Caught In A Web Episode 35

“ I’m sorry for all you have gone through in there.” Bunmi apologized compassionately as we drove out from the cell premises. “I am going to make sure that they pay dearly for every inch of pain you passed through. Tomorrow, I will file a summon to them. They better be battle ready.” … More Caught In A Web Episode 35


Caught In A Web Episode 32

I just got back from supervision and was about to vet some financial documents when Fiolla knock and entered locking the door behind her. I looked up as she walked to my table.

“Good morning ma.” I greeted standing as she stood before my table.

“Toby sit down.” She commanded pulling out a seat for herself. I waited till she settled on her seat before lowering myself on mine. We fall into silence staring at each other. After a while, she cleared her throat. … More Caught In A Web Episode 32