Caught In A Web Episode 19

“My sister is here.” She said more like a question. Just as the words left her mouth, Hariet came out from the room oblivious of what was going on at the door.

“Hope you don’t mind me on this one?” she asked behind me coming into the sitting room and just then she saw Tolu and stood still. The silence over the room was big as no one said a word. After a while, Tolu turned without words to her door. I got the door closed as she turned, something I have never done. I usually wait for her walk into her room before closing mine but today was just different. I know what’d be going on in her mind and the look she had on her face said it all.

“Are you ok?” I asked Hariet who stood guiltily without words.

“Yea, but, I have to go.” She replied.

I didn’t need to ask her why so I shrugged. “Ok then, let me see you off.”

She picked her phone before I walked her down to her car and waited till she drove off before heading back. As I got to Tolu’s door, I had a mind to knock and explain things to her but decided against it. It’s her sister, yes, but wasn’t like we were having anything. I made my way back to my room, poured another cup of yoghurt and got busy with my phone. It wasn’t long before I got a whatsApp notification from Tolu ‘open your door please’

My heartbeat raced for a moment as I read her message again. After some seconds, I headed to get the door. She was standing outside in a short play boy bonny gown which barely went beyond her bum flipping her finger on her phone when I opened the door. She looked up at me before walking through the door which I held open. As she passed, the scent of her cologne wafted through my nostrils sending a message down loins; it was arousing.

I secured the door walking behind her to the sitting room. I settled on the couch opposite where she sat still fiddling with her phone with a serious countenance. I cleared my throat to get her attention but she was more interested in her phone.

After a while, she dropped the phone and looked at me. I looked away from her directing my eyes to the television.

“You said you needed us to talk, about what?” she asked crossing one leg over the other.

“Nothing, it doesn’t matter anymore.” I replied with my eyes still on the television watching her reaction through the corner of my eye.

“Are you sure about that?”


We sat in silence for a while the sound from the television taking over the room. After watching her staring at me through the corner of my eye, I turned returning the stare. We held each other’s gaze in the silence of the room. Maybe she thought that I was going to look away but I wasn’t going to give her the pleasure. After a while, she looked away and reached out for her phone again. I was going to look away too but decided against it.

“You mind if I asked you a question?” She asked looking up.

I shrugged, “ Sure, you can.”

“Where did you know Bunmi from?” she asked.

“I don’t know her from anywhere, met her for the first time in your house.” I replied looking away so that she wouldn’t see otherwise through my eyes.

“I am not a kid,” she started. “And that, that day, wasn’t like a first time meeting.” She persisted.

“Then go and ask her.” I retorted nonchalantly.

“I should go and ask her?” she continued surprised.

“T listen ……” I started before she interrupted me with a stern voice through her teeth.

“Don’t T me, just tell me what you have with my sister.”

“And why are you asking about this now after all these while?”

“Just answer me.” She said quietly.

“I haven’t met your sister and that’s the answer I have for you.” I replied.

“You haven’t met her right? What are you? Really, tell me.” She started her voice a bit high.

“I am something you are not Tolu.” I retorted.

“Something I am not? Really? You had something with my elder sister, me, and now you are f**king my younger sister, is that what I’m not? Yes, I am not that kinda person.” She raged.

“T calm down,” I started calmly which must have offset her the more.

“Don’t f**king tell me to calm down, stay the f**k away from my sisters. You want to form Mr. Nice guy, do it elsewhere.” She fired standing to leave.

“You don’t have to be like this T,” I said standing. “I don’t have anything with your sisters. I’m not like you. I have respect for the people I call friends.”

She stopped in her track and turned facing me, “And what do you mean by that?”

“Good night Tolu.” I said and left for the room leaving her standing at the point of her exit. I waited till I heard the door bang gently before I came out and locked it. I was so pissed that the only option I had was to sleep off.

It wasn’t a good sleep, I kept rolling from one end of the bed to the other through the night and when I finally decided to throw in the towel it was already time for me to start getting ready for work.

On one hand, I was happy seeing Tolu get angry and the thoughts she had but on the other, the fact that she used me despite my unspoken feelings for her still hurts. Oh! She thinks that getting down with me on some occasions was good but getting close to her sisters wasn’t. Truth is, though I already know that I have no place in her life, and that whatever happened was just momentary, the feeling still hurts.


I was done and getting ready to leave when my phone started ringing; Fiolla calling. I allowed the phone to ring out while I locked my door. I started calling her back walking down the stairs.

“Should I get going?” she asked as the line connected.

“I am close by, give me a minute.” I replied taking quick and long strides.

“Thirty seconds.” She replied and dropped the call.

I got to her and went around to the side seat before knocking the glass. I heard a click, pulled the door and settled on the seat.

“Good morning ma.” I greeted looking away.

“Good morning sir,” she started with a surprise tune. “What is wrong with somebody this morning?” she asked.

“How was your night?” I asked waving off her question.

“Had a fight with her?” she persisted with a smirk.

I turned and gave her a look.

“Hey! Mister you don’t give me that look, I am still your superior and you are still in my car except if you want to trek to work.” She rebuked jokingly.

“Fiolla I’m not in the mood please.” I replied with a faked smile.

“At least he finally laughed.” She said turning the ignition. This time I gave a genuine smile looking away so that she wouldn’t notice.

“No need, I saw that.” she teased connecting to the main road.

We drove in silence till we got to work and patted but not without her telling me that if I needed to talk that she was in her office.

Dropping my bag in my office, I went for the morning supervision. I wanted to do everything to get my mind of Tolu. After the supervision, I went back and buried myself in the accounts record of the previous day. I was almost done with the first when my phone started ringing. Picking the phone, Hariet calling.

The events of the previous night had occupied my mind that I forgot to check up on her.

“Hey! How about, hope you got home safely?” She said as the line connected.

“Hariet I’m sorry.” I apologized offering no explanation.

“And don’t I deserve to know why you couldn’t even call or send a message?” she asked.

“I actually slept off. Though I had it in mind to call but it was already late when I woke up.” I lied.

“Nice try man.” She started. “And what happened to the part where my sister confronted you?”

“It wasn’t about you and not a confrontation.” I said. “Wait, did she …..” I trailed off.

“Yes, she called, gave a piece of her mind and I also did same to her. I don’t know what her problem is.” She replied.

“What did she say to you?” I asked.

“It’s just some annoying stuffs, nothing to worry yourself about, but just like I told you, she can be protective of her friends. What did she tell you?”

“Some annoying stuffs, yada yada yada.”

“Probably told you to stay away from her sister.”

“Not just her sister, but sister with an ‘s’”

“Seriously? She started laughing. “But, as a matter of concern, she seems certain that something happened between you and Bunmi.” She said casually but I know that it was meant to be a question.

“Yes, something happened between us.” I replied.

She went silent for a moment before speaking up.

“But you told me that nothing ……”

“Let’s go for lunch, I will tell you everything.” I suggested.

“Toby?” she said with a little disappointment eminent in her voice.

“It’s not what you think I promise.” I said reassuringly before the line went dead.

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