Caught In A Web Episode 24

I was washing the plates while she was cleaning and arranging them in the rack. I faced the wall pressing my waist on the cabinet to hide my hard on. It seemed she knew the effect she had on me and was making it worst with some gestures; top among them was making sure to rug her bosom on my shoulder while picking the plates.

Suddenly as if that moment was against me, I knock came from my door. I wasn’t expecting anybody so I hesitated for moment while it sounded again. She looked at me questionably like why I wasn’t going to get the door. I shrugged and continued rinsing the plate but the knock persisted.

“Ain’t you going to get that?” she asked finally.

“No, I am not expecting anybody.” I replied not looking at her.

“More reason you should check to know who.” She continued.

All the mental exercise I was doing to calm my woody proved abortive that moment leaving me with no option than to go answer the door. It only took my moving away from the cabinet for her to know why I was being reluctant.

“Ooops!!” she started smiling. “ you should have told me that I am making you uncomfy. You see why I said that you are shy? I will get the door.” She concluded walking out with a naughty smile.

As if it was all planned, as she left, my dick started getting flaccid.

“Toby, it’s your neighbor.” She called from the sitting room.

I cleaned my hands and headed out to meet Tolu standing by the door.

“Hey T what’s up?” I greeted surprisingly, I wasn’t expecting to see her.

“I’m good, how are you?” she asked with a countenance that didn’t hide her mood at that moment; she wasn’t happy.

“I’m fine, thought you are out, didn’t see your car when I came back.”

“Yea, had to stop by somewhere to pick something. Well just to say good evening, will see you tomorrow.” She said turning to the door.

“Ok, have a good night rest.” I replied and waited till she left before I closed the door.

Fiolla was already working on a file when I came back to join her.

“Your neighbor is beautiful and hot.” She said without raising her head from the file.

“Yea, she is.” I replied nonchalantly settling on the floor opposite her.

“You guys have been fucking or something.” She asked still focused on the work.

I looked up at her a bit alarmed at her vulgarity. I know she could say anything but what she just said came with some underlying feeling.

“Are you going to answer the question or you’d rather stare at me?” she continued.

“I’d rather not answer you that.” I replied picking up a file from the table.

“Why? Because you are guilty or what?” she persisted.

“Because it’s my private life and none of your business, no offense.” I replied sternly.

“Really? None of my business. Tell please, why are you guys all the same? Lusting after everything with tits and pussy.” She said looking up for the first time with changed countenance. Her eyes had turned a bit misty and were gathering rage. “Few minutes ago, you were practically screwing me in your mind. Or was it her you were thinking about?”

I couldn’t believe my ears nor understood where the outburst was coming from as I held her gaze which was looking fiery. I decided against giving her an answer and bent over the file without a word.

“You don’t want to say anything to me?” she continued. “Guess I have to go. It’s obvious I’m blocking something.” She said gathering some files from the table.

To say the whole action was surprising to me would be an understatement. I couldn’t believe that Fiolla could act that way. I stood up and held her hand as she made to pick her jacket from the couch.

“What is the problem?” I asked gently looking into her eyes.

She must have calmed her rage and her anger replaced by emotions as a drop of tears escaped her eyes. She made to pull her hand from me but I held firmly to her.

“I’m sorry,” she started, “Shouldn’t have said those things to you.” She apologized avoiding my eyes. I could see hurt in her eyes. It wasn’t a big deal to understand that it wasn’t just about me, maybe it was beyond me that moment.

“It’s ok, just give me the files and sit back down let me tell you something.” I said collecting the files from her.

I dropped them back on the table and waited for her to sit back down before I commenced with what I wanted to tell her. After standing for a moment, she turned and lowered herself on the couch still avoiding my eyes.

“You are right,” I started, “I had something with her a couple of times.”

“I know.” She replied flatly.

“How?” I asked surprised.

“It was written all over her face the moment she saw me at the door, the hate, anger and everything.” She replied. “I’m sorry but I shouldn’t have been here if I knew you were having something with your neighbor.” She continued.

