Caught In A Web Episode 20

I relaxed back for a moment before going back to my work. Time actually flew and before I knew what was happening it was already 1:30pm. Rounding off the last report, I packed it and headed to drop it off at Fiolla’s Table. As I was going, I prayed not to meet her and just like I wished, she was absent. I left it on her table and just then Hariet’s call came in.

“I’m parked outside.” She said as I answered the phone.

“On my way.” I replied and dropped the call.

Heading back to my office, I picked my wallet and headed out to meet her. She was standing beside her car waiting as I stepped through the door. Also walking graciously towards me was Fiolla. She had that grin which told me that she has seen Hariet and was up to something.

“Seems like someone still wants some action, better give her enough so that she would let you work in peace. Be back here on time or ….” She said without stopping.

I smiled and continued on my track without a word to her.

“Just one thing before we leave,” she started as I got to her. “Did whatever happen between you and Bunmi involve sex?” She asked with a stern expression.


“Please, just answer me.”


She looked at me with some doubts.

“Hariet, I didn’t have anything sexual with Bunmi.” I said reassuringly once again.

Without words, she turned and entered the car while I walked around and joined her. We drove off and headed to the same café which we went to on Monday. It was a quiet ride as we just said what needed to be said. I guess she was annoyed over the fact that she’d asked me about Bunmi and I lied to her.

She parked in a free space as we got to the café and stepped down making our way into the building. Settled, we placed our orders and waited to be served.

“Hariet, I’m sorry I lied to you at first.” I apologized breaking the silence.

“Why did you?” she asked holding my gaze.

“I didn’t want to put her in a difficult situation. That day in your house, she didn’t want for it to be known.” I explained.

“What happened?” she asked as our order arrived.

I started and narrated to her what happened between Bunmi and I. It would have been a funny tale if the mood wasn’t different. After I narrated everything to her, she exhaled deeply like she’d been holding it in. she had a pity look for me which wasn’t difficult for me to decipher.

“I didn’t tell you this to look at me like that.” I reprimanded smiling.

“Toby? Do you still hold it against her?” she asked.

“No, I don’t. I let it go a very long ago.”

“That is not Bunmi,” she started. “She is sweet and believe me, there is an explanation to that.”

“Maybe, maybe not. But, it’s all in the past for me now.”

“Why didn’t you tell T.”

“Do I owe her some explanation? She knows the story but what she doesn’t know is that it’s Bunmi.” I replied.

“She wouldn’t have been so angry last night if you told her.”

“Like I said, I don’t owe her any explanation.”

“I don’t know the problem between the both of you but if you can keep a secret, I might let you in on one.” She said with a wink.

“And what might that be?” I asked.

“I think she has something for you.” She said smiling through her eyes.

“Don’t kid yourself, she doesn’t have anything for me, I was just what she needed for a moment.” I retorted sternly which caught her.

“What? What’s that?” she asked looking surprisingly at me.

“It’s nothing jare, let’s go.”

I paid the bill as we made our way out of the restaurant. The drive back to my work place was a lot livelier.

“Don’t you think you should talk to T about Bunmi?” she asked bringing the car to a halt in front of mall.

“Like I told you before, I don’t owe her nothing.” I replied unbuckling the seat belt.

“I will tell her if you don’t.” she insisted.

“It’s up to you.” I replied nonchalantly.

“Anyways, thanks for lunch, I owe you one.”

“The pleasure is mine. Sorry about yesterday.” I apologized again.

“Don’t sweat it, she is my sister, I expected it. I will bring back your polo tomorrow.” She said.

“Are you sure about that?” I asked looking at her.


“Ok then, gotta go and take care of yourself.”

“Yea, you too.” She replied as I stepped out from the car and waited till she drove off.

I walked back to my office feeling a whole lot better than the morning. I was barely settled when Fiolla walked in holding a document. She had a mischievous smile walking majestically towards my table.

“You know you can make a career for yourself modeling?” I threw at her before she got to my table.

“And what are you trying to say?” She asked standing before my table.

“That Fiolla is beautifull, curvy, endowed and can make a career in the modeling industry.” I said smiling. I saw her flush a bit but recovered immediately.

“And I won’t feel bad serving you a query for flattering your superior.” She retorted.

“Freedom of expression and admiration is now an offense? I didn’t know.” I teased sitting up as she walked around to my chair.

“Flattery is an offence in my crime book and this is also an offence.” She said dropping the document on the table pointing to where she circled with a red pen.

I looked at the section she circled and the figures before it and there was the huge mistake. I stayed put for a while before looking up shamefully avoiding her eyes.

“I am sorry.” I muttered still avoiding her eyes.

“You have not made this kind of mistake before, and now, today. If this got to the headquarters, believe me, you and I would be in big trouble.”

“I am sorry.” I repeated.

Walking around the table, she drew out the seat and settled down. “Toby look at me,” she started. “You are hard working and meticulous, that’s why when I saw this mistake, I knew something was wrong coupled with your mood this morning. Sometimes, you need to drop your problems at home before coming to work if not; it will mess up things for you.”

I stayed put, speechless, while she gave me some words. Afterwards, she stood, picked the document and headed for the door. On getting to the door, she turned and said.

“If you want to talk about it, I will be in my office and stop behaving like a two year old.”

I sat speechless ashamed of and angry at myself for having let some silly Tolu issue get into my head. Though, while I worked on the document, I had tried to block off all the issues but, my mind kept going back to it. I lost the flare to work that day and wished that the day could just come to an end. Picking my phone from the table, I walked off to Fiolla’s office.

After I apologized once again for my mistakes, she asked if I wanted to talk about ‘it; what was disturbing me, but, I told her that it has already be taken care off.


