Caught In A Web Episode 26

The rest of the week went by uneventful apart from the normal routine at work. Though it would seem like nothing changed between Fiolla and I but, something did. The winks, and other funny stuffs coupled with a little of some dirty weird talks between us. Beside those, nothing intimate transpired between us.

At the close of work on Friday, as we made our way home she invited me to one of her friend’s birthday party holding that night. I gladly accepted owing to the fact that it has been ages since I went for a night party.

As I got home, I heard loud music playing from Tolu’s apartment. I was surprised because I never heard her play music that loud. I made to knock on her door but decided against it. Since after the incident, I haven’t been to her room.

Since the party was 10pm I decided to grab a nap before it was time but just as I laid on the couch, I heard a knock on the door. If it wasn’t Tolu then I don’t know who else. I walked to the door and peeped, true to my thought, it was her.

“Hey.” I greeted holding the door open. To say that I was surprised was economizing words. Tolu was on the door holding a covered plate. I could still hear the loud music from her room.

“Good evening.” She greeted, “And how was your day?” she asked walking pass me into the room.

“ It was good and yours?” I replied closing the door.

She walked to the dining and dropped the plate before turning to face me. I could smell something like burnt food.

“I cooked.” She said smiling.

“Why am I tempted to shout first in history?” I teased laughing as she joined me.

“You can,” she said. “It’s actually the first time.”

“You are kidding right? Let’s see how your first meal tastes.” I said walking towards the dining table. “Let’s eat together.” I offered.

From the aroma of the food I knew it was burnt. Scoping a spoon full to my mouth, I chewed at it gently and thoughtfully as she looked on awaiting my judgment. If you haven’t cooked before, don’t start your first with jellof rice.

After the first spoon, I went for the second and the third. The food was an apology but I didn’t want to mock her first effort or make her feel bad. It was over spiced and burnt .

“Say something already now.” She pleaded as I kept eating without saying anything. “Is it that horrible?”

“Are you sure you have not cooked before?” I asked through mouth full. “This doesn’t taste like first time to me.”

“Are you for real? So I got it right?” she asked happily smiling like a baby.

“I am going to finish this if you don’t join me.” I continued the pretence.

“There is more, should I get?” she offered.

“Let’s finish with this already. I have already had dinner but couldn’t resist this after the first spoon.”

We ate together after which I made to carry the plate but she declined. She left with it to my kitchen to wash after which she returned it to her room. It was already 9:30pm when she came back.

“Thanks for the meal.” I appreciated as she took her normal position on the couch.

“Thank you too for eating. I know that was the worst meal you have tasted but thanks for not making me feel bad.” She said.

“Who said it’s the worst meal?” I asked.

“I.” she replied. “It was burnt, over spiced, half done, name it. C’mon I have eaten yours.” She persisted.

“T listen, the food is good and I liked it.” I said. “But I will teach you some techniques tomorrow or next if you don’t mind.”

“Sure, I don’t, thanks.”

We made some other small talks before it struck 10pm and Fiolla started calling.

“I am ready.” I said as the line connected.

“Oh! Thought you’d be sleeping.” She said.

“Nah, I wasn’t.”

‘Ok give me some minutes to dress up, I will be in your place shortly.” She said before dropping the call.

“Umm!!” I started. “I’m going out with a friend.”I said dropping the phone on the couch.

“Oh! Ok. Guess I need to go so that you can get ready.” She said standing.

“We will see tomorrow.” I said as she walked to the door while I followed behind her.

She got to the door and turned facing me.

“Toby.” She started. “I’m still very sorry. If I can say this till forever I will. It keeps eating me up every day.”

“T c’mon.” I said walking close to her holding her should and gaze. “I have forgiven you. I’m not that heartless. I know things aint the way it was anymore but don’t think I still hold some grudges against you.”

We went silent as she held my gaze with her misty eyes.

“I’m sorry.” She finally muttered before I took her into a warm embrace. After some moment, we disentangled but what came next was unexpected.

As I made to shift back to give her some space, she gathered my face into her hands and pressed a kiss to my lips immediately. I held back for a moment but as she wasn’t ready to let go and I also wasn’t ready to stop her, I reciprocated the kiss which started hitting up before Fiolla’s call came in.


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