“Fiolla we had something but that was in the past.”

“What I saw in her eyes didn’t look like what you guys had was in the past.” She persisted.

“Truth is I am supposed to be the one holding on but…..” I started before she cut through my words.

“But you’ve had your fill with her, huh?”

“Fiolla!, I’m not that kinda guy.”

I started and narrated how I met Tolu and everything that happened between us. By the time I was done, she had guilt written all over her face. She couldn’t look up to face me nor say anything.

“I’m sorry to have judged you.” She apologized guiltily.

“It’s ok, boss, forgiven.” I said smiling to lighten the mood.

“Don’t start the boss thing with me now.” She retorted with smiles. “You might have moved on but believe me, that girl loves you and I saw it in her eyes.”

“I don’t care.” I said and continued before she could stop me. “Tell me why you went off like that on me, at least you owe me that.”

“It’s nothing.” She retorted defensively.

“Not when nothing is something, say it all and say it true.” I persisted.

“Toby please.” She pleaded.

“Well it’s ok if you don’t want. But, I just told you one thing I wouldn’t have told anyone.” I surrendered. “Do you take anything hot?” I asked trying to brush off the topic.

“Depends on how hot.” She replied.


“I can deal.”

I went to the fridge and pulled a bottled of Mc Dowels and two glass cups before coming back. I poured two shots and handed one to her before sitting back to sip on mine. I watched her sipped hers without a change of countenance; surprised. We both seem not interested in working on the files again as we just sat with our cups sipping without words.

“Six years ago, I will never forget it.” She started gazing at her cup. “I was 19, in my third year in school and naively in-love. The future looked bright and set for me with him. He was perfect that sometimes I wondered if I was deserving of him. He was my first and everything I ever wanted.” She took another sip from her cup before continuing.

“I was the envy of my friends and almost all that knew about our relationship. I never lacked, not like I was from a poor home but he made sure that I had double or triple of all I wanted. He was patient with me that I couldn’t wait to give him my innocence; I wanted him to have it on his special day.

Finally the day came; the day of his graduation. His parents had organized a graduation party for him and I couldn’t wait to finally give my all to him. The day started off having me nervous for the better part of the morning.

I tried my best to look heavenly for him and to also impress his parents and maybe siblings though he never talked about any of them. He didn’t want me to come to the convocation hall because he was going to be very busy; he’d told me, and would leave immediately to make sure that everything was in place in his home. I accepted without a second thought.

He’d handed me over to his then best friend to chauffeur me to his house and keep me company till when he’d introduce me to all as his own; his parents most especially; I couldn’t wait.

We got to their house and things started unfolding but I was just naïve enough not to have picked the hints. First, for somebody that said he was going to leave school immediately after the conferment of awards was over, we had stayed almost two hours before he came back with his entourage. Throughout the time we waited for him in their house, I kept calling but he never answered.

When they finally came back, I couldn’t contain my joy when he walked up to us and hugged me, though it was brusque but it meant so much to me. I couldn’t even get to say a proper congratulations to him before he rushed off leaving me with his friend who I was so happy to be with as it still gave me all the reassurance I needed.

As the party progressed with dignitaries everywhere, I couldn’t wait for him to just take me up and introduce me to her parents and everybody. I didn’t fail to notice the constant presence of a girl around him. I give it to her, she was beautiful, still is, and probably everything I wasn’t then, but, I thought it was his sister and Femi his friend also confirmed that.

While I was with Femi and other of his friends, he came around to us for the first time without the so called ‘sister’. He sat beside me for the first time and I felt so on top of the world. He reassured me that he was going to introduce me to his parents immediately they are a bit free. I accepted and even told him not to rush it that I wasn’t in a hurry. I asked him if we could have some privacy, possibly in his room for me to give him my convocation gift. He told me that some of his cousins were staying in his room and led me to another room outside the main building; boys quarters.

