Caught In A Web Episode 28

We got dressed properly before exiting the car making our way into the hotel’s lounge. Despite the round we had inside the car, I couldn’t help admiring her endowments as I let her walk a step ahead of me.

“I know you are looking at my ass boy.” She said without turning to me.

“If only I can help it.” I replied which made her stop.

“Oya o stop.” She said getting hold of my hand. “You aint my bodyguard.”

We walked hand in hand till we got to the entrance of the lounge before we broke it off. I guess her thought was as good as mine because I had it in mind to let go of her hand before entering the lounge.

It was more like a club kinda birthday party. The dance floor was filled to the brim with the DJ blasting the speakers. She kept exchanging greetings with people as we meandered our way through the crowd to the VIP session where the celebrant was with some dudes and girls.

“And I thought you weren’t going to make it.” A lady who should be in her early thirties and skimpily dressed shouted taking Fiolla into a hug. She looked more like a street kinda gurl.

“And what will stop me from making your party?” Fiolla replied with same tone.

The lady tilted her nose before bending to Fiolla’s shoulder.

“You smell funny babe and what’s with this glow? Tell me it’s not what I am thinking.” She shouted laughing, looking from Fiolla to me.

“Think whatever you like,” Fiolla said before introducing us. “Meet my friend Dami and D, meet my colleague and friend Toby.”

The girl stretched out her hand which I took.

“Happy birthday Dami.” I said holding her hand gently.

“Thank you Toby.” She replied smiling. “I know she wouldn’t have made it out here without you.” She continued.

She ushered us to some empty space before going back to her former position. The loud music made talking and hearing a bit a hard. The VIP section was dimly lit but one could still make out faces.

The drinks arrived shortly after we settled down. While Fiolla was all over me mostly resting on my shoulder and speaking into my ear, I noticed the exchange of looks between her and Dami with some naughty smiles.

“Dami knows we bleeped.” She leaned and said into my ear.

“I know.” I replied taking a sip from my cup.

“How?” she asked.

“You are glowing na, what else?” I replied.

“Forget the glowing part, Dami can smell a sperm from a hundred miles, it’s her gift.” She said laughing.

“Wow!! What a gift?” I replied laughing too. “Is that why she can’t seem to stop looking at us?”

“I have not been out like this in a long while.”

“And I guess she’s thinking that I brought you out.” I said looking at her.

“Yea and she is right. If you had turned down the offer, I wouldn’t have come.” She replied.

“Toby, bringing people out from their shell since time immemorial.” I said laughing while she hit me on the shoulder laughing too.


“Oooohhhhh!!!” she moaned pushing my head down while I lapped on digging into her with my tongue. While my tongue worked magic on her womanhood, my hands were handling her breasts, teasing her hard tip driving multiple pleasures into her.

“To…. Toby please, please…..” she screamed before jolting off from the bed running into the bathroom. I was surprised at her sudden reaction as I sat on the bed looking at the bathroom door smiling. The pleasure must have been too much for her to handle.


Half way into the party, we got hot and decided to get a room. Though I had suggested we go home but she wasn’t going to hear it. We’d started tugging at and tearing off each other’s cloth before we got to our room.

After an explosive two rounds which had left us both exhausted, I’d decided to wrap it up with a head before we called it a night. At first she was nervous and declined but I urged her to relax and let me work on her. She made me understand that she has never been given head. Maybe the thought of me going down there scared her or made her feel weird.

I’d started kissing her trying to calm her nerves. Pushing her down gently, I propped her waist up by pushing a pillow under her; the beautiful sight of her bare pussy was so welcoming. I started by teasing her with my fingers watching her reaction. She was arching herself up urging me on with her moan.

With my right hand robbing her clit repeatedly, I bent and laced the length of her slit with my tongue. She shivered and convulsed as I repeated the ritual again and again. It was a new feeling to her; no doubt, moans don’t lie.

I breathed some air into her before sticking my tongue deep pressing my finger hard on her clit and that had triggered her to react in that manner; running into the bathroom.


“Fi are you ok?” I asked leaning on the locked bathroom door.

“I don’t know.” She replied barely audible.

“Unlock the door, please.” I pleaded making sure to mask my amused tune.

“No.” she replied hurriedly.

“C’mon, what is it?” I started. “Ok, fine, I won’t touch you again, just come out lets go to bed.”

“Go on, I will be with you later.” she replied.

I smiled heading back to the bed. I couldn’t imagine Fiolla acting like a girl that just lost her virginity.

How I slept, I didn’t know, but I woke up to find her culled beside me Unclad sleeping peacefully. I didn’t want to disturb her peaceful sleep so I went back to sleep.


When I got home on Saturday, I wasn’t expecting to see Tolu around, but, she was. I had gone straight to my apartment, pulled and showered before letting myself to another round of sleep.

I don’t know for how long I slept but I woke up to my phone ringing. I sluggishly picked it up and checked the caller; Tolu.

“T what’s up?” I crooked into the phone yawning.

“Oh! Sorry, did I wake you up.” She asked apologetically.

“Yea but, it’s no probs.” I replied. “What’s up?”

“I’m good, wanted to remind you of the cooking lesson, but, guess we should leave it for another time.” She said skeptically.

“Oh! I forgot,” I started “I am coming, hope you have everything ready?” I asked sitting up from the couch.

“Maybe we can leave it and ……” she started before I cut through her words.

“I am coming already, gimme some minutes.” I said before dropping the call.

Yawning tiredly, I dragged myself from the couch to the bathroom to ease myself after which I went back to the room and threw some short over my boxer together with a polo before heading out to Tolu’s.

Her door was slightly open so I nudged it and entered before closing it behind me. The feeling of been in her room once again, the familiar fragrance and everything reminded me of the first time in that room. I breathed deeply before heading to the kitchen. She had her back to the door with ear phone plugged into her ears while she danced to whatever beat she was listening to. She had a bum short and a tank top with an apron tied behind her, she was washing tomatoes. I stood at the door for some moment before walking towards her.

As I got close, for whatever reason, I don’t know but I threw my hands around hugging her from the back. It must have scared her as she jerked dropping the tomato with a scream. On realizing that it was me, she relaxed back into me before pulling away the ear phone.

“Toby you scared me.” she said smiling without turning back. Maybe she thought I’d let go if she turned.

“Yes, because you had your ears blocked and I have been watching you twist and whine from the door.” I replied still holding her. The fragrance of her hair oil wafting through my nose and the feel of my hands resting above her boobs with her head resting on my shoulders were sending down signs down my loins.

We stayed like that for a moment before I decided to break it off but on noticing, she held my hand down.

“Toby please, just for some minutes more, please.” She pleaded.

“And we ain’t going to learn anything today if we decide to start this way.” I said not letting go.

“I don’t mind.” She replied kissing my hand.

For a moment in that position, I had lots of thoughts running through my head. I missed her, yes, I really did. with our breaths running simultaneously my arousal was picking up and just then, I know I have lost the battle for that moment, I can’t hold back.

Turning her around, we stared into each other’s eyes with a deep longing before our lips met and sparked off into a fierce breath taking kiss.

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