Caught In A Web Episode 23

Over the next couple of weeks things took a new turn. Tolu never went to bed without sending me an apology; always a different message every night. She had also resumed the early morning note dropping ritual and chatting me up most times at work.

I pretended for the first two days always leaving her note at my door instead of picking it. I also did well to ignore her messages. Her chats; I always replied monosyllabically but that didn’t deter her; she was bent on making things right.

I have been trying to reach out to Hariet but all to no avail. She neither answered my calls, replied my messages nor mentions on igram or facebook messages. To make matters worse, I woke up one day to realize that she had blocked me on whatsapp, facebook and igram.

Funny, I was supposed to be getting pissed over her attitude but I found myself getting drawn to her. If I had known her house, I would have paid her a visit but I don’t and asking Tolu was out of the question. The only thing I could do was to keep sending her messages hoping that she would come around.


It was another hectic report writing day for Fiolla and I. Now let me tell you something.

Fiolla and I had become very close; a closeness that doesn’t have anything to do with work. It all started from my closeness with Hope. After a few visit to her house, Hope became fond of me, in turn I made sure to always give her something for him at the end of each day. Some weekends, I go around and take Hope out and always made sure to stuff him with goodies on our way back.

Sometimes she will fight me for not getting anything for her which made me to always get something for her. While all these happened, I had refused to invite her to my house despite Hope having spent a weekend with me once.

I first noticed that she started becoming a lot free with me, flirting with me most times and teasing me seductively other times. She had dared me to kiss her once in her office but was quick enough to cover it up when I declined.

Her dressing had changed over a course of time; she now dressed a bit more provocative. I saw these entire pointers but once bitten always twice shy.

“So on whose house are we doing this?” she asked tapping the end of her pen on the desk. She was sitting across the table from me, her jacket placed on the arm rest leaving her only on a pink tank top with her boobs nearly spilling out.

“I pass the vote of confidence on your house.” I replied relaxing back smiling trying hard to keep my eyes away from her boobs.

“Really? I’m not taking that. It’s your house or we split the files and God save you if you make any mistake.” She threatened smiling.

“C’mon, my house won’t be comfy for you na and I don’t have what it takes to have my boss around.” I said while she laughed.

“Oh!! But you have what it takes for Hope right?” she retorted.

“Hope is my nigga, no need to impress.” I replied laughing.

“Well it’s high time that girl you are keeping away gets to know about me. And this case is closed, get the files let’s get out of here.” She said picking her jacket and making for the door.

“As her majesty commands.” I replied picking the stack of files together with my bag heading for the door after her.

She dropped me at the entrance to my street and headed home to park her car and freshen up before coming over to my house. I made soup during the week so I used the time to warm it and made eba while waiting for her.

When I got into my compound Tolu’s car wasn’t parked so I thought she wasn’t spending the weekend home, though not like I cared about her movements but I noticed she spends most of her after work time at home recently.


“Hmmmm nice crib you have.” Fiolla said walking in while I followed behind her. She had called me when she got the gate so I went to walk her up.

“Thank you.” I said ogling her. She was dressed in a short gown and a sleeveless denin jacket. She had a small make shift make up pack with her. “Make yourself comfortable let me set the table.” I continued turning towards the kitchen.

“Set the table?” she asked with a simper. “Watcha cook?”

“Hey boss! You are in my house so don’t make fun of me.” I cautioned.

“”I am not making fun of you Mr. man.” She said laughing, “I just asked a question.”

“I made eba and soup. Are you game?”

“ Awwww!!” she exclaimed. “I don’t want to feel heavy, guess I will do with just soup.” She replied pulling her jacket.

I have been trying all I could not to stare at her voluptuousness but couldn’t help as she sat across me on the dining table. She had no bra under her strapless gown which left the boobs half hidden and half exposed with her Tips pushing against the gown. She caught me a couple of times staring but always pretended not to.

“And who could tell that you can cook this good?” she said breaking the silence smiling.

I smiled crossing my leg under the table to suppress my hard on. “Should I say thank you?”

“Say whatever you want.” She retorted.

“Do you need more?” I asked trying to keep my eyes on her face which was becoming impossible because her boobs kept joggling at any slight movement she made.

“Thanks, I’m filled.” She replied relaxing back. “But if you have more meats to offer, I wouldn’t turn it down.” She continued giggling.

“Sorry to disappoint you but where I come from, you eat meat only when you eat food.”

“And where I come from, you eat meat anyhow you want.” She threw back at me laughing.

“And that makes us different. But for the records, I didn’t eat meat anyhow I want the times I have been to your house ma.” I fired.

“Hey!! I wanted you to ask for more but you never did because you were shy.” She retorted laughing loudily.

“For petes sake, why does everybody think that I am a shy guy?” I said throwing up my hands in resignation.

“Because you are.” She replied firmly.

“I give up, yes I am.” I said sitting up to clear the table. My hard on had calmed a bit but the outline of my semi turged dick could still be seen.

“You need a hand with that?” she asked behind me still laughing.

“No, thank you?” I replied not turning to her.

“I am coming anyways, try and stop me.”


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