The room we entered wasn’t much furnished. It just had a bed, and curtains nothing more. I cared less because all I wanted was just to give my precious gift to the most precious man in my life.

We had barely settled when I went into his arms and started kissing him. Shortly we were on the bed and that was how I gave it all to him on a platter. I was in pain after all but I managed to give him a smile as he stood up dressing properly. He left afterwards telling me to come out some five minutes after him as he didn’t want any of his siblings to see us before they get to know me.

Long story short, I managed to finally get myself back into the main house to a welcoming and knowing smile from Femi. I knew he could tell from my movement that something had happened but I cared less as I smiled coyly sitting beside him. If only I knew the shock that was coming next.

It wasn’t long before his parents came down with him and the girl who had changed into another outfit. They were both walking down behind his parents hand in hand. He looked at me not with the enthusiasm he had before. It was then that something triggered off fear in me. I felt shivery but managed to hold myself together.

Shortly after the vote of thanks from his father, he went further to unveil the bomb by announcing the engagement of Damilola; my own boyfriend to Bisola the girl beside her.

I couldn’t explain how I felt seeing Dami; my own man, the air I breath, my all go on one knee proposing to the girl. The only thing I knew happening as tears trickled down my eyes was Femi who opened his mouth to call me ‘iyawo oremi’ few minutes ago clapping and cheering with the crowd.

How I gathered my broken self out from there to my house in school I couldn’t tell. I had locked myself in and cried for days refusing to be consoled.”

She had tears rolling down her eyes at this point. She pushed her empty cup out to me for a refill. Which I hesitated as that was her third round but she urged me on.

“If it was just the heartbreak, I would have gotten over it,” she continued, “But, the worst nightmare of my life came two months later when I couldn’t see my period and a test confirmed that I was pregnant. My world came to a halt. And that was how my priceless gift HOPE came to be.”

I walked over to and settled beside her while the tears kept streaming down her eyes.

“I’m sorry.” I said compassionately getting her to rest on my shoulder. While silence enveloped the room. I could feel my shoulder wet with her tears. After a while, I asked her.

“Didn’t you tell him about the pregnancy?”

“I did.” she replied.

“And what happened?” I persisted.

“He denied it in front of everybody; my parents and his parents.” She started. “He even went further to accuse me of having many sexual partners and trying to pitch the pregnancy on him.”

“That’s cruel.” I said.

“My parents disowned me afterwards; I differed the rest of the sections in school and stayed with my elder sister till I gave birth to HOPE.”

“I’m sorry for all you have passed through.” I consoled. “Did you tell him after you gave birth to Hope?”

“Yea, knowing that he is the father of my child, I told him just for formality sake through a message.” She replied.

“And did he get back to you?”

“No, he didn’t. What happened was that four days after I sent him the message, I got a credit alert of twenty million naira and also a message telling me to take care of myself and my baby.”

“Humans can be very cruel.” I said.

“I went back to school a year after and completed the differed sections, went for service and got this job afterwards.”

“What happened to the money.” I asked.

“I told my sister about it but she didn’t want to hear anything of such. She told me to return it that she would take care of me to any level in life. But, there was no way for me return it since it I didn’t have his account number. After some days, I told my sister that I have returned it but I know she didn’t believe me.”

“What did you do with it?”

“I used half of the money to buy shares in Hopes name and left the other half on fixed deposit.”

“Well you did well for him, Hope I mean.” I said.

“I guess I did.” she replied.

“What about your parents?” I inquired.

“I haven’t seen them in over three years now and God knows I don’t want to see them.” She replied bitterly.

“Fiolla?”I called surprised.

“They lost me the day they turned their back on me when I needed them most. The only people I have in this world are my sister and her family and my Hope.” She said.

“And what about me?” I asked smiling to lighten the mood.

“And that one next door will kill me for you.” She replied smiling for the first time since she started narrating her tales.

We both fell into another silent mood sipping from our cup quietly. I had lots of thoughts running through my head before she suddenly jolted me back.

“Do you find me attractive?” she asked.


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