Caught In A Web Episode 29

Yawning tiredly, I dragged myself from the couch to the bathroom to ease myself after which I went back to the room and threw some short over my boxer together with a polo top before heading out to Tolu’s.

Her door was slightly open so I nudged it and entered before closing it behind me. The feeling of been in her room once again, the familiar fragrance and everything reminded me of the first time in that room. I breathed deeply before heading to the kitchen. She had her back to the door with ear phone plugged into her ears while she danced to whatever beat she was listening to. She had a bum short and a tank top with an apron tied behind her, she was washing tomatoes. I stood at the door for some moment before walking towards her.

As I got close, for whatever reason, I don’t know but I threw my hands around hugging her from the back. It must have scared her as she jerked dropping the tomato with a scream. On realizing that it was me, she relaxed back into me before pulling away the ear phone.

“Toby you scared me.” she said smiling without turning back. Maybe she thought I’d let go if she turned.

“Yes, because you had your ears blocked and I have been watching you twist and whine from the door.” I replied still holding her. The fragrance of her hair oil wafting through my nose and the feel of my hands resting above her boobs with her head resting on my shoulders were sending down signs down my loins.

We stayed like that for a moment before I decided to break it off but on noticing, she held my hand down.

“Toby please, just for some minutes more, please.” She pleaded.

“And we ain’t going to learn anything today if we decide to start this way.” I said not letting go.

“I don’t mind.” She replied kissing my hand.

For a moment in that position, I had lots of thoughts running through my head. I missed her, yes, I really did. with our breaths running simultaneously my arousal was picking up and just then, I know I have lost the battle for that moment, I can’t hold back.

Turning her around, we stared into each other’s eyes with a deep longing before our lips met and sparked off into a fierce breath taking kiss.

We were ravishing each other’s lips like long lost lover with our breaths hitting up. Suddenly it transcended to tearing of each other’s cloths as she tugged on my top trying to pull it over my head. With the apron and her top already on the floor, I had her boobs in my hand handling them gently not letting go of her lips.

Since my hands on her boobs and our lips sealed together couldn’t let her pull off my shirt, she left it hanging midway and went for my shorts. Within a twinkling of an eye, she had it down together with my boxer setting my dick from as it sprang out hard and nodding.

Slipping our lips, I bent down and took her boobs in my mouth and started suckling on them gently while she threw her head behind moaning lightly while stroking my dick slowly. I kept alternating between her boobs while pulling down her short which kicked away when it got to her foot.

Slipping a finger in, I started fingering her playing with her soaked walls intentionally avoiding her clit. The pleasure she was sending into me became so unbearable driving me so close. Pulling away, I turned her around making hold on the sink for support before gently burrowing my way deep into her from the back.

She screamed immediately she felt me inside her and started thrusting back meeting my already fiery thrust. It was a terrific moment as our moans kept resounding through the whole house. The erotic sound coming from the contact of our flesh me was so undescribable.

I thought I was close but nah, I still had more to give her. increasing the pace of my thrust, I started going deeper making sure that I filled her to the end. It wasn’t long before she starting jerking and shivering.

“Oh!!!!! Oh!!!!!! Toby……” she kept moaning before letting out a deep soul touching scream after which she went stiff her wall clasping tight around my shaft which immediately pushing me of the cliff and as I started loading her up with my jeez shaking like a possessed being.

I allowed myself deep into her as she laid on the sink motionless, with my hands holding her waist as my dick kept throbbing and getting flaccid. Pulling out finally with drops of sperm dropping from my dick, I got to her before she could fall on the floor and carried her up to the bedroom. I laid her on the bed and got her half covered with the duvet before walking out.

As I stepped out from her room back into the kitchen, guilt barraged me from every angle. Lazily, I got my cloths on and walked back to my room with a mind laced with guilt.

I didn’t see her again the rest of the weekend and the following week. For some reason, I wasn’t as much perturbed by her absence as I used to. Though the guilt I felt has turned into another feeling which I couldn’t comprehend, but deep down a worry was beginning to form.


Over the next couple of weeks, things took a different dimension. There was just an awkwardness between Fiolla and I. I guess it had to do with her reaction on the night of the party. The drive from the Hotel home that fateful morning was one I wasn’t going to forget; she’d been so shy to even look me in the eyes.

The first week after, she acted all formal towards me but after the week, she started loosening up. Firstly, we started making jokes about the night and everything once again returned to normalcy.


It was being a hectic day for me, supplies came and a whole lot of things were to be done. Fiolla had been called to the Headquarters leaving me to the whole supervision. I so looked forward to retiring to my office that by the time everything was rounded up, I was already running to the comfort of my office.

I had barely sat for five minutes when my intercom beeped. Grudgingly I picked only to be told that Tolu was around to see me.

“Walk her in” I’d replied before dropping the call.

“What would she be looking for?” I asked myself arranging the pile of papers on the table. We have not seen each other after that Saturday.

“Come right in.” I said as a knock sounded on my door.

Janet held the door as Tolu walked in before she curtsied and closed it after her. If only I could flog her for all the formalities.

Tolu looked so beautiful in a Milly top and light Elliot jeans, milk colour Paul Andrew shoes and white Christian Dior bag. Like she knew that I was admiring her, she stood for a moment smiling before turning around showing me her backside.

“You are not serious.” I said as we both laughed.

“Wanted to show you everything na.” she replied smiling.

“Welcome jare, don’t mind me, got taken.” I said waving her to a seat.

She settled on the seat with a thanks still holding her beautiful smile.

“Your office is good.” She complimented looking around.

“Thanks,” I replied. “And what do you I offer you?”

“And where can you get anything to offer me here?” she asked smiling looking around the room.

“Hey! Forgotten that this is a mall?” I reminded her.

“Oh! I forgot, pardon me” she said. “Don’t worry about offering me anything, I’m good.”

“If you say so.” I surrendered. “So to what do I owe this august visit? I haven’t seen you in years.” I asked smiling.

“Your sarcasm is well noted.” She retorted smiling too.

“Ok, to what do I owe her majesty’s presence.” I said curtsying with a bow. She laughed so loud at my gesture reminding me of some good moments in the past.

“To everything and to nothing, got some days off; work leave, was bored at home so I decided to stop by.”

“Oh!! Since when have been on leave, this is Thursday?” I asked.

“Started on Monday.” She said reaching out for her phone.

It just occurred to me that I have been seeing her car each time I’m out for work. I never attributed it to anything. Maybe I was just busy trying to suppress the realization of still having feelings for her and suppressing the fear rearing up in my mind.

“Hmmm!! And I guess you have been indoors all these while?” I continued with some wired thoughts going through my mind.

“Not really, I go to see friends and I went home yesterday. But most of it I have spent indoor.” She replied.

We relapsed into a little moment of silence. I didn’t want to ask her where she’d been or why we’ve avoided each other since that Saturday. After some quiet moment, I decided to channel the discussion away from us.

“How is Tessy?” I finally asked . It had always been on my mind to.

“She is fine,” she shrugged. “Though we don’t really get along that much again but we still talk.”

From the way she talked, I know she didn’t want to delve more into it so I just let it go. I would have asked her after Hariet but didn’t know how to go about it.

Who knows how she’d be feeling? Hariet. If only I didn’t allow her sister’s issues come between us.

I was still with my thought when I heard a knock and Fiolla walked in.

“And someone didn’t bother to…..” she started and stopped on realizing that I was with a visitor as we both turned looking at her. The glint in her eyes suddenly disappeared as she saw Tolu.

“Oh!! Sorry.” She apologized. “I will be in my office.” She said and left before I could call her back.


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