Caught In A Web Episode 35

“ I’m sorry for all you have gone through in there.” Bunmi apologized compassionately as we drove out from the cell premises. “I am going to make sure that they pay dearly for every inch of pain you passed through. Tomorrow, I will file a summon to them. They better be battle ready.”

“Please, don’t” I started. “I need to talk to someone before that.”

She looked at me surprised.

“Toby, is there something you are not telling me?” she asked her eyes on the road.

“No, I have told you everything. Apart from my salary, I have never taken a dime from my firm.”

“Then, why stopping me?”

“Please, if the company didn’t file a case, I would like for it to die off like this.” I said avoiding her gaze.

“You can’t be serious,” she started pulling off the road. “There is something you are not telling me and I need to know it now.”

“Bunmi please, it’s not what you are thinking, first I need to talk with Tolu. Yes there is something I’m not telling you but I need to talk to Tolu first, please.”

“Alright, but she is out of the country and might not be coming back anytime soon.” She said pulling the car back into the road.

“What! Is everything ok with her?” I asked bewildered.

“Yea, she also left a message for you.”

“What is that?” I asked anxiously.

“I don’t know, it’s a parcel, didn’t open it.”

We made the rest of the journey to my house in silence. Oh! What neighbors I have. Nobody saw me and nobody even asked after me not even the gate man, not surprised though.

We got to my place and made our way up to my room. My room was an eye sour. Everywhere looked scattered. Walking sluggishly to the couch, I lowered myself on it while Bunmi stood with a brown envelop.

“This is for you from Tolu.” She said walking around to hand it over to me. I collected it with thanks dropping it on the couch beside me. She was about to say something else before her phone started ringing.

After talking on the phone for a while, she dropped the call and told me that it was an emergency and she needed to attend to it. I made to see her off but she decline promising to come around later and see me


I woke up looking around the room. I don’t know for how long I slept but it was a deep and peaceful sleep. Sitting up from the couch, my leg crashed into the dishes on the side stool. I sighed gathering the plates from the floor before heading off to the kitchen with them.


After Bunmi left, I decided to make something to eat. Noodles was what came to my mind and as I placed it on fire, I left to get everywhere in other while it cooked. Done with arranging, I went off to shower and shave after which I came back to the sitting room, ate and laid to sleep.


After washing the dishes, I came back and picked up the envelope from Tolu. It was sealed so I tore the seal off and dipped my hands in pulling out two neatly folded papers with a cheque. My heart skipped at the sight of the papers. Putting the cheque away, I unfolded one of the papers; it was a letter.

‘Toby, by the time you will be reading this I won’t be in the country anymore and I hope you will understand my reason for doing this.

Nothing would have given me more joy if this happened on a different circumstance, but that notwithstanding I had to do what needed to be done. I didn’t want to saddle you with the burden of making a rash decision, main reason why I had to leave. TOBY, I AM CARRYING YOUR BABY.

Yet, only three people know about this, Bunmi and myself, you are the third. I don’t know if you would have accepted the responsibility, another reason why I had to go, I didn’t want to put this precious thing growing in me in a balance.

Guess this is supposed to be some kind of tragic news, but, for some reason, I am happy about it; I am happy I have something from you growing in me.

Whatever emotion this news stirs up in you, I want you to give yourself time before making your decision. This baby is yours, it’s ours and if you decide that you don’t want it or have a double mind about it’s paternity, I won’t hold it against you and whenever it comes to the world, I will tell him/her about the man I fall in-love with.

You will find attached with this a cheque and the test result of the pregnancy. Use the cheque and set yourself up, this the least I can do for you; the father of my baby.

I will take care of this baby when it comes into the world and if you ever want to get in touch, Bunmi will help you with my contact.

Take care of yourself Toby, hoping to hear from you.



I didn’t know that I was already tearing up until it started streaming down my eyes. I let the tears as it poured uncontrollably. Putting the letter away, I picked the test result and read through it, it was three weeks by the time the test was done. My mind immediately calculated back, that should be about the last sexcapade I had with her.

I had my emotion under control by the time I picked the cheque. I couldn’t believe my eyes; five million naira. I held it dumbfounded as the tears started all over again. I let it slip from my hands to the couch as I relaxed back tears washing down my face with lots of thought going through my mind.

After a while I picked my phone and decided to call my family. They complained of having been calling me but my number has been switched off. I told them that I lost my phone and also that work has been hectic reason why I haven’t contacted them.

I called Uche after and narrated to him everything that had happened. He was so furious. He wanted me to take legal actions and was ready to make contact with his parents and family lawyer but I told him to let it go. After much persuasion, he had to let it go.


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