Caught In A Web Episode 36

Just as I dropped the call I had a knock on the door. My mind skipped immediately as I listened to know if it was from my door. It came again as if to confirm to me that it was from my door. I walked to the door and looked through the peephole. Relieve washed through me as I made out Bunmi’s face. I turned the lock and held the door open for her. She had a big nylon stuffed with take away foods and other edibles.

“Looks like you did some cleaning?” she asked dropping the bag on the table before settling on the couch.

“Yea.” I replied letting myself down on the couch.

“Ummm!! I got you some things, hope you don’t mind?” she said.

“You shouldn’t have bothered yourself….” I started before she cut through my words.

“It’s not a bother.”

“Thanks, I’m grateful.”

“So, have you called your people?” she continued pushing the conversation.

“Yea.” I replied.

“Did you tell them?”

“No,” I started. “Just gave them some excuses about work. I don’t want the whole world worrying about me.” I concluded with a smile.

“Really? But I think they should know.” She persisted smiling too.

“Yea, they will but not now, maybe when it will be told as a story.”

“Ok, if you say so.” she surrendered as her phone started ringing.

“My baby.” She said into the phone as the line connected.

I excused myself as the call went on to unpack the things she bought. From the kitchen I listened to her conversation on the phone. It didn’t seem like she was talking to a guy. I served the take away food on two plates and brought them back to the sitting room. When I came back, she was still on the phone. After a while, she ended the call and looked at me questionably.

“ Don’t look at me that way,” I started smiling. “I can’t finish it alone and I don’t think you’ve had dinner.”

She laughed at the way I reacted but said nothing. I dropped mine on the table and served hers on a side stool. We ate in silence for a moment before she asked.

“Do you still want to contact T?”

The question caught me unawares making me choke on the food I had in my mouth. I took a moment to gather myself before replying her.


“You know of her condition?” she continued.


“What are you going to do about it?” this time she had her eyes fixed on me.

I dropped the spoon and looked up but not meeting her gaze.

“I will need to talk with her. I can’t let her go through it alone.” I replied sincerely.

The look she had with her eyes still fixed on me was one I couldn’t decipher any meaning from. After a moment, she exhaled deeply like she had her breath held down for a long time.

“She told me everything that happened between you two. Toby I am sorry you had to go through that.” she said passionately.

I shrugged as it all came flooding back into my head. “It’s in the past,” I started. “I’m over it.”


It’s already three days after I came back and I haven’t stepped out from my room except when there is a need for me to go out and get something personal. For the three days, I’ve kept thinking of what to do and the step to take. So much was going on in my head leaving me lost in thought most times, even when I am about to scoop anything into my mouth, I usually find myself leaving the spoon hanging midway while my mind drifted away. Though I wanted to recuperate first before going out but I found myself losing weight more.

So many times I have tried to call Tolu but usually decide against it before it goes through. What will I tell her? I don’t even know where I stand with anything; everything. There is Fiolla for a start, I still want to meet with her, I need for us to talk. For some reasons I still feel connected to her, maybe because of my child that she Is carrying.

What about Hariet, what will I tell her? It’s going to break her heart knowing everything that had happened. How do I tell her that I got her sister pregnant and also with my superior at work? How will she see me?

What of Bunmi, she is going to be disappointed when I tell her the real reason why I was arrested.

After spending most of the day thinking, I decided to start taking action; the earlier the better.

I was dressed up and ready to leave. It was 7pm. For a start, I was going to meet Fiolla and try to sort out things with her. Even if she won’t see, I will try to talk to her.

Looking around for my phone, I picked it from the couch crack and headed to the door. A knock came coinciding with me turning the lock. I held tight to the door knob and locked the door before peering through the peephole; once bitten, twice shy.

I breathed with relieve on making out Hariet’s face. After she dropped me at work that fateful day, I have not seen or heard from her again.

Why is she here? I asked myself unlocking the door. Maybe Bunmi told her.

“Hey!” she greeted as I held the door open.

“Hariet!” I called feigning surprised. “Good evening.”

“Please! Spare me the pretence, like you’ve not seen me through the peephole already.” She said walking through the door with an envelope.

I smiled walking behind her after securing the door. Typical Hariet, always not mincing words.

“I picked this from your door step,” she started stretching out the envelope.

“From my door?” I asked collecting it skeptically from her.

“Yea,it was just lying there.” She added.

“Ok, thanks.”

Our eyes met and held unto each other for a moment. She had this sorry compassionate look which made me suspect that she knows already.


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