Caught In A Web Episode 30

As she left, Tolu picked her bag and announced her departure. The look on her face was enough to explain what she had going on in her head. It takes a strong will to hide anger and jealousy. Dealing with two jealous ladies was the least of what worried me that moment.

After seeing Tolu off to her car, I didn’t want to ask her anything pertaining to her sudden decision to leave, it was obvious and getting an attitude was the last thing I had on my list at that moment.

I branched off to Fiolla’s office on my way back. She was busy with her phone as I walked in.

“Good afternoon Fi.” I greeted settling on the seat knowing that she wouldn’t offer me one. I know something was wrong with her too as she just murmured a reply to my greeting without looking up at me from her phone. Why would she be giving me an attitude? Not like she walked in on me doing anything against office rules.

“How did it go at the Headquarters’?” I asked breaking the silence.

“Cool.” She replied casually still engrossed with her phone.

“Alright, I will leave you to your phone then.” I said making my way to the door. I thought she would call me back but she didn’t and I didn’t bother looking back.

When I got back to my office, instead thinking about Fiolla an Tolu, I allowed the exhausted part of me take over and laid my head on the table to have a nap.


I was angry as I fixed myself a quick dinner of noodles. How could Fiolla be acting like a kid because she walked in on Tolu in my office. If she had barged in on us in a compromising position or act, her attitude would have been justifiable.

I had thought that she was going to get over whatever she felt but, when she left from work without giving me a heads up, I realized that I was wrong thinking that she will get herself together.

When Janet told me that she has left, the first thought that came to my mind was to pull out my phone and give her a call but, one a second thought I decided against it. Since I wasn’t stranded, I will find my way home.


I was just done eating when I heard a knock on my door. I hesitated for a while before heading to answer the door with just my boxer short. I held the door open to Tolu looking so beautiful without any make up. She stood innocently clad in a short pink night wear. My anger vanished as we stared at each other for a while before I realized myself.

“T good evening,” I greeted jolting her from her own thoughts.

She heaved a sigh and smiled coyly, “Sorry, those abs got me.”

“Hey, don’t start please.” I said leaving the door while she walked in behind me. “How was your day?” I asked walking to the room to have something over the boxer.

“Was ok.” She replied behind me.

If I didn’t make that move, it wouldn’t have been long before my hard-on becomes noticeable. I didn’t want her to know that she still has that effect on me.

“Umm.. about earlier today in your office,” she started, “I am sorry for leaving like that.”

“It’s ok, at least coming around was enough.” I said settling on the couch. “Have you had dinner? I made noodles.”

“Nah, I am fine.” She replied her attention on the television.

We reclined into a moment of silence busy with our phones. I wasn’t doing anything so reasonable with my phone as I kept flipping through my recent and old pictures. A part of me wanted to call it in but, the other part wanted otherwise.

“So, how did your day go?” I asked breaking the silence.

“My day?” she repeated looking up, “went well. Not really like I expected though.”

I understood the direction our discussion will take if I followed her trail so I decided to cut it off and call it a night.

“Today was hard at work, guess I will be calling it in.” I said yawning tiredly.

“Oh! I noticed. Alright then,” she said standing, “guess it’s good night?”

“Yea,” I replied as we walked to the door.

“Can I ask you something?” she asked standing before her door.

“Yea, sure.”

“You guys dating, the lady at your work place?” she asked holding my gaze.

“ T goodnight.” I said after moment of silence. I didn’t want to honor her with any answer. Better to keep her imagining things in her mind.

“Toby please just tell me.” she pleaded.

“Have a good night rest T.” I retorted before closing the door.

I felt so happy as I locked the door heading to my room.

I couldn’t contain the happiness. So Tolu is jealous? But, for what reason? I didn’t want to give a thought that she is in-love with me despite it being obvious. The fact remains, I still believed that no matter what feelings I had for her which I know had started rearing its head again will lead the both of us nowhere.

I just laid on my bed when my phone beeped with a message tone; message from Tolu.

“Toby, maybe this is the best way for me to tell you this. I LOVE YOU. I know I have no right to tell you this but if only I can hold it back forever. I know you don’t and might never feel same way for me, but no matter what happens, I LOVE YOU.”

I read the message again and again. What does she mean ‘whatever happens’? After giving the message a thought for a while, I turned off the phone and called it a night.

****** ******

I jolted from the bed crying and sweating profusely. “Thank God, it’s a dream” I muttered searching around the bed for my phone. Turning the phone on, I checked the time; 3:30am. I heaved deeply leaving the bed for the bathroom to ease myself.

I couldn’t sleep again afterwards. The thought and possible meaning of the dream kept my mind busy. Picking my phone, I swipe the lock, scrolled down to Tolu’s number and placed a call to her.

“Toby?” she called as the line connected. The surprise in her voice was unmistaken.

“Yea, T good morning.” I greeted calming my nervousness.

“Good morning Toby, everything ok?” she asked. From her tune it’s obvious that she has been up for a while.

“Yes, T are you ok?” I asked.

“Yea?” she answered.

I sighed lowly. The tension on the line was clear enough.

“Ok, no problems, just wanted to check on you.” I said. “You getting ready for work?” I continued.

“By this time?” she replied. “Couldn’t sleep so I decided to do some work.”

“Ok, guess I will see you later.”

“Toby, is everything ok?” she asked concerned.

“Yea, everything is fine.” I replied.

“Ok then, if you say so.” she surrendered.

“Yea.” I replied before the line disconnected.

I don’t know what happened but in the dream, I was arguing with Fiolla over what I can’t remember when she suddenly pulled a gun at me. Before I could plead for my life she’d already pulled the trigger and out of the blues Tolu was in front of me and the bullets caught her.

I couldn’t believe my eyes as she slumped on me bleeding. I’d held her crying and pleading with Fiolla to call for help but she was nowhere to be found again. I’d kept crying pleading with Tolu not to die on me with promise to make things right between us before I woke up.

What could be the meaning of the dream? I asked myself rolling on the bed restless. I would have passed it off as just a dream but everything within me was against it.

I was still with my though till my alarm rang and just then, the mosque beside my compound started calling for prayers.


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