The rest of the week rolled by slowly and it was Saturday. On Friday, Hariet had promised to come and pick me for Tessy’s birthday party. Though I declined at first but she had insisted.

After the confrontation, I didn’t see Tolu again. I had made up my mind to block off the feelings and move on like it never happened. Maybe the minding of one’s business was just the best.



I was dressed in a white T-shirt over a black jean and black snickers. I was drooling over myself as I stood before the mirror with my Calvin Klein sun shades, I looked a million dollar rich. After taking a last look at the mirror and satisfied, I called Hariet.

“Just got to your street.” She said as the line connected.

I dropped the call and headed out locking the door behind me. She was already waiting when I stepped through the gate. I felt fly when some girls walking by couldn’t take their eyes off me. I walked like something fresh from the oven towards the car.

She had her eyes all over me when I entered the car. My jaw dropped seeing her clad in a white deep V cut polo over a black bum short with a golden Yeezy snikers adorning her feet. She had a gold necklace which suspended down into her boobs.

“You look breathtaking.” I finally muttered breaking the silence which hung in the air.

She cleared her throat and gave a soft laugh, “Pardon me for over staring but you look …….” She trailed off briefly. “I can’t find the right words.”

“I think you look good can do.” I said smiling.

“You look handsome.” She complimented.

“Thanks.” I appreciated.

We drove off chatting. When we had nothing to say, I reverted to my phone taking a sneak peak at her cleavage once in a while. I also caught her sneaking a look at me intermittently.

We drove into an exquisite garden more like a resort. It had relaxation sports and a hotel too. Hariet called Tessy immediately we parked and she directed her to a spot she had secured. Maybe I expected a big party but what we walked into was a small gathering of wealthy young people.

As we left the car, Hariet drew close and leaned on me before taking a perfect selfie. After that she slipped her hand into mine as we walked down heading to Tessy’s spot.

Tessy screamed on seeing us walking towards them. She was dressed in a white bum short too and a white crop top leaving her midriff bare.

“I thought you wouldn’t make it.” She said giving me a hug after she left Hariet.

“Well I wouldn’t have but Hariet wouldn’t hear any of it.” I replied looking at Hariet who was smiling beautifully. “And happy birthday to you.”

“Thanks dear.” She replied walking, leading us to a vacant table.

“Is this some strictly for couples party?” I asked Tessy pulling out a seat for Hariet.

“Just like you can see.” She replied laughing.

We had barely settled when I saw Tolu also clad in a Bum short, a tank top and a white Zannoti sneakers walking towards us with a guy.

I felt a tightening in my stomach and a lump on my throat. They walked in hand in hand looking perfect. I pulled out my white handkerchief and dabbed the sweats that had broke out on my fore head. From the corner of my eyes, I could see Hariet looking at me and so was Tessy too, though Tessy had a guy sitting beside her too but that didn’t affect me. I pulled out my shade from its case and covered my eyes which have already turned read. I also buried my attention on my phone pretending not to notice them coming.

“Are you going to let them ruin this party for you?” Hariet leaned close and whispered into my ear.

“I’m fine.” I replied turning to her with a faked smile.

“Better be.” She said and slipped her hand into mine.

While the hugs and greetings where going on, I buried my attention on my phone hurting deep in my soul. I had lost the flare for the party and wanted to leave immediately. Though I had convinced myself that I wasn’t going to be affected by her anymore but right there, I had no choice. When she came around to my table, she avoided me like I wasn’t there only to hug and introduce her sister and the dude. That alone was just too much to take.

“I think I have to go.” I said to Hariet standing up. Tolu was sitting directly opposite Hariet and myself with the boy and was always looking at me. All the times I pretended to have my attention on the phone, I was actually looking at her.

She stood up and walked out with me without a word. When we were away from the ear shot of the rest, she pulled me by hand to a stop.

“Toby don’t do this,” she started looking into my eyes. “I know you feel bad but you can’t go, please.”

“Hariet I’m not comfortable here anymore. Let me just go and sort my feelings.” I persisted.

“I don’t want to, we came together, at least let’s go together. I can’t be here alone.” She pleaded.

After a while, I decided against going, if Tolu was going to comfortably have fun then I will too.

“Ok, fine, let’s go back.”

“Thank you.” She said happily throwing her hands around my neck in a hug. We hugged briefly before walking back together.


We were having mad fun with everything served. We’ve had appetizer of fruits served around in glass plates after which they served fish barbecue. I’ve loosened up and was having fun with Hariet. She was always leaning to whisper into my ear.

Across the table, Tolu wasn’t having fun I could notice. Since I came back her mood had changed. She wasn’t her chatty self anymore. She was always looking towards Hariet and I. Hariet must have noticed and did more of what she was doing.

The height of it came when Hariet decided to feed me some fish. Her hand was up before I could protest it. I allowed her do it and immediately Tolu stood up and picked her clutch bag together with her phones and left. The guy she came with looked around surprised and ashamed before following her.

While all these happened, Tessy seemed not to notice. Beside her was a guy who kept her busy. I had in mind of Tessy’s promise but was determined to give her a big turn down if she made a move, lucky for her she didn’t.



I was having a nap when I heard a knock on my door. I cursed softly rolling off the couch waiting to hear the knock again.

I just finished having lunch of rice and stew and wanted to have a little nap. I was supposed to hang out with Hariet but she had cancelled telling me that she had something important to attend to that day. For some reason I didn’t believe. We actually parted awkwardly the previous night.

When she dropped me off at my gate after Tessy’s party, we’d talked for a while and things had gotten a bit raunchy between us. We got kissing and smooching before she’d decided to break it off and apologize. I apologized too before leaving the car while she drove off.

I left the couch as the knock sounded again. Who could it be? I asked myself walking towards the door.


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