Caught In A Web Episode 25

“Do you find me attractive?” she asked.


“You heard me, do you find me attractive?” she repeated.

“Of course you are attractive.” I replied “Who wouldn’t attest to that?” I replied.

“And you must have wished to sleep with me?” she persisted.

“Yea, a couple of times, no offense just how the mind works.” I replied.

“Can you handle a single mother?” she continued smiling naughtily.

“Fiolla, it’s just some thoughts.” I started to explain before she cut through my words.

“I am not ready to commit or to Love. If we are going to do this, it’s going to be strictly professional, no strings attached.” She said firmly staring me in the eye balls.

That moment as I stared into her eyes, I lost every will power to turn her offer down, not like she gave me any option. I nodded before our lips gradually joined and letter transcended into a bout of passionate love making which left us exhausted afterwards; I got another screamer sex mate.


I stirred and yawned stretching on the bed. I looked around but didn’t see Fiolla but I could hear the sound of music coming from the sitting room. Rolling to her own side of the bed, I breathed deeply her scent which sent some shivers down my spine drifting my mind back to the previous night.

I had carried her into the room as our emotions started getting heated up by the kiss. Despite having a kid already, her boobs stood firmly and could contest and win most boobs that have not been suckled by a baby. The only different was that when I sucked deep, I felt some tasty liquid which I didn’t mind. My lips and hand on her boobs was driving her nuts as she had transcended from deep moans to loud.

Finally, I had my dick caressing the length of her slit before forcing my way into her. She was very tight that I had to go slowly and firmly before having my all into her. She was moaning loudly with each thrust of my dick till I came so hard into her. We had slept off cuddling afterwards

“Good morning” I greeted walking into the room to find her already working on the files.

“Good morning sleepy head, thought you weren’t going to wake up.” She replied smiling up at me.

“All thanks to you.” I retorted heading back to ease myself.

“Whatever!” she shouted behind me.

While emptying my bladder, I couldn’t help but think about the new development. Though she had made it clear that it was going to be no strings attached but, was it really going to be? I wondered how it would be for us from that moment henceforth. The idea of it all felt trilling that I looked forward to every bit of it, if only it was going to be no strings attached.

While we were having our romp the previous night, I heard my phone ring followed by the message tone and on checking it that morning the call was from Tolu and also was the message; her good night message.

“What do you want to have for breakfast?” I asked coming back into the sitting room.

“Anything you have.” She replied. “Did I ask you that the day you slept over at my house?”

“Hey! Was just trying to be a gentle guy. Why are you so unappreciative of kind gestures.” I fired at her heading to the kitchen.

“Pretentious kind gestures.” She retorted behind me.

I felt like there should be a little bit awkwardness between us following the events of the previous night but her attitude depicts nothing of such; she behaved like nothing happened. She was still clad in her outfit declining my offer of changing into some of my casuals.

I made noodles with fried egg which we had for breakfast before going back to work which we finally rounded up later in the day after which she left.


The following week, started off a bit not like I expected. While I was getting ready for work, I had high hopes of Fiolla calling but she never did. On my part I didn’t want to call her. As I stepped through the door, I met Tolu waiting for me. She was dressed ready for work that I didn’t have to ask if she was going to work.

“Tolu good morning.” I greeted surprised.

“Good morning Toby, how was your night?” she replied with a smile.

“It was fine and yours?”

“Wasn’t bad,” she replied.

“Guess you are ready for work?” I asked locking my door.

“Yea, was actually waiting for you.” She replied with a smile.

“Huh? Hope I’m safe abi make I run back inside?” I asked joking as we both laughed.

“C’mon let’s go, I want to give you a ride. It’s a shame that since we became neighbors I haven’t been to your work place not even to know or say hi.” She replied walking down the stairs.

“T?” I called surprised. “You don’t have to do that, let me not delay you; you can come around anytime you are free.” I protested.

“And that is Today, let’s go already or don’t you want me to know your work place?” she persisted.

“Why not?”

“ Then let’s get going.” With that she turned and continued walking down the stairs while I followed suit.

She didn’t need to ask me the direction as she keyed in my work place on the car GPRS and the direction appeared. The drive was almost done in silence as we only said what needed to be said after which we fell into silence. This was the sequence till we got to my work place. I thanked her before stepping down just as Fiolla was driving in. I waited till she drove out before heading towards Fiolla’s car.

We said the morning pleasantries before I made to carry her bag but she declined.

“Hope everything is ok with you?” I asked as we walked toward the entrance.

“Yea.” She replied casually.

I didn’t want to push further so I kept quiet and slowed down a bit allowing her some steps ahead. She turned and gave me a look on noticing that I wasn’t at the same level with her but didn’t stop.

I was just done with morning supervision and was walking back to my office when Janet intercepted me.

“Good morning Toby.” She greeted smiling coyly.

“Good morning Janet.” I replied with a smile. “How are you?”

“I’m fine, madam is asking for you.” She replied before walking away while I headed to Fiolla’s office.

I knocked twice before turning the handle. “You asked for me?” I asked walking into the office. She was relaxed back busy with her ipad.

“Yes Toby, have a seat.” She replied formally.

“Thank you ma.” I said drawing out a seat. Since she wanted to go formal on me, we both can just get it going. I didn’t fail to notice the way she looked at me when I added the ma to the thanks.

“Give me a minute.” She continued flipping through the surface of the gadget.

“No problem ma.” I replied again and that must have offset her.

“What’s wrong with you and that ma thing this morning?” she asked annoyed dropping the tablet on her table.

That was enough to make me laugh which I did.

“Thought we were being formal ma?” I replied laughing.

“And that was why you couldn’t call as I didn’t call you this morning.” She fired. “Lemme guess because you already had a lift offer right.”

“Is that jealousy I smell?” I teased laughing.

“And you think it’s funny?”

“It is to me sha.” I replied.

“Hope got sick this morning, my sister called me so I had to drive over there.”

The smile varnished from my face immediately. “How is he?” I asked with a serious countenance.

“He is fine, just malaria. My sister’s husband already took care of him.” She replied.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know.” I apologized guiltily.

“It’s ok, but, why didn’t you call?” she asked.

“I thought you didn’t call because of Friday so I just thought it wise to stay away.” I explained.

“Hmmm!” she sighed “Is that? Or because you already got an offer from your in-love neighbor?”

“It has nothing to do with that. She actually met me on the road and decided to help.” I lied.

“You know your pride will kill you one day. I think you didn’t call because of your pride.” She accused. Not like she was wrong.

“It’s not.” I defended.

“I hear you. Well now that we are clear, can you get out of my office already?” she said making a serious face.

“Sure, with all pleasure ma .” I replied standing to leave. “Just don’t send for me again ma.”

“I won’t sir.” She fired behind me. “And have a nice day.”

“You too.” I murmured walking out of the office.

“I heard that boy.” She shouted.


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