Caught In A Web Episode 32

I just got back from supervision and was about to vet some financial documents when Fiolla knock and entered locking the door behind her. I looked up as she walked to my table.

“Good morning ma.” I greeted standing as she stood before my table.

“Toby sit down.” She commanded pulling out a seat for herself. I waited till she settled on her seat before lowering myself on mine. We fall into silence staring at each other. After a while, she cleared her throat.

“Why did you bring her here?” she asked quietly.

“She just dropped by to say hi, I didn’t invite her .” I replied.

“Really, Just dropped by to say hi and was so relaxed chatting and laughing?” she continued.

“What is this?” I started a bit annoyed. “Even if I invited her, am I now restricted from having visitors?”

“You don’t get to invite your numerous straff partners here. This is a legitimate business establishment not a chalet.” She barked.

“Really, what is all this about?” I asked surprised at her reaction and words.

“You told me you don’t have the hots for her anymore claiming that she is the one holding on to whatever you two had but, isn’t it obvious?” she said with her voice rising. “Really, why do you guys lie a lot, why?”

“Did you make some mistake when you said this is going to be a no string attached thing between us?” I asked trying to remind of her of the rules she laid down.

“You don’t need to remind me of what I said.” She barked. “Oh! Wait, really, I thought you are different, my bad.”

Our voices were rising and I didn’t like the direction it was all going anymore.

“Fiolla?” I called trying to calm her.

“Don’t fucking call my name. who are you really?” she retorted with blazing eyes.

“Fiolla , why are you acting this way?” I asked. “You walked in here and saw my friend and started acting up, is that right?”

“Of all the people in the world, your neighbor, the one you are supposedly not straffing anymore.” She replied staring at me.

“You know what Fi, I think we have to stop whatever is going on between us if this is how it’s going to be. I really don’t want this whole issue anymore.” I said relaxing back on the seat.

She went quiet for a while staring at me as tear started forming in her eyes. She made to say something but it stuck to her throat which made her swallow hard. I watched her fight the tears from dropping but a dropped already escaped before she looked up, raised her head to suppress the rest. After a while she brought it down and cleared her throat.

“Toby really, you want us to stop whatever it is going on between us?” she asked her gaze piecing through me. “You’ve had your fill already and want to discard me, right? Why do I always get involved with the wrong people?” she continued looking at me.

Her reaction and what she was saying was shattering me inside. This was never how I planned for us to end. I hate the fact that she was hurting right in front me.

“Fi, see I …..” I started but she stood up immediately shutting me up with a thunderous slap.

“Brace yourself Toby, by the time I’m done with you, you will regret and curse the day you set your eyes on me. And just so you know, this is for you.” She said dropping an envelope on the table before walking out.

The slap had left me stunned that I only looked on as she delivered her threats before storming out. As she left, I picked up the envelope, slipped my hand into it and pulled out a white paper neatly folded. I couldn’t believe my eyes on what I saw on the paper; Fiolla is two weeks gone for me.

Sweat broke out through every pour on my body as I stared at the pregnancy test result. I stood up and started pacing the length of my office with different thought running through my mind. The moments we had were the first that rushed into my head.

“Why didn’t I use condom?”

“What have I gotten myself into?”

“What will I tell my people? That I got a single mother pregnant?

“A Yoruba single mother, my mother will never hear of it.”

“Haba, just deny it, how sure are you that she is not sleeping with other people,” a voice said in my head.

“No, that will be a wrong step.” Another voice chipped in.

These and many other thoughts clouded my mind as I kept walking about in my office. How in hell am I going to handle?

Slotting the letter back into the envelope, I left my office to Fiola’s to have a heart to heart with her.

I knocked twice and turned the door knob gaining entrance to the room only to meet Fiolla crying on her table. She looked up with red swollen eyes as I walked in.

“Get out!?” she said through tears as I walked towards her table. Though she said that, it wasn’t convincing like she really wanted me out or so I thought.

“Fi?” I called walking around to her, “I am very sorry.” I said trying to take her into a hug but she pushed me away.

“Sorry for what exactly?” she started through tears. “Lying to me, using me or what exactly?”

“Fi please let’s not start with this again. I didn’t lie to you.” I retorted calmly.

“Lies! Lies! Lies!!” she said and continued sobbing.

“I’m not lying to you Fiolla. Whatever I had with her was in the past, can’t you believe me?” I said throwing up my hand in resignation.

“Believe you, really? I know better.” She said dabbing her eyes with a handkerchief. “You are here to talk about the pregnancy right?” she asked.

“No, Fi please, you need to calm down let’s find a way around this.” I started. “This is us, I like what we had, I am sorry things haven’t been right between us for a few days now but, that doesn’t change anything.”

“You know what?” she started her eyes blazing with anger, “I was naïve before to even see the hand writing on the wall even when it was staring at me. I was used before, but, this time, I am not naïve and won’t let it happen again, I know better now. About the pregnancy, don’t worry, its not staying.”

I stood at the same point where she pushed me staring at her. a part of me relieved that she isn’t thinking of keeping the pregnancy but, the other part wanted to talk and make things right.

“Fi we don’t need to take a rash decision,” I started. “This is our thing, let’s make the decision together.”

“Our thing?” she said with an evil grin. “Our thing when you were busy jumping into pussies. Toby read my lips, I will so deal with you….” She trail of for a moment before concluding with telling me to get out.

I made to talk but she shouted.

“Get out.” Pushing the words I was about to say back. I stood for some minutes before walking myself out.


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