Caught In A Web Episode 27

We broke off the kiss but the hunger in her eyes was unmistaken. I walked back and got the phone.

“Ok, will meet you down stairs.’ I said before dropping the call. Tolu must have heard me as she turned the door knob and left closing it behind her.

As I dressed up, the thought of Tolu hung on my mind. I couldn’t believe I still had feelings for her. I still had her longing deep in me. It just took the kiss to bring it all back.


“What took you so long boy? Na make up you dey apply?” Fiolla asked as I entered the car.

“No mind me jare. Stained my shirt just as I was about to step out.” I lied. She was clad in knee length fitted blue gown which exposed half her bare laps. The deep V cut of the gown exposed a moderate chunk of cleavage which kept drawing my eyes to them.

“You look hot.” I complimented pulling on the seat belt.

“And you look so handsome as always .” she replied with a beautiful smile. Her makeup was perfect bringing out all her beauty. On my part, I had a white T shirt over a deep blue jean with black sneakers.

“Yea, I know you always check me out every day but thanks anyways.” I teased looking out through the glass.

“Hey!!” she yelled, “Now your head don dey swell abi?”

“Check it out,” bringing my headed closer to her, “is it swelling?”

“You are naughty.” She said pushing my head away with a knock.

We played on as she turned the ignition and eased the car into motion. Mare looking at her laps as she alternated them on the car controls kept stirring my loins. The heaving and continuous juggling of her boobs did well to keep my arousal hitting up. She noticed that I was staring and gear up the tease.

I had the urge to take my hands down and caress her laps and also to take it up and smooch her boobs but lacked the courage. The more she moved her ‘sensuals’ the more aroused I get.

My hard on was becoming visible and there was nothing I could do to hide it. I couldn’t cross my legs nor sit on it. The once comfortable atmosphere was becoming uncomfortable for me.

“You are hard already?” she asked plainly her eyes on the road.

Since there was no need to deny it, I had to man up to it. “Yes, all thanks to your provocations.”

“Are you blaming me for that?” she asked turning to me with a naughty smile.

“Nah, I am not. Just telling you that you charm is working perfectly.” I replied casually.

“And what would you do to me to stop?” she continued slowing down with the left pointer blinking.

“It’s better experienced than imagined.”

“I will like to imagine it before experiencing it.” She said making a girlish face as the car came to a stop. It wasn’t rocket science knowing what she wanted.

“Believe me you’d better experience it.” I said looking out through the glass. “Where are we?”

“We are everywhere except the venue of the party.” She replied slowly with a longing in her eyes. “Make me experience it.”

That urging alone was enough to make me rush my hand into her gown and tear off her undies but, at the road side, in the middle of nowhere, it’s a no for me.

“Are you sure you want to.” I asked looking into her eyes.

She parted her laps more and heaved up her chest in response.

“Then you are going to play it my way.” I continued. “Drive on.”

She looked at me unbelievably but turned the ignition without question getting the car back to the road. She kept her face to the road expressionless but it was clear in her eyes; she was hot.

She’d barely gone a few poles when I started caressing her laps. The feel of her laps reignited my arousal. I felt her shiver a bit as I took my hand deep into her gown pressing my finger on her pant covered mound. I noticed that she was already soaked wet.

“Don’t get us both killed Toby.” She murmured through her teeth still focused on the road.

“I’m not the driver remember.” I replied with a smile pulling out my hand to play around her laps again.

I kept my restriction on her laps till she drove into the venue of the party; a hotel. She drove slowly till she located a free parking space between two cars and eased the car between them. As the car came to a stop, I went back to work on her crouch.

Pulling her pant aside, I dipped in a finger into her soaked Well and started stroking her wall. She had her head thrown back moaning lightly with eyes closed. I could feel myself leaking drops of precum but wanted to give her what she deserved.

With my hand soaked and filled with her liquid, I located her clit. As I made contact with it, she shivered and moaned deeply before covering her mouth with her hands while I laughed.

I maintained a slow tickling on her clit till she started convulsing before trapping my hand tight between her laps. She went stiff for a while before finally releasing herself letting go of my hand.

“You want to have a taste?” I asked waving my soaked hand before her face.

“I will pass.” She replied smiling. “You are a bad boy.”

“Who is still hard.” I replied as our eyes went down on the tent on jean.

“Oh!! And I nearly forgot.” She said smiling.

“Let’s go to the back.” She suggested looking at me for approval.

“After you.” I replied.

She pulled her shoes before making her way to the back of the car while I followed suit. The scene of two adults playing like teens inside a car was just so trilling.

“So how do you want it?” she asked smiling seductively pulling on my belt as we sat side by side.

“It’s your show boss, any how you want it.” I replied cupping her boobs through her gown.

“Then let’s get the show started.” She said pushing me down gently.

I relaxed while she unhooked my belt zipping me down.

“Wow!! Someone is leaky already?” she said smiling down at my leaky dick. She gave me some soft stroke smearing the leaked precum over the head of my dick. She had a naughty smile perched on her lips while working this wonder on me. The strokes were sending spasms into my being making me jerk intermittently still handling with her boobs.

“I think I will like to have you deep inside me.” she said looking questionably at me.

I shrugged without words letting her do what she has got to do. She released my dick and pulled up her gown a bit. She came on me trapping my two legs between her laps. With one hand holding up my dick, she shifted her panties aside with the other before sinking gently on my dick. She was warm, oozing wet and tight as she kept lowering herself till I felt myself touching her depth.

“Uhhhmmmm!!!” she moaned through clenched teeth and closed eyes while I held to her waist preventing her from letting her entire weight down on me. The feeling of being inside her again was magnificent but I wouldn’t risk fracturing my dick upon being in an uncomfortable position.

She started grinding her waist on my dick making no effort to pull up. I guess she loved the feel of me touching her end.

With one hand one her waist, I raised the other and pulled out her boob from it’s cup and starting fonding it a bit hard pinching the Tips intermittently. She was grinding down on me so hard that it wasn’t long before I felt it coming. Releasing her boobs, I got hold of her waist and started thrusting up vigorously.

She bent on me holding to my shoulder as she couldn’t stand my hard deep thrusts anymore. I was jerking and thrusting till it came rushing deep into her leaving me shaking. She let herself on me as I wallowed in the ecstatic orgasmic feeling.

“Woow! That was awesome.” She said kissing me on the forehead. At that moment, all I wanted to do was sleep. Still on me, she reached out for the wipe on her car and drew some pieces to clean up.

“I feel like sleeping off here.” I confessed.

“Lazy bone,” she teased smiling down at me. “Remember we are here for a party.”

“Yea I know.” I replied sitting up as she got off me.

“A good way to start the night.” she continued stretching down her gown before making her way back to the front seat. “We should better get going before this girl screams down my head.”


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