suit.

We made small talks making our way up the stairs to my apartment. I allowed her lead the way thinking that she would miss my apartment but she didn’t. When she got to her sisters door, she turned to mine.

“Guess this is yours?” she asked with a smile.

“No, mine is the other one.” I replied pointing to the next apartment. She looked at me thoughtfully like she knew that I was lying.

“I think you are lying, this is yours.” She persisted.

“Ok, why not knock and confirm that it’s not mine.” I said walking past her. She stood watching me while I walked to the next apartment.

“What, ain’t you coming?” I asked turning to her.

“Nothing, no, I think I’m cool here.” She replied with a mocking smile.

I continued and pulled out my key when I got to the door.

“Aint you coming really?” I asked looking dead serious. She shook her head not taking a step. After forming to be unlocking the door hoping that she’d take me serious which she didn’t, I resigned and walked back to her.

“Shebi you know say you dey stubborn? Person no fit just job you small.” I cursed on getting to her. She was laughing hysterically and didn’t bother to reply.

I unlocked my door and walked in leaving her laughing outside.

“So you no fit hold the door again for me again abi? Yeye boy.” She cursed walking in, still laughing. “Hmmm!! Nice apartment.” She complimented.

“Thanks no thanks, make yourself comfortable.” I replied forming pissed.

“Is somebody forming vex for me?” she said before flinging herself on me still laughing. I couldn’t hold back myself as I started laughing at how crazy she was.

“Hey get off me.” I protested not attempting to move or push her away.

“Not until you welcome me properly.” She replied not getting off.

“Ok, fine, you are welcome ma.” I said defeated hoping she would get up as I was becoming a bit uncomfortable. The way she was on me, her bust were pressed down on my crotch with her hands around my waist. Each movement she made had her boobs getting down hard on my dick which was already picking up the signals.

“Now you are a good guy.” She replied letting go of me. While I crossed my leg to put a pressure on my semi gorged dick; if she stayed a bit longer, it would have poked her.

“You stay here alone?” she asked surveying the sitting room.

“Yes, I stay alone, but if by that you mean if these things.” I said waving at the gadgets and properties, “belongs to me, no, it’s not mine.”

She looked at me like she was lost in what I said.

“I was staying with a friend before he left to further his studies abroad. He left all these to me.” I explained.

“Oh!! That’s good of him.” She said.

“Yea, so welcome to my humble abode ma’am, what do I offer you?” I curtsied.

“Woow! Look who is trying to be a gentle man, Gods be good.” She mocked.

“For thine treats ye visitor not as a foe until thy proves to be one.” I retorted.

“Where did you get that?” she asked smiling.

“My personal quotes.” I replied with a wink.

“Yea right.” Rolling her eyes.

“Well, let me serve the food already.” I said heading towards the kitchen.

“Food? Seriously? You cooked for me?” she cried behind me. “I am special.”

“Remember you said get ready for me.” I replied from the kitchen.

“You need a hand?” she offered.

“Nah, got it covered.”

I served the food after which we got down eating. She was full of praises and didn’t stop telling me how good the food tastes. After the meal, I cleared the plates and came back with a pack of yoghurt and two cups.

“Guess this is why you hardly eat out.” She said as I came back to the sitting room. “Someone that cooks as good as this doesn’t need to eat out.”

“Is that what you think? I think that someone that is trying to economize doesn’t need to eat in a 2.5k a plate restaurant.”

“Hey!!” she exclaimed. “Is somebody still pained?”

“Pained? Nah. And moreover, I had always preferred cooking my meals.” I replied pouring her a cup of yoghurt.

She took it with thanks as we settled making small talks and teasing each other intermittently. After a while, I decided to tell her my mind.

“Hariet?” I called to get her attention which she had on her phone that moment.

“Yes?” she answered keeping her phone away. The seriousness of my voice must have gotten her.

“I think you should let your sis know that you’ve been coming around. It shouldn’t look like we are having some sort of secret affair hiding like teenagers. Except if there is something making you prefer not telling her.”

“There is nothing,” she started with a smile. “Truth is T can be a little over protective of her friends and ……….” She trailed off.

As she said that, I remembered that Tessy also told me that Tolu doesn’t know that she has my number which is another way of saying that that she doesn’t need to know about us; our MOMENT”

“And what? Tell me.” I pushed.

“And I think she has something for you.” She uttered thoughtfully looking at me to confirm it.

I laughed as she said that. If only she know who has something for who. If only she know that her sister doesn’t give a F about me.

“See, if that is your fear, that we have something or she has something for me, forget it. She doesn’t have anything for me.” I said from a pained heart. “So just let her know.”

She must have picked something from my voice but didn’t say a word to it. After looking at me for a moment of which I avoided her gaze, she looked away. We sipped from our cups silently for a while before she spilled it.

“You have feelings for her” she said convincingly.

Hariet it doesn’t matter so don’t go there ok.” I replied sternly but calmly.

She started to say something just when her phone started ringing. She stopped and checked the caller and as she made take the call, her cup slipped and the contents poured on her top spilling on her shorts too.

“poo!” she exclaimed putting the phone away.

“Hey!! Sorry.” I said reaching out to help her.

“It’s ok.” She pulled out a white handkerchief and started dabbing her top. I stood waiting to know if there was a way I could help her. Our discussion has driven us into an awkward quietness before she spilled her drink.

“Hey! I don’t like this tension hanging around here.” She started. “Can I get something to change into? Don’t want to feel sticky.”

“And that way leads you directly to the room and there in you will find the wardrobe, make your choice ma’am.” I said directing her to the room.

She smiled, rolled her handkerchief into a ball and threw at me before heading off to the room. Taking a sip from my cup, I heard a knock. I dropped the cup and went to answer the door. My thoughts were that it was Musa, maybe Hariet needed to move her car for somebody to drive in. Turning the lock, I held the door open and there stood Tolu; the last person I was expecting. My heart flew down into my stomach as we stared at each other